Grumpy Energy: Towards Full Moon

One of the things I’ve noticed this week is the increase in grumpy energy. I’m slightly less calm, forgiving and positive. There is a little extra bite in some of my conversations. My impatience is creeping up the scale.

One of the most interesting things is the idea that the lunar calendar affects our moods. Certainly the moon, as a satellite body, has created the gravitational pull that causes tides. And tides vary depending on the position of the moon. I also love my astrology. The theory that not just the moon, but a whole host of planets affect our moods. Yet astrology is still regarded as a pseudo science. Being someone who enjoys astrology I guess dismissing it as unscientific would be reason for me to feel grumpy. Because I do feel that the energy of the planets affects our energy too.

One of the planets I need to give a nod to is Pluto. At the moment it’s creating an interesting energy. Along with Saturn, the teacher or task master, Pluto is pushing us to notice issues of power or powerlessness. Hence the slightly grumpy atmosphere everywhere I look. As the energy effect of the moon increases, at it’s height when the full moon is in, it’s adding it’s feminine flow to the transformational and challenging demands of Pluto and Saturn. And the moon is full in Leo, another powerful masculine sign. But that’s not all. Along with the full moon we are getting a partial lunar eclipse and a close pass from a comet. With all of that celestial energy I am sure the grumpy feeling will be with us for a few days yet.

That’s because all of the letting go of last year has finally got me to a point where I have to embrace the changes. Stepping back is no longer an option. Definitely a reason to make me feel grumpy.

I’m stepping into an uncertain future. I have to remember to stand in my own power and manifest all that I want. It would be so much easier to let someone else do all the hard work. But I have Saturn breathing down my neck reminding me that I’m the one who has to put the effort in. Blast those planetary energies. And my Spirit that decided I would come here again. I’ve tussled with the meaning of power all my life. From rejecting my own power to overpowering myself. Or lost in relationships of all kinds where power was given away, traded, taken and lost. Some days I’ve been very glad I’m not the only one struggling to understand and balance my power and your power.

So how do I survive the grumpy feeling without exploding like a volcano? My best tactic is to notice my grumpiness. And how grumpy others are being too. It will help me to adopt a ‘Whateva’ attitude to myself and others. I’m also giving myself lots of space to sound off to myself if I need it. And moving a lot of the pent up energy into exercise, clearing clutter and getting organised. I’m also making sure I spend some time each day meditating. Sitting quietly and letting the feelings and thoughts flow through me without comment. I know that suppressing the grumpy feeling will only make it stick more. In the end it’s not really useful to keep going around like a bear with a sore head.

Most of all I’m being kind to myself right now. Recognising that all of us are sharing the same current of energy. Telling myself to keep calm. This too will pass. It’s true. Next week we will face a different energy altogether!

Day 444 of my blogging challenge.

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