Greeting The Loved Ones Who Stop By

greetingI’ve been out all day doing Spirit readings again ay Gallery 339. I really enjoy being able to make a connection for someone. And to represent their loved ones. Greeting each relative as they stopped by and stepped in closer I was overwhelmed with their patience and love.

These people have no connection to me. Yet, greeting me, they are delighted to share in the conversation. And to share honestly. They tell me their failings as well as their positive characteristics. They understand that if I can paint a complete picture of them the person sitting opposite me will be more reassured. As well as more trusting of the message. That’s the key thing I have to deliver. A message that the recipient will listen to. Perhaps even respond to. So that we are all working towards the most positive outcomes for everyone down here.

That’s why I find the greetings that the Spirit people give are very important. I have to speak the way they would. Using their own words to say hello or pass on the message that they are well. And I usually find the greeting starts the laughter. A loved on will announce themselves by making me giggle, or I have to say something silly or random. Because laughter puts the person sitting there at ease. Silliness reminds them of the light and loving times they spent with their loved one. As if the person was still in the room with us. Because, as I know, they actually are. But not everyone can sense them. So my greeting and that initial five minutes will make the message flow or be heavy.

So much can depend on that opening. My Guide Team work hard with me to make the connection happen. Because they know it’s worth it. Finally, they also understand, like me, that love can cross the barrier between life and death. Being greeted by the people you are missing lifts the weight and concern from shoulders bowed with grief. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that wonderful process!

Day 898 of my bloggingĀ challengeĀ 

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