Friday Thirteenth, New Moon, Eclipse: Muddled Energy

Friday approachingTomorrow is Friday Thirteenth. A day when people think of all sorts of bad omens. Or of the movie franchise. However, I love both Friday and the number thirteen.

I was born on a Friday, so as well as reminding me that the weekend is about to start, I enjoy the day of my birth all over again. Though I haven’t always been happy that I’m back being human once again. And I generally find my Fridays are lucky days too. I also enjoy the energy of the number thirteen. That’s because one is the number for new beginnings and three is the number for creativity. So any appearance that thirteen puts in is bound to be about starting something new in the most creative way possible. Funnily enough this time it lands on the New Moon too. The point at which I always send out my required and desired wishes to the Universe. I want my dreams to manifest so asking with the creative and doubled new beginnings energy is bound to bring great results. Only one little hitch to this though.

This Friday the thirteenth there is a partial solar eclipse. Not visible to most of us. But there in the heavens all the same. Slightly muddling up the energy. I find that eclipse energy pulls up my shadow side. Which is always more active in the Dark Moon just prior to it becoming New. So I am ready. Ready to deal with whatever cloudiness I discover within myself. Or is brought to the surface by the events of my life. Because I have a choice in how I deal with my life. I can operate from the optimistic recognition that all parts of me are there for a reason. Or I can block my shadow side and hold onto the negativity it contains. I know it takes more energy to contain than to embrace. And that the best way to deal with this is to be gentle and loving to myself.

So as the sun sets this evening I am ready to float through the next few days. I will have help. One and three add up to four. Four is the number of the Angels. I know they will be supporting me to make the most of this energy and the next move forwards. Have an angel filled Friday Thirteenth!

Day 959 of my blogging challenge 

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