Financial Energy Can Make A Positive Difference

financial energyThere has been so much Light pouring in today. Enough to help shift our attitudes to financial energy into a more positive mindset. Because the energy of money has been distorted for a long time now. And that distorts all of our lives.

I was given a lovely quote quite a long time ago. It was part of a discussion, one of many, about running a spiritual business. I have recalled it many times since. Every time I have wobbled and worried about financial matters.┬áIt seems so appropriate today, on the longest day of Light, Summer Solstice, to remind myself about this quote. I know it’s all to easy to get lost in the fog that money mentality creates. I’ve felt the fear of lack. Poverty consciousness, a deep social conditioning, has dogged my steps. And I have wobbled many times about my financial future. Only to have it all, lose it and realise this energy has very little to do with what makes me happy.

When you spend money, whether a little or a lot, wisely or not, do you celebrate that you’re creating opportunities, dancing with life, exchanging energy, supporting economies, feeding families, lessening poverty consciousness, demonstrating courage, validating life, eradicating fear, inviting magic into your life, and lifting humanity higher into the Light?

Financial waves come and go. I’ve tried to stay afloat and found myself overwhelmed and drowning. Yet my Mum always reminded me that there were no pockets in shrouds. What did I really fear? There is a shame attached to the energy of money. It had become the way I placed a value on myself – how I judged whether my life was good or bad. Yet a financial flow is only one type of energy. I have learned, the hard way of course, that love and wellbeing contribute far more to my life. And that these are freely available to me. Far more available than money even. Because when I detached myself from the fear money generates I found my life was full of joy.

Not full of material things. But packed full with laughter, adventure and uplifting company. I have learned to celebrate the flow of financial energy. To let the waves wash over me and stay afloat. I have the buoyancy of love to keep me above the water and the comfort go others to keep me steady in any storm. Finally, remember that you can lift yourself higher, out of the waves, and dance in the flow of abundance.

Day 938 of my blogging challenge

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