Embraced! Questions Keeping My Mind Open And Receptive

EmbracedI’m working on my Oracle card set. Doing so I’ve realised that I have embraced such a lot of things I once questioned. Even the idea that randomly picking a card from a pile was a way to get my questions answered.

Yet that is what happens. I’ve used Tarot and Oracle cards for many years now. They give me an insight into the way the energy in and around me is flowing. And a long time ago I embraced the support these psychic tools can give me. I guess I could have stopped at that point when I felt that I had found a source of help. But some part of me still had questions. And I was determined enough to want answers. Looking at that search for answers it was about certainty. In an uncertain world I want to know that everything will turn out for the best. So I have continued to ask questions. With the realisation that the act of asking questions is only useful if I keep my mind open for the answers. Whether I like them or not.

I know it is easy to fall into seeing or experiencing my life only from one point of view. I ask questions to check in with how others see life. Because when I have embraced another world view I can update my understanding of what life is all about. Even of my self. And what I am about. Questions help me to know that I can grow, evolve, live different choices.  Questions can also shake me out of my certainty. I feel it’s good to have my views challenged. Because those views might actually be restricting my choices and keeping me from more love, joy and laughter.

When I have embraced the answers I’ve already received there will still be more questions. Life is a progression. A flow. Otherwise all I am doing is going through the motions. And forgetting to embrace all that life has to offer me. Not a pattern I want to encourage in myself. What questions are you asking?

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