Embrace Intuitive Mentoring

progress in loveVicky says: I have had psychological issues from the age of 14 to the age of 26/27. That is 13 years of on and off psychiatric “help”. Not once did it help.

I was told by everyome, that my behaviour wasnt normal. Thats when I met Annie. After only 2 weeks of intuituve mentoring sessions, Annie rapidly turned my life around.

She invested time amd energy into helping me change my thought process, showing me my own worth and potential, offering unconditional love, and compassion, and just listening, really listening, with kindness and empathy. Annie did in 2 weeks, what 13 years of psychiatrists, psychologists, and mind altering drugs could not. She showed me there was nothing wromg with me,

She gently began to offer explanations for the confusion I felt all my life. 1 year later, and I have never felt this happy in 27 years of life as I do now. Annie Conboy is a beautiful beacon of hope, compassion and love. I would urge anyone struggling with mental health issues, or just wanting to find out more about who they are and why they are here, to give her intuitive mentoring a try, because intuitive mentoring gave me a taste of true freedom, a feeling I never knew existed until Annie. She is an utterly wonderful, talented and gifted woman, with so much to offer the world and everyone living in it.

Natalie says “This is the kind of mentoring I have needed. Annie helps me to make progress through areas in which I struggle and get stuck. Knowing I needed a listening ear and mentoring support in my business helped me take the plunge and invest in some sessions. However because the mentoring encompasses every aspect of ‘me’, it has been life changing and invaluable. I would recommend Annie to anyone who feels they need a bit more support, with anything in life, even if you’re not clear about why or feel you can’t justify it. It will be worth it.”

An initial consultation is £40. Individual sessions (approx 1 hour) cost £60 each. A package of 6 one hour sessions costs £300. To arrange an appointment please call 07930 282773 or email admin@annieconboy.net

Why Mentoring Works – Embrace the change!

Intuitive mentoring with Annie Conboy: supporting people in a holistic way to help them move through life challenges and stuckness.

Sometimes I need to step out of the confusion. I might feel stuck, boxed in and unclear about where my life is going. Or my business and career. Even about being a parent. Or a healer and my spiritual path. All of these component parts make up my life. But if I focus on only one aspect I might be missing out on something vital in another aspect. It’s true that if I am happy in my work I am more likely to be successful. Both at my job and in my home life. Because there will be less stress. And if I’m happy in my home life or myself I can bring a positive approach to everything I do. Including my work. If I embrace Intuitive Mentoring I can look at all these areas of my life in one go.

Because that’s the challenge. In the past I’ve gone to a spiritual mentor or a business mentor or to a parent’s support group. All of these have been valuable mentoring experiences. I’ve got a lot of support from the people who I’ve seen. However I’ve been left to piece the advice or support together for myself. I’ve been the one trying to see and embrace the big picture of my life all by myself. Even with the help of Guides it’s not easy to be detached enough to weigh it all up. So I’m delighted that I can work with other people as an intuitive mentor. I’m helping them to look at the bigger picture. Maybe even the spiritual picture behind it all. And I can remind them of the options they have when making choices.

Embrace Intuitive Mentoring is a safe space to explore all that is happening. To identify barriers and blocks. And to find solutions that build more positive outcomes.

It’s also a space in which to explore skills and abilities. Including our natural intuitive and psychic senses. Because part of my mentoring role It to help someone identify what they are good at and to build on this strengths. I know that we all have so much to offer and contribute. But old attitudes, incorrect judgements and a lack of acknowledging talents get in the way. What my mentees embrace is the time to look at themselves and recognise where they are holding themselves back anywhere in their lives. With time to develop strategies to changer their patterns and habits for more positive ways of progressing their lives.

Working with people every week or two can make the changes a bit hard to see. Yet I find that at the end of their block of mentoring sessions these lovely people are more confident, focused and at ease. They are lighter and brighter. They may still be dealing with lots of changes. But they feel empowered to manage those changes. I love to see that they have found their trust in themselves once more. That’s the best reason why mentoring works. We all need a little support from time to time. A calm space, without any judgements, where anything and everything can be discussed. A listening ear whilst we get the ‘stuff’ that’s keeping us stuck out of our head. Intuitive mentoring is that kind of support. No wonder it works.