What The Earth Needs Now ….. Sending Gratitude & Love

EarthI like to tune in to the energy around me every morning. Taking five minutes or so to sort out what I’m likely to encounter in my day. This morning I heard the Earth calling out to me. Instead of people, Guides or Energy beings. She had a message for all of us.

Of course the Earth calls out to us all the time. I hear her voice when I’m surrounded by trees. Or down on the beach. And every time I pause to appreciate a magnificent sunset. Since opening up to my own intuition I also feel her presence. Her pain. Her anger and despair. And her wonderful forgiveness. Yet I know we continue to take all that she can give without much though for the impact we are having. The Earth gives us what we need very willingly. But we always want more. And then more. Today she was asking me to reconsider what I require. She was suggesting that I stand back for a few moments and work out how much material stuff I want to pursue. Because each request takes something from her. And I don’t always give something back.

As I sat and discussed this with her I understood the ego trap most of us fall into. I want what everyone else seems to have. Yet that wanting feeds greed and over consumption. Until, without knowing it, I am taking too much. And so is everyone else. She asked me to think about what I could give back. Of course I can recycle, buy and consume less or look for alternative ways to power my life. However the Earth had a much simpler answer. She asked me to look around me at all of her beauty and appreciate it better. To send gratitude and love energy to every living thing. And to the planet I am standing on of course. The Earth would like all of us to notice the simple beauty that surrounds us. It is a very effective way of getting us to think about whether we want to destroy it or not.

The Earth wants us to know that she will always provide for us. This really is a Garden of Eden. To avoid betting thrown out I know that I am going to praise her for putting up with us so patiently. And I am going to remember that this planet is the only home and shelter I have got. She deserves better from me.

Day 925 of my blogging challenge

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