Crystal Child: See Them Through The Fear

I love how my reading clients bring the themes for blogs. Today it’s about a Crystal child. Mine and all the others who are gently bringing their love to the Earth.

I’ve written before about Crystal children, not just because I am a parent of one, but to help us all see the hope we are being given at this time. So look here for info about understanding your Crystal child, here for considering their needs and here for a debate about their education. Today in Blackburn I saw several people who have Crystal children in their families. It seemed the Spirit World wanted to let them know that their child would be ok as they grew up but also to give these lovely people some pointers for how to help. Because the greatest challenge of all is that these children are different. And enjoy being different whilst frustrated with us for not knowing how to help them.

So what is a Crystal child? They are generally born from 2000 onwards (though this is not a fixed boundary so you need to understand the nature of a Crystal before deciding if you have got one). These children are incredibly loving towards those who show them love. They reject anyone who is being false or has closed energy. Crystals also love the planet and animals. It’s likely that, at the moment, they will care more for both of those than for humans because we carry a lot of negative, stuck energy. We also pay them little attention. Think how many children we ignore even through we know of their plight. I know they are frustrated at having to live through childhood again. Old souls struggle to be young humans.

A Crystal child has aura energy aligned to the vibration of the crystals of the Earth. Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, Carnelian and the other vibration levels are all represented amongst the range of Crystal children.

Each child is here for a specific purpose which is tied in closely with regenerating the Earth. They do this by using their intuitive psychic abilities. They are the original Crystal Singers. And that’s the issue. Sometimes these children are over sensitive because they have forgotten to close down to negativity. Depending on their crystal type they react with discomfort to certain kind of energy from other people. Or even their own energy. Having been away from being human for a long time it’s quite a shock for them to have to learn to have emotions again. Some Crystal children struggle so much to deal with emotional energy that they shut down altogether. Unless they are around other Crystal children or those adults who can transmit enough Love energy for them to feel comfortable.

So how do I help my Crystal through the fear she finds at being stuck in such a low vibrational place? And my fear that I can’t help her have a good life because I don’t know what to do? I found out early on that I have a rose quartz child. So we have lots of that crystal at home. She also carries some for emergencies. I have worked to keep my energy loving and positive. Not so easy when all that fear crowds in. Yet if I am calm and relaxed so is she. I give praise all the time. She reacts to criticism or harsh words as if it was an acid burn. That’s because she can’t understand why we humans do such nasty things to one another. And she can ‘feel’ the energy of every word. Something most of her teachers never could understand.

But I have also had to tackle another kind of fear. In myself and around her. As well as in her.

I was starting to purposefully develop my own psychic abilities when I became pregnant. When my child was born I realised that there was a lot more going on than I expected. She showed clear signs of psychic intuitive ability. And a spiritually that dumbfounded me. She was too young, surely, to understand what she was saying. But she did. She was also busy healing anyone who came within her reach who had an open heart. When she introduced me to a group of Spirit children and told me they were her playmates I decided I really had to get up to speed with my own abilities. How else could I understand her world if I wasn’t prepared to go into it myself?

Getting myself sorted has been a major benefit. As I learned who my Guides were I released a lot of religious fear about Energy Beings that I didn’t really realise I had. I learned to deal with other people’s scepticism about ‘talking to the dead’. Experiencing all sorts of phenomena for myself but knowing who was producing it stripped me of the fear of the unknown. Because I knew what it was. Or I knew who to ask if I wasn’t sure. Scary films about spooky goings on got boring. After all I could have as much contact as I wished. And without all the drama that gets chucked into the film script. So I was also ready for the taps and bangs, objects disappearing and new ones being dropped off and the gang of Spirit people who wanted my daughter to pass on messages.

I helped her to refuse the contact except with her Guides. We went through a time of sorting out who was a Guide and who wasn’t. And helping her to learn how to use her physical senses as much as her psychic ones.

Knowing stuff also helped me explain things to her. When she was taken by surprise by other people’s feelings, or Spirit popping in at school, or even why she saw shadows around people. She learned not to be afraid of asking questions either which meant we could deal with things quickly. Of course as a medium I was able to take her to the places I worked. Here she was surrounded by people who thought talking to Spirit people was normal. I’m grateful that I could do that for her as it put her in positive energy about her own abilities. We consolidated her healing energy too. I made her up to Reiki Master level as soon as I felt she was able to take on the ethical understanding of healing.

There have been times at school where the energy has been a real challenge. A Crystal child often finds that other people regard them as differently abled or oddball in some way. I know it can be hard for a Crystal child to ‘fit in’. Because they aren’t meant to follow on with the way we raise our children by Victorian values. Feeling different can bring another type of fear too. The one about not being accepted or liked. Especially when listening to peers talk about spooky stuff in a fearful way. How do you say you hear voices to friends who may turn round and say you are possessed? Or that you can see the Spirit lady in the classroom when most people would view this as a haunting to be frightened of?

And if you can’t say this stuff who can help you understand it and get a handle on it?

That’s what everyone around a Crystal child has to help with. Being open minded enough to encourage all children to discuss their psychic experiences without showing fear. Adults can get up to speed. Learn what intuitive abilities are all about. Even start to find out about their own. Please move out of the fear that something bad is wrong with your child. Instead embrace their Crystal nature. You will find a treasure trove of love if you do.

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