Counting Nine Hundred! Nine Tenths Of The Way There

countingI’ve been counting today. It’s my nine hundredth blog so it got me thinking about other milestones in my life. One of which is my daughter’s birthday. On a Monday afternoon seventeen years ago I gave birth to my very special Crystal child. The one who is responsible, at least in part, for these blogs and my book. When she fell to Earth she really shook my world!

Last week I also added up some of my life skills and how long I had been using them. Counting the different things I do made me feel very proud to have given so many things a go. I discovered that I had spent 40 years working with Past Lives, 30 years working with crystals, 26 years working with Tarot and 20 years working with counselling/mentoring. I’ve also spent 18 years doing Reiki, 12 years as a public medium, 10 years teaching mediumship & spirituality and 9 years channelling art on behalf of Energy Beings. Plus my years as a Mum, pet owner and running a business.

It all adds up. But I feel I often forget my achievements because I am so busy focusing on what what I can’t do. Or what I want to learn next. Watching my child grow up, checking her milestones, praising her achievements I found that I was counting on her behalf. Counting all of the successes. Praising her progress. Reminding her that there is so much she can do with her life. Somewhere along the way of my life I stopped doing that for me. Instead I got sidetracked into noticing the failures and mistakes. Telling myself off for not doing better or the best. Instead of recognising that I was building a solid list of achievements to be proud of.

That’s why this blog today matters. It is recognising, through counting, how far I have come. Reminding me that I have made a contribution to the world. No matter how small that may turn out to be. Or how big. I might never know which it is. But I’m going to keep on counting my good stuff!

Day 900 of my blogging challenge

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