Cheerfully Changing Plans Makes My Day Go Well

cheerfullyI cheerfully swapped my plans today because I was needed elsewhere. Although I should have been catching up with a good friend a family member required some support instead. It’s one of the things I learned from living in an intuitive world. That ‘go with the flow‘ acceptance.

I know most of us make plans. Sort out our day, week, month or life well in advance. It’s the way to measure time. It has become the way we are all accustomed too as well. Because of the requirements of working in a way that would fit with factory and shopping shifts. I remember that I used to get irritated or annoyed quite often when I had to set aside my plans and do something else instead. There is a certain rigidity with plans that creeps in over time. So working for Spirit as and when they needed me to was quite a shift in my life. And I had to learn to get on with it as cheerfully as possible. Because their requests often came to me moments before the work I was sent to do.

Of course, in the past, if a family member needed me I would always try to sort out being there. Even if it had a big impact on my working life. But there was always a little niggle. A pull towards getting back to the plans as soon as possible. I felt safe with a planned life. It gave me an illusion of control. If I let go of the control I really would have to accept that the world was an uncertain place. Until my Guides started to work on it with me. Cheerfully reminding me that feeling uncertain was totally ok. That being human involved uncertainty every day. Because no one knows how long they will have at being human. Least of all me. That is something the Guides can’t tell us. So instead they advised me to get cheerful about change.

It has taken me quite a while to surrender to the uncertainty. I didn’t want to feel vulnerable. Accepting things cheerfully has been a process. Little by little I have learned to look on the unexpected events of my life as positives. To understand that I am where I can best be of help in the moment that help is needed. And that whatever I give will be returned to me another way. My plans changed today and generated lots of new possibilities. Plenty of reasons to be cheerful!

Day 931 of my blogging challenge

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