Chatting With Purpose: Open Studio Day One

room for chattingI’ve been doing a lot of chatting today. After a minor wobble when my nerves wanted to get the better of me I opened my front door for the first day of my Open Studios exhibition.

Firstly, being nervous was a surprise. After all I’ve spent a lot of the last twelve years chatting to many, many people. Most of them on behalf of their loved ones in Spirit. But putting my channelled artwork on display seemed to be a very different thing. Making me much more visible for some reason. Perhaps it was the energy art teacher who told me I couldn’t paint? But I thought I had managed to release that. Perhaps it was inviting people into my space? Not something I’ve really done with my home. But I have done with my Centre. Which very much felt like my home. Or was it that big jump off the cliff to actually respect my ability and show the world that I do? So I pegged my paintings out on my washing line.

A call to anyone who wanted to take a look. A sort of ‘I’m here’.┬áThen the rather anxious wait for people to wander in. I had plenty to keep me occupied so the fluttery feelings quickly disappeared. And then I found myself chatting to a lovely couple. My first visitors. Who stayed for more than a brief glance at my paintings. That turned out to be the pattern of my day. Opportunities to chat. About painting, about life, about spirituality. And in between, in the short pauses, a chance for me to do a little more with my paintings. To process the conversations. And to recognise that my artwork was creating talking points. What more could any artist ask for? My paintings got reactions. Prompted exchanges. And made all of us reflect on something.

How wonderful to be able to start the chatting. To have the means to get people opening up about their thoughts and feelings. I love that I have created a space for us to get to know one another a little better. I’m delighted that I was visible today. That the energy of the paintings touched everyone who came in. Because, in the end, life is all about the connections between us.

Day 953 of my blogging challenge

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