Psychic Pain

imageThere are times when my body aches. Or I get stray random pain. My teethe ache. My shoulder feels sore from the inside. My feet feel tight and uncomfortable. There are times when these aches and pains seem unconnected to anything I might have been doing. Or to any illness. At these times I always consider if I’m having psychic pains.

There is a type of pain defined as psychosomatic. In other words the mind is making the body feel physical pains. Often there are strong emotional causes for the thoughts which in turn create the pain. In some conditions the emotional trauma of certain events can be displaced into physical discomfort. Treating that also requires identifying and working with the underlying cause. Often the solution is to release the emotion or thoughts creating the sensitivity. The psychical aches go away when the person feeling them stops reacting to the thoughts and emotions causing the soreness.

In any situation where there are aches, soreness, discomfort it’s important to listen to the message your physical body is sending you. Ignoring pain may actually end up making the symptoms much worse. But what if the physical issue has no apparent cause? What if your body is fit and well but there is still an ache somewhere? Is it always a psychosomatic reaction to emotions and thoughts in you? I am suggesting another way that we experience painful physical symptoms. That is the acknowledgement that we can also pick up psychically through our intuition on the aches of other people.

One of our psychic senses is that of clairsentience – ‘clear feeling’ – where it is possible to ‘feel’ the emotions and physical conditions of others. It’s most often talked about as a form of mediumship where the aim is to connect with an Energy Being – usually a Spirit who has been human. However, what is less discussed is that our intuitive psychic senses also process the energy from the people physically around us as well as the Spirits who are no longer physical presences. As we start to recognise the energy of other people by paying attention to the info our psychic senses bring in we might also become aware of their pain.

I feel we are all more comfortable recognising emotional info that we pick up from others. Sometimes we feel that a friend is sad, or a colleague is angry or a family member is in a low mood. We are often prompted by that to ask how someone is feeling. Or to do something spontaneous to help them feel better. At the same time it is also important to check out if you have connected to their physical aches too. When I do Reiki healing I often find I am healing not only the person in front of me but also the person whose pain they are carrying in their aura too.

When we care about someone the energy link is strong so it is perfectly sensible that we get a bigger ‘hit’ of anything that might be affecting them. With this in mind, whenever I get an unexpected soreness or ache I always check if it might belong to someone else. Of course if I have been rock climbing (lol, not an activity I can do nowadays) and stubbed my toes I can expect the discomfort. If nothing else can explain what I am feeling I consider who I know that is in pain at the moment. Or when I might have been around someone in physical pain. Then I can send out a healing thought to that person and clean my aura by releasing the energy.

There is also another thing that I like to consider. If the soreness is reluctant to depart I also think about my past lives. The past life info in eighth chakra does filter into the aura. Especially if we are working to clear past life karmic consequences. It can recreate the injuries and illnesses we had in that past life. These physical symptoms are a reminder of something important that we discovered in that life. They appear to help us understand the wisdom. Clearing the really old stuck energy will end the karma they are helping us to pay attention to.

Becoming more aware of the source of the painful physical symptoms we experience has a positive effect. Knowing the underlying cause means we can take steps to deal with the experiencing of pain in a different way. Honouring our body’s mechanism for alerting us to dis-ease is a big step in removing that dis-ease.

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Sending Love

imageWhat a hot day! The sun shone in a bright blue sky reminding me of the light that is all around us if we look. I spent the morning doing a Reiki attunement for someone who had recognised that desire to be of service to others by bringing through Universal healing energy. It’s not the only way we can be of service. There are lots of things we can do or say to support other people who cross our path. I attended a meeting this evening to be the voice for micro businesses like my own. Not because I had been elected to do so, or even asked to do so. I went because I was prepared to offer my experiences post-flooding to a group who might be able to offer support to others like me. So in case there was no one else at the meeting to speak for us I made sure I was. Sending information back out to those who couldn’t attend will be a positive outcome from going as well.

Practical action is really rewarding because we can feel like we are ‘doing’ something. What about when we are a long way from the events that are affecting people? In Reiki there is a way in which I can send healing energy to anyone or anywhere on the planet. All it really takes is for the intention to send the healing and the Universal energy will go out through me, the focus, to wherever it is needed. During the recent flooding in Europe I sent love and healing energy to the people affected, those in surrounding areas and all the people working to rescue or support others. After all I know what it feels like – I was in those circumstances not too long ago. Sending positive thoughts and healing energy might appear pointless. Especially when we have no way, as yet, to measure if it works or not. Yet if we consider the world to be one of energy then sending loving energy to one another boosts the positive flow around us. When we can feel more positive, uplifted or powerful we feel able to persevere through tough challenges and to take action.

My healing purpose is sending as much loving energy as I can. Whether it’s a Facebook post that gets my attention, or someone mentions the need for healing or I notice a negative shift in the energy of the planet the intention is always the same. By sending healing from a feeling of love and compassion I can boost the amount that flows through me and out to others. Passing that understanding on to my Reiki students is a wonderful priveledge. Helping them to discover that sending healing from a place of love is a great service to others is such a joy. Each person who learns to send out the love and healing to others is making our world a lighter place to be in. You can send out good energy too. Think kind thoughts about others, wish them well, ask the Divine Universe to help them be healed. Let your intuition and compassion guide you into sending out the love today.

Day 203 of my blogging challenge.

Error 404 – Page Not Found

imageThe requested resource could not be found but may be available in the future. Subsequent requests by the client are permissible! Have you ever had one of those days when you felt like you had skipped a page or chapter in your life? That something you expected to be there wasn’t any longer? When you went to connect with someone or thing it was missing? On one of those days it seems like no matter how hard you try you can’t get back the missing piece of your life. You ask yourself where your error was. How did what you were expecting to be there disappear?

My friends know I’m a bit of a technophobe. Once I know how to drive a computer, iPad or other gizmo I’m ok. But when anything is changed or upgraded I go into panic mode trying to get up to speed with the changes. My phone has features I’ve never even used because I worry that by the press of a button I will loose all my carefully stored data. One little error with these buttons and everything might zoom into a black hole. I will eventually master my phone’s resources, probably right before the next upgrade, lol. So it is always interesting to find life mirroring technology. When a connection to someone isn’t there any more I always wonder why. Even more so if it’s that my connection to the Spirit World that has suffered a glitch.

I confess to being forgetful. I can spend ages looking for the bit of paper with the note I need on it that matters right now. I put down books some place and find them three months later having looked high and low. The email I know I have somewhere on my computer refuses to turn up when I search for it. Or I put something away in a safe place and forget where that place is. I tend to find stuff when I’m really looking for other stuff I need right then. Sometimes the item is gone for good. In a similar way connections to other people can be like Error 404 too. We expect people to stay the same, to relate to us in the same pattern they always have and to be there when we look for them. Sometimes this isn’t a realistic expectation. People change. Or we change within ourselves and they don’t. Or the tide of life drifts us away from one another. Life long friendships are rather rare. They represent  a connection that has stood the fallings in and fallings out, absences and all of the internal changes in each person. More typically we have connections to people who we can identify with until the point when we can’t share any common ground any longer. Sometimes we know that this is happening. Sometimes the connection is severed abruptly.

I’ve also experienced Error 404 occasionally with Spirit connections. I’ve been ready to contact someone, or my Guides, and nothing has happened. It’s like the energy to enable me to do so has disappeared. In the beginning my first reaction was to worry that the link had been switched off permanently. Later I came to understand that there are many reasons why the connection might not happen. These include a change of Guide, giving me a rest, the circumstance not being the best to connect in or too much going on for me personally. So I can always try again (and again and again) if necessary until the connection is back in place.  That leads me back to the missing page or chapter. If a connection is lost there is always a way of identifying why, trying to reconnect and if that isn’t possible understanding why the thing, person or Spirit has moved out of your life. We can always think about the energy transaction that was being made, that is, why was that thing, person in your life? What gift did they bring you and what gift did you bring them? How did you evolve by the connection you had? Rather than stressing about my website getting updated regularly I focus on the fact that blogging is giving me a voice I want to hear. When someone moves out of connection with me I focus on what I have learned about myself as a result of our interactions. And when the Spirit World goes quiet for a bit I take time off for myself.

The next time you feel like you have skipped some pages and have missed some information look at what has changed. It’s not an error or glitch. Be glad that life is fluid and interesting and fill in the blanks (if you feel you need to) in positive ways until new pages are written.

Day 200 of my blogging challenge.

Labels – Helpful? Hinderance?

imageI’m reading a really interesting book at the moment called Neurotribes by Steven Silberman (it was on my book list blog a little while ago). What is fascinating is the way he traces the identification of the autistic spectrum through the last 100 or so years. It’s startling that what people often talk about as an epidemic of some kind of disorder has had many labels, descriptions and suggested reasons for occurring. Sometimes the history behind the science of the medical model opens up the understanding of the mind-set underpinning the label in shocking detail. Tied in with the desire to understand autism were ideas about social engineering (also called eugenics), suggestions that the human race could only be improved if the strongest and fittest were the producers of children and what to do about people who experience the world differently. Of course there is also the assumption that research ‘must’ find a cure.

Along the way parents were told they were to blame. Either through faulty genes, bad or cold parenting or for not following the ‘cures’ handed out by medical (and sometimes faith) doctors. All each family wanted was a way to help their child or children. Somehow overt time the labels also became the enablers for help. Not to accept one for your child meant that medical coverage and other ancillary care became an issue of payment first. If this sounds at all familiar it is. Many aspects of our needs are only supported when we accept the label that has been given by the holders of the resources. For example, I’m thinking about the pain relief tablets I have for an emergency in my first aid tin. There are different kinds saying they relieve all sorts of different pains so long as I can identify with that particular pain. So is it period pain? A headache? Toothache? Joint pain? Or do I need a placebo because my pain is psychosomatic? Would some chocolate meet my needs better?

I’m not being dismissive of either autism or pain here. I’m trying to understand if giving something a label actually helps or hinders. Sometimes, I’m sure, it is a restriction. If I tell people I am a psychic certain ones will draw back imagining that I’m going to read their minds instantly. Some will believe I’m in league with the Devil. Some will be fascinated but a bit scared. Some will be delighted to get a chance to ask questions. The label psychic can be both helpful and a drawback. So what about the more important labels in our life? I am female and along with that go all sorts of assumptions about my abilities (or lack of them). I’m also a Mum and that has a whole load of labels hiding assumptions about my responsibilities towards and for my child. I’m a business woman too. There have certainly been some wonderfully off target assumptions about women in business in my lifetime.

Where do all the labels lead? We have managed to categorise ourselves in to ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’, ‘us’ and them’, ‘worthy’ and ‘undeserving’. It’s a way to say I can have more of this than you. Or I am better than you. Or the world has to run my way because your way is wrong. Living becomes fraught with accepting or removing labels. Our time, energy and billions of pounds in resources goes into reinforcing the differences. It’s like a refusal to accommodate the wide spectrum of being human. When I come up against a world organised in ways that don’t fit me I usually ask ‘who says it has to be this way’? Sometimes I’m brave enough to reject the label I’ve been given. Occasionally I am strong enough to live my life in the way I choose to. As a parent involved in building forward for the next seven generations I hope my example can encourage others to think about labels. To ask questions about why we value some traits over others. And why we forget to support each other as a global community. There is no difference between any of us. We are human beings first and foremost.

Take a moment to consider what labels you have given yourself or accepted. Was it by your own choice? Or was it because someone told that’s who you are or what the issue is? Do you ever step outside the labels and recognise all of your abilities? Does your world give you the opportunity to be your authentic self? Stepping outside the labels is a powerful tool for change.

Day 197 of my blogging challenge.

Retreat Into Nature

Self-Doubt_7A while ago I sent out a wish to the Universe. I had been looking for a place to go on a retreat – possibly a silent retreat. There didn’t seem to be anything to fit what I wanted. A little while later a friend told me about their caravan beside a shore in the middle of a forrested area. It sounded great to be going back to Nature so I said yes when it was offered to me as place to stay. With no real idea of what it would be like I’m now in that caravan enjoying an almost silent retreat. There are hardly any other people around on the site, no phone or wifi, and towns are a drive away.

We don’t often get chance to step off the world completely. Being left to make our own entertainment can seem rather strange after all of the busyness of our everyday lives. It’s interesting that I wished for solitude but today, having been in a mostly people free zone for a few days, I’ve been restless. Perhaps because the silence has given me plenty of time to think. Or that there is space for my fears to move to the front of my mind. Self-doubt is a very powerful voice. Somewhere between the time of being born and now a strand of thinking has been growing, taking root and influencing my life. It’s the ‘I’m not good enough’ thought, the ‘I’m rubbish at that’ feeling, the anxiety in the pit of my stomach at having to put my abilities on show to other people.

We all give room to self-doubt one way or another. My Guides say it happens when we forget to affirm to ourselves that we have all the abilities and talents we need for an abundant life. When we listen to the external judgements because we feel like we need to belong to a group or community. When we become busy judging others because we fear that they might look too closely at us and find us wanting. Self-doubt is the absence of unconditional love for ourselves. We have learned to limit our love. My Guides sat with me today as I worked my way through the fears that underpin my self-doubt. In the silence of this place and space I let doubt emerge so I could feel the effect it has on my creative energy.

This inner retreat, stepping away from distracting myself from my doubts, has been a challenge. It’s often easier not to look or acknowledge where I am self-sabotaging. Then I can always say it’s someone or something else’s fault when I’m paralysed by procrastinating. Finding the courage of my convictions is hard when the roots of self-doubt go so deep. A big part of it is about the attitudes to women I soaked up when I was growing up. Lots of ideas that women were only ‘good’ if they stayed in the background, were modest and humble in a subservient way and that a women’s power was all about running a home full of children. Boys and men were the people who deserved praise and the opportunity to show their skills. I even think I was ashamed to be a girl.

The saying is ‘old habits die hard’. Patterns we soak up early in life can be hidden so deep we don’t even realise they are driving our current lives. They are assumptions about the way we believe we should live our life that are hard to shift. This time of retreat has been perfect for letting me see what is holding me back. Of how I am reacting to old stereotypes and being fearful of stepping past them. My nature has been modified by the nurturing I received. I have no animosity for the way in which I was socialised. My parents did what they thought was best for me based on what the community around them was doing. However, I have choices. I can continue to react to an old pattern and be the stereotype woman of that nurturing. Or I can rediscover my true nature.

Stepping out of old patterns is a choice. Doing so is honouring the person you are on the inside. Have you taken a retreat into your true nature recently? Do you find silent times and spaces in places that let you check out who you really are? Try sitting for a while in silence and let your inner self speak to you of all the abilities and talents that you possess.

Day 192 of my blogging challenge. Written on Thursday 26th May 2016.

Self Healing

imageRain is the background to my evening. I’m curled up on my bed writing my blog. Quiet music joins with the beat of the rain. Candle light makes a peaceful glow in the room. It’s a time to think about my day and check in with how I’m feeling. It’s also the moment to invest in some self healing.

I became interested in Reiki Energy healing as a framework which would also work with the healing energy I found I was able to give from Spirit. My Guides helped me to see that I had to look after the self first if I wanted to be able to offer healing to other people. Putting myself first in receiving healing felt selfish at first. I believed that I had to send healing out to all who needed it and I would get healing somewhere at the end of that list. As I explored energy healing, and undertook Reiki attunements, I began to understand the instruction given on airplanes. We are told to put our own mask on first before we help other to put their on. It’s perfect sense. Passing out from lack of oxygen myself is of no use in saving others. So I look forward to a chance to invite healing energy in for me.

Self healing is something I believe we can all practice. There are times when it is almost impossible to avoid taking in toxic energy from our connections in the world. That energy sits in our aura creating dis-ease. Especially if life is throwing challenges at us. Noticing where that energy is creating an imbalance, tracking the feelings that flow from the energy and catching the thoughts that throw us off balance we are taking steps to prevent dis-ease. We can follow the threads of energy in another way. Our Guides and loved ones in Spirit are always ready to bring us healing energy to kick start the body’s own energy cleaning and clearing. All they need is our permission to start sending and our willingness to receive the healing vibrations. In my mind I ask for healing for myself and I remind myself that I am open to receive all the healing energy I need. This is one of the ways that I acknowledge to my body and mind that I want to be in the best of health. I am grateful for anything I feel I receive too.

Healing has been the theme of the day really. In all of the reading I did today the loved ones in Spirit stepped in to offer their relatives healing energy. They spoke with much love about whatever was troubling the person in such a way that the words had a deep meaning. Having someone who cares about you confirm that you are still loved and supported, giving you words of encouragement and empowerment, is also like oxygen. It can keep you focused on breathing in and out until your troubles pass. Finding hope again from the words of someone who cares and is compassionate is a big step to healing self. Wherever those words come from. When I sit quietly I give my loved ones the space to bring me hope too. It actually doesn’t matter if I believe in an afterlife or if I think the words that fall into my brain are real or not. I can listen to the positive voice within me to give me the energy to make myself in balance again.

The responsibility for my wellbeing rests with me. These small actions and intentions are a powerful way to help me heal myself. There are many other ways to give yourself the oxygen of self healing. Why not ask the Universe, the Spirit World and yourself to help you balance your energy into a positive flow?

Day 187 of my blogging challenge.

Start From Where You Are

imageTonight I have been talking to a lovely friend of mine on his radio show. Alan Cox and his wife Ann crossed into my life about eight or nine years ago in the seemingly random but very organised way that the Spirit Guides put you together with exactly the right people at the right time. I had made a start in my spiritual work as a medium but needed to find  other people who shared my view of what it all meant. Through our love of charity work and crystals we ended up on stalls next to one another. We chatted and that was it, so I thought. Not too long after that we ended up being at the same crystal wholesalers on the same day at the same time. Guides getting involved again, lol! That was the start of a great friendship that comes with the ability to discuss so many spiritual, paranormal and ‘real’ life topics. We don’t need to agree. Or to change our views. We are happy to listen to one another and explore what our different experiences have been. We both start from where we are.

One of the aspects of counselling I have always enjoyed, and this goes for the Reiki and ArchAngel healing I do too, is to find out what someone’s world view is. I love to listen to what someone believes, feels, thinks or has experienced. By sharing in that world view I can offer a different interpretation of what an experience might mean. Not a ‘right’ interpretation. After all it is their experience not mine. Yet it can be really helpful when someone shows you a different way to understand what is happening in your life. That is why Past Life work is fascinating. It is a different way of looking at the choices that face you now and deciding how to handle things in a new way. There is no requirement to believe that past lives exist or have actually happened. If you start by considering that there might be different influences on why your life is like it is it opens up your imagination. Starting from where you are and exploring how you might have got there is a doorway to imagining how things might be changed for the better.

A closed mind is one that has got stuck. Locked in. Inflexible. A closed mind gives you no room for manoeuvre, no fresh options or possibilities. To think, feel and act differently you need to be able to see that this is possible. A closed mind is a place where your Ego is telling you that this is how it is, this is all there is. I believe we can go mad in a closed mind. It isn’t a comfortable place to be. All our experiences have to be twisted around to fit with the world view of our closed mind. Anything that doesn’t fit has to be excluded, ignored or, if that’s not possible, destroyed. So many people loose the love out of their lives, or their families, friends, livelihood because the world has moved on and they can’t. They aren’t even prepared to start changing by taking the first step of opening their minds.

One of the ways I work to be of service to Energy Beings is to offer a different view whenever I get the chance. This blog is all about giving voice to my experiences and the insight my Guides have given me. In this way I hope to encourage a more open minded view of what my world is like. The radio shows, articles and social media I am involved in are all part of the same purpose. Staring where people are already I hope to explain where I have been in understanding what I’ve experienced. Then we can have a valuable discussion about spirit, spiritualism and spirituality. Not for me to convert anyone. Not for them to convert me. At the end of the discussion we will both have something new to think about.

Bit by bit, if we are immersed in our experiences, we open to the new aspects of life that are being put in front of us. Dealing with the change and growth that is all around us can be positive if we start from where we are, share in the discussions and keep an open mind. I wish you many interesting meetings with people of different viewpoints!

Day 178 of my blogging challenge.

Aches and Pains

imageI’ve had a phantom toothache for several days this week. It has followed on from an actual toothache in one of my wisdom teeth. I’d caught the gum when I brushed my teeth one evening so I got a sore gum and a mild infection. When this cleared up I was really relieved as I’ve heard that wisdom teeth can be a challenge to deal with if they start to cause problems. I was rather surprised on Tuesday to get pain back in the tooth though. And overnight it spread to the top of my jaw too. It was as if several teeth had developed sympath aches. Since the pain, without a cause, was as bad as the pain of the actual toothache I really wanted to be rid of it.

Reiki is always my first call for any healing. I’m not over keen on painkillers anyway so I started to work with the Universal energy. When I noticed the aches were still as strong as ever I decided I would need to look a little deeper into why my wisdom tooth & jaws were painful. As I thought about it I wondered if this was old pain, waiting to be released, that was busy resurfacing. We learn early in life what can and can’t be expressed emotionally in our families or in society. Often the more challenging emotions are held back to a greater or lesser extent. Feelings like anger, fear and grief can seem to be overwhelming when we express them. Often there are no words to really release the feelings. Screaming, groans, moans and formless sounds might be the only means of verbalising the emotional pain we are experiencing. However, we have picked up conditioning around if and when we can verbalise in this way. A lot of the time the sounds end up being held back. Behind clenched teeth, jaws firmly clamped shut, the words sit on the tongue waiting to be expressed. Often they end up being swallowed back to sit on the chest like a heavy lump.

As I reflected about the holding back of pain the ache in my tooth started to ease a bit. I wondered how many times and in how many lives emotional pain had made my jaws ache. I meet an awful lot of strong people, women especially, who are walking challenging journeys full of painful moments. There is a sort of suffering in silence expectation that they hold on to. Being strong seems to have ended up being linked with keeping the aches inside so that others have space to release their pain. Yet holding on to the pain actually creates more pain. Perhaps strength is also the ability to let the pain show, to break the silence and release the sound. This evening I was able to take myself off to the moor above my town. I sat in my car watching the light fade and I screamed. I carried on screaming. I screamed until I felt light headed. I felt tired but free. The phantom aches had disappeared. I had found some wisdom in the pain if an ache in my tooth. There is no need to analyse what pain I had been holding inside. Or what life it was from. All that matters is that I gave myself permission to release the feelings, to unclench my jaw and let the sound out.

It always amazes me how the body can communicate what the sub conscious or unconscious state of energy is. Our bodies are marvellous things. Even to the point of being able to manifest phantom aches to help us remove the deeper, stuck pain energy. Are you listening to your aches and pains? Have you thought about what your body might be trying to draw your attention to? Is it time to give voice to your pain and let it go once and for all? I recommend a good scream -it will work any time!

Day 172 of my blogging challenge.

Step Off the World

imageEvery now and again I take a day off the planet. Although there are plenty of things I could be doing or experiencing I like to step out of the world for a while. When you are open to the flow of energy and recognise, through your intuition, the different waves of emotional energy that bathe the Earth it can be a relief to withdraw into your own energy. I use my mindful mediation and Reiki practice to help me balance the energies I experience on a day to day basis. Otherwise I would be all over the place, energetically speaking, reacting to stuff that didn’t belong to me. However, every once in a while I need more peace. That’s when I step out of the flow.

When I’m fully occupied I might not always notice where there is energy building that is taking me off balance. Today has been about staying in my home, quietly reading, reflecting and checking out my own energy. This ‘down time’ is a step I give myself when I have been very busy and around lots of people.  I had a couple of vivid dreams overnight to help me process the energy of recent events in my life. And one of the dreams was also about releasing some past life energy connected to current issues. When I’m insulated from other people I can focus my attention on anything I might be stuck with.

I believe that we are all sensitive to energy and can get stuck holding on to our or other people’s emotions. Clearing that energy isn’t always simple. Taking a step out of the world is a good way to recognise and give yourself time to rebalance your own energy. You can spend as much time as you can give yourself and really rebalance. So what do I do? On one of my Stepping Off days I ignore any housework, work tasks, the phone and the Internet. I leave the TV off. I have silence as my companion. It also helps that I can arrange for a day when I’m completely on my own (cats excepted, lol). I may read, meditate or sleep as long as I like (no alarm clock to switch off). I eat when I feel hungry and drink plenty of water. I hold in my mind the intention to notice myself. I pay as much attention to my feelings and thoughts as I can without siting there stressing about what I’m paying attention to. I let myself daydream. I try to ‘drift’ through the day without making any active decisions.

What I am consciously doing is creating a space for me to notice where anything may be off balance. Am I still stewing over something from yesterday, last week or last year? What is my physical body trying to get me to notice? Where are the aches and pains so I can work out what stuck energy they represent. Has my body slept enough or do I need more? What dream images come forward and what could they be getting me to notice? Am I contented in myself? What niggles me? Spending time in this way I can explore why I might be holding on to feelings and thoughts that pull my energy out of shape. I can track the emotional energy back to see how it arose. That gives me options about how I release the feelings or thoughts. Often it’s enough to notice what I’m feeling and why I feel that way. The I can help myself by changing the way I feel.

If you are feeling out of balance, or the emotional energy of your life seems to be overwhelming, why not have a day where you step out of everything too. It might seem a bit of a challenge to arrange the time. Occasionally I’ve had to take myself off for a spa day or visit a peaceful place to get the time I need. So look for an opportunity that works for you. Make rebalancing your energy a regular part of your self care. Give some time to yourself. It will work wonders for your energy and your life.

Day 168 of my blogging challenge.

Healing the Family Vibe

imageOne of the things I love to do is a family Reiki session. Everyone gets an individual mini blast of Universal energy whilst the whole family are sitting in the same energy too. Doing Reiki in groups is a wonderful way to share. It promotes everyone’s self healing. And the combined energy from everyone is shared by all. I find working with families also promotes interesting conversations amongst the participants. Anything that has happened to the family unit can be experienced very differently by the individuals in that family. The chance to comment on what they are experiencing from the Reiki tends to start a freer discussion about the stresses the family is currently under.

Members of a family usually assume different roles – the caregiver, the breadwinner, the emotional supporter, the peacemaker, the challenger, the rule maker etc. Sometimes the roles are played by only one or two people, sometimes they are interchangeable and sometimes the role becomes stuck with one or another person. It’s the group way of navigating life events so communication between the different ‘roles’ often follows familiar patterns. So when the family comes under stress each individual responds in their expected ‘role’ to the events as they unfold. They communicate following the script already given for that role. Sometimes that script is unable to meet the needs of the events the family are experiencing, especially if there is significant change involved, so the stress & strain increases. Significant life events can be so stressful that the fabric of the family is so damaged that it can’t continue as a single cohesive unit.

I feel this is when family Reiki can really help. Reiki healing energy is not dependent on any particular belief system. It doesn’t require any particular rituals or practices. It can be passed on with a minimum of fuss and it will always find the energy vibration that needs to be healed. During sessions with families I explain what the energy is doing and ask the participants to tell me if they sense anything. What I have observed is that as each person describes the tingles, tickles, heat, cold, colours etc they may be experiencing the rest of the family is chipping in with comments, support and validation of those. I can pick up on the words the individuals are using and often repeat back what they have said so the discussion moves into comparing the Reiki experience. Giving voice to how each person is feeling in the Reiki session tends to get a more general exchange of conversation going. It’s lovely to see the Reiki working on healing the family communication too as often there are breakthroughs in understanding. I feel this is because the topic of Reiki itself is a safe subject to the family, within which the discussion of feelings arises naturally.

Best of all is the way in which the family vibe can shift in the space of one session. As families we spend time with one another, mostly caught up in day to day living, trying to make sure that we make the best of our lives together as a group. Yet when we are under strain we often deal with getting help as individuals. In a sense that suggests that the rest of the family can manage without support. Or have to manage without support. It’s a bit like saying the broken leg can have a plaster cast but the other leg, that has to take more weight for a time, isn’t worth extra support too. Unless we accept the need for a walking stick or crutches. And then the hands and arms might be taking the extra strain so what about their support? When I give family Reiki it is amazing how supported everyone feels. Families leave my Centre with much more positive energy than when they came in. They come back and tell me of the ways in which they are coping better with the ups & downs of life. They have a second, third or more sessions.

I’m a supporter of holistic therapies. Science may not have recognised the reality of energy work yet but I go by what I experience and observe. Treating the whole family unit is also holistic. It is recognising that ‘no man is an island, and no man stands alone’.  We are creatures of community and connection. So I believe in working with the whole family, helping it to heal and grow stronger. Shared experiences can bring us closer together. Participating in the healing of the people you love the most, and healing yourself too, is a wonderful way to affirm your love. Next time the winds of change whip up a tornado around you and your family why not consider a family Reiki session to heal the dis-ease?

Day 160 of my blogging challenge.