Winter Blast, Clearing Cold & A Spiritual Message

Into WinterI woke up to the delights of a full on cold this morning. One that had arrived out of nowhere. It was also icy cold outside and I felt the Winter blast reminding me that it’s not quite the right time to put forward my new shoots. It seems I still have to wait for a little bit longer.

A cold always reminds me that I need to clear the stuck energy from my throat, third eye and sometimes crown chakras. Energetically they have got bunged up and are now impacting on my physical body. I gave myself a mega blast of Reiki healing energy. Then I made sure I had drunk plenty of warm water. And that I was wrapped up well. I also thought about Winter. It’s a time of reflection. A dark, retreat time of year. A time to rest so that I can be ready to get going again in Spring. Now that the days are getting longer I can feel myself ready to rush off and start ‘doing’ again. Yet my voice and sight aren’t quite ready. My energy needs to be clearer.

Thinking about this I headed off to a prearranged afternoon at the cinema. We went to see Coco, the latest Disney Pixar film. It was a big surprise. The weaving of deep spiritual themes into a film for children is wonderful. As an adult I sat and cried, laughed and cried again, embracing the moving way the dead can be remembered. I love the message that family, our connections, are the thing that matters most in the world. For me family isn’t just the blood relatives. It’s each and every person who is part of my life. The film made me think about the cold of Winter and the warmth of family. I get my support from the people around me. They warm my days even when the frost bites hard.

Tonight it may be Winter outside but I feel warm. The seeds I need to grow are sheltered from the frost. They will show themselves when the warmth of love has been enough to get them shooting upwards. I can wait. I can embrace the love my loved ones send me. Finally,  I can look after my needs until my energy is clear once more.

Day 820 of my blogging challenge

Living In The Flow: Perfect Timing

living flowIt’s been a day to go with the flow again. Living in an intuitive world often presents a few issues. Especially if, like me, you want to get on with doing things. My Passion Planner has so many alterations sometimes that I’m tempted to give up.

But I don’t. I like being able to plan. It gives me a comforting feeling. Like I’m in control of the way I’m living. Of course wanting to be in control can also be a sign of being afraid of where life will take me next. Or a lack of trust that everything will happen when it is supposed to. I know that being in control also leads me into impatience. I want things to hurry up and happen. To be here in my life right now. Yet one thing I have learned from developing my intuitive psychic senses is that manifesting my requirements and desires may take much more linear time because I can be trying to bring it what won’t suit me. Delay is the way of the Universe saying ‘Are you really sure you want that?’

I’ve written before about getting comfortable when my day turns out to be cancellations, changes and upsets. Because what always comes along is the action that it’s right for me to be doing. Whether that is having a rest, seeing someone for an urgent consultation or dealing with a loose end. Living with the uncertainty is much easier when I notice how my day is reorganised to make sure that I am where I need to be. Doing what is right at exactly the perfect time. I still occasionally get a bit flustered by my diary not running to plan. However I am able to accept that the flow of events is based on lots of other factors. It’s not all about me. I find that this actually takes pressure off me and I can wait much longer than I used to be able to do.

Living with an appreciation of the flow also helps me to recognise that time is a human, adult defined concept. Children don’t live in time. They live in flow. It’s only as we start to think that we adopt a shared standard of measurement. I’m glad that I have been able to move back to that more child-like appreciation of my days. I feel free to become absorbed in what I am doing. And let the flow carry me where it is best for me to go.

Day 816 of my blogging challenge

Shamanic Explorations: A Trance Workshop

shamanicThere is a rich history of shamanic traditions in our human evolution. I always enjoy returning to these mystical, ritual practices as a means of connecting with Energy Beings. Today I had the opportunity to help other people explore the altered states of consciousness at the heart of journeying work.

As a medium I am used to working with my Guides in an altered state. My transfiguration work takes place in the space between being wide awake and being fast asleep. In this hypnogogic hinterland I can wander to meet the Beings who wish to share their presence, wisdom and knowledge with us. It’s not simply about allowing other Beings to use my physical body. Or to change and alter my appearance so that they can be seen by others. It’s also about my shamanic journey inwards to a different reality. To a place where there is also access to self and other healing. A place I know is flowing with the energy of creativity.

It’s also a place that can be accessed by anyone who is willing to step through the boundary between here and there. I believe that to step across that boundary it is important to step gently. Because unless I know exactly who I am there is a risk. The possibility that not all of me will return the same as it left. So I work to help people take the first steps in a safe place. A place where I can balance the energies required and they can explore their own energies first. To me that is at the heart of any shamanic practice. Learning to walk before I run. The reward of doing it that way is also the help and support that is given by all the Guides. They step forward to assist everyone.

I also like to think that part of what I do is reclaiming the shamanic tradition as a positive, creative way of navigating the energy world. Until we are used to using our intuition, to process the energy we are in, our attempts to manifest a positive world will only be partially successful. Logic has been a useful tool but I know it is time to take back intuition as the way of creating what exists outside me.

Day 815 of my blogging challenge

Birthing A New You: Pangs Of Pain

birthingI’m back in upgrade energy again. The New Moon has arrived with another blast of Divine Feminine energy. It’s time for a birthing. Time for a new me. And long past time to get real changes happening in the outer world.

Giving birth to anything new, and including babies, requires a lot of effort. As the time gets nearer to deliver the new it’s as if the birthing gets even harder. And more painful. Seeing my idea, project, body waiting to push a creation out into the world certainly feels exhausting. After all, I have carried that idea, project or creation for a long time. I’ve nourished it. Communicated with it. Worried about it. And had dreams for it. When the reality of it’s entry into the world hits I feel a mixture of impatience, fear, excitement and expectation. I can’t wait for the birthing to be over. But there is also the realisation that the last few pushes are going to be painful too.

Because I have to push myself to let go. Be ready to see what I’ve created as independent from me. No longer my closely held idea or project. Others will get involved. My creation will take on a life of it’s own. It won’t belong only to me any more. So I can’t keep it safe, or just the way I would like it to be. Birthing is also an upgrade. The pangs of pain I feel are showing me where I am still resisting letting go. They are showing me what wisdom I still need to acquire. Or what I am failing to trust. Especially if I am failing to trust myself. Each birthing involves me becoming a new you. I’m now the creator of something else. Something outside of myself. I have grown by the experience of creating.

As with all birthing times the key is to rest, conserve energy and await that last push. I am using the New Moon energy to recognise where I have expanded myself and where I have changed. That will help me to focus through the pain and get my creativity out as a material thing. I’m also looking forward to that fabulous moment when the pain recedes into the background and I finally meet the new me.

Day 814 of my blogging challenge

Chinese New Year: It’s My Year To Celebrate

Chinese New YearI’ve gone a little New Year crazy today. It’s Chinese New Year this time. So I’ve been thinking about new beginnings again in this New Moon. And how much there is to celebrate for me this year.

It’s the Chinese Year of the Dog. People born in this year, according to tradition, possess the best traits of human nature. They are honest, friendly, faithful, loyal, smart, straightforward, venerable and have a strong sense of responsibility. Quite a lot to live up too then! I know that the influence of Dog energy will be with me all year, keeping me focused on behaving in the best possible way I can. I’m ready to speak my truth, be open and honest and also responsible for what I say and do. In addition, I have to think things through very carefully and apply as much wisdom as I possess so I am living my life the best way for me.

I am going to be celebrating lots of things. First of all I will reach a big birthday this year. How lovely to be in the time of the Dog when loyalty will be a big influence. I’m looking forward to being loyal to myself and following my passions. It’s also a year fo significant birthdays in my family. So plenty to celebrate with the people I love. That’s one of the best Dog traits. They love endlessly and faithfully whatever the ups and downs of relationships. I’m also looking forward to a christening. Another new life joined us here on Mother Earth. That helps me focus on the legacy I am leaving. What am I doing to make sure the children of the future inherit a wonderful Earth?

The Chines calendar also reminds me that I can start afresh at any time. There are many different New Years depending on when any particular belief system decided to count from.

Along with celebrating all sorts of work anniversaries this year I can see each day as the beginning of a New Year if I wish. Being able to close the door on an old year, to start afresh each morning, will help me to put the events of yesterday behind me. Because that’s another strength of the Dog in the Chines Zodiac. Dogs keep going. And going. Hoping that their hard work will pay off eventually. And I know that whatever I decide I want to achieve it will happen. I’m that kind of personality! That’s another reason to celebrate. The Dog energy gives me a chance to see the best qualities I have. Even if there is room for improvement I know that I will eventually improve.

Finally, my Dog energy will keep me going this year. Interestingly in the Chinese tradition the year of returning to my Zodiac sign is predicted to be more challenging than the other eleven years of the cycle. I am going to celebrate all the testing, challenging events of this year. I do believe I grow more when I meet my trials head on. Especially in wisdom. Knowing how to deal with life from a spiritual perspective is important to me. One of my passions. I will celebrate because I know that the rewards come as frequently as the challenges. My life is here for me to live it as much as I can. So the Dog tendency to stay a little bit safe, to be slightly withdrawn is going to be my biggest challenge. As well as my celebration when I step out of that limitation.

Happy Chinese New Year. Whatever the Zodiac influence applying to your life this year remember to use some of the strength and straightforwardness of the Dog energy. Keep going. Be loyal. Share the love.

Day 813 of my blogging challenge

Planting Seeds Of Dreams In The New Moon

plantingI wondered today how much clearing I had done in the last two weeks. I’m sure I’ve done plenty to prepare the ground for planting seeds of new dreams. And tonight is the perfect time to begin that process. The New Moon is here.

Of course there have been lots of New Moons in my life. And me planting, requesting and imagining new dreams. I know that not all that I have asked for has manifested. Yet. I also know that some of the seeds I planted withered away through my lack of enthusiasm. Or my lack of energy. Some of them died in their early growth because I realised they weren’t growing well. And some never even got going because I realised they were other people’s seeds. Planting the right wishes, tending and taking care of them has given me many of my dreams. Feeding my hopes and dreams with positive energy has helped. As have all the little steps I’ve taken to bring them into reality.

So why do I keep on planting? Should I have reached all of my big dreams by now? Of course I have to recognise that each time I plant something the person harvesting that crop of seeds is a different me. And as I have changed so my dreams have also moved on. I want different things now than I did at twenty one. Although there are one or two wishes that remain the same. I will plant them once again in the light of the New Moon and see what happens. I can also recognise that, in the same way Mother Earth has cycles of growing different things, so do I. One year it may be my intuition. Another year I might be growing my compassion. Or my strength. Underneath all of these cycles is the connection to love. The ultimate life force that brings me my dreams.

Are you planting the seeds of your dreams yet? Have you chosen to grow all of the things you love and are passionate about. Will you be using the New Moon energy to ask for your biggest wishes? Now is a perfect time to recognise all that you require and desire. Make sure you ask for it all. Work on creating your own fabulous garden of blooms to delight your life.

Day 812 of my blogging challenge

Sacred Space: Connect To Your Intuition

sacred spaceI’ve spent a focused and enjoyable day clearing clutter out of my work space. Watching the boxes empty. Recycling, gifting, filing and arranging. It’s all part of my effort to create a sacred space. The place I can be comfortable connecting to my intuition.

Because when I open up to the energy information around me I want to have a peaceful and positive vibe. So spending time going through my old stuff has been a great first step. As I’ve looked through each bundle of papers, memorabilia and objects I have been asking myself what it represents. Is what I’m looking at positive, significant energy? Because my sacred space has to boost me on days when the energy is low vibrational. Is the item or piece of paper any part of my current life? Sometimes I hold on to things that were right for me when I was a different energy person. Letting coasters, pens, thank you cards and photos go clears my space for the me I am today. And more especially the me I want to become.

My sacred space is emerging from under the clutter precisely because I am tuning in to my intuition too. Sensing the energy of what I’m keeping and checking that it matches my hopes and dreams. It matters to me that my papers are tidy in files. I want to have an underlying structure because my life is often very fluid. So being able to put my hands on something the instant I’m prompted to is a great gift to myself. I am also checking what crystals and spiritual objects I have dotted around my scared space. I recently took a good look at all of my tarot and oracle cards to make sure I was only keeping those that would serve me in the future. And I have chosen some of my own channelled intuitive art to brighten my walls too.

Tomorrow I will be continuing creating my sacred space with some more clearing out. Then I can start smudging and finish off with a sound bath and some incense. Finally I have found an easy chair I want to use when I’m sitting in the silence listening to my Guides. There will be cushions. And my space will be complete. What is your sacred space like?

Day 810 of my blogging challenge

Gifts: Giving And Receiving For Balance

giftsI love giving gifts. All, sorts of items that I hope the recipient will appreciate. Of course I love receiving gifts too. But I’ve often struggled with the idea of receiving anything, feeling that it was me who should always do the giving. This last year has been a lesson in receiving though.

Gifts have come to me in very many ways. I have had time to be listened to. A gift of a car. The opportunity to find a place of retreat. I have received an amazing amount of healing energy from all sorts of sources. There have been so many positive compliments about my work. I have been treated to lunch, dinner and nights out. Books, CDs and films have been recommended to me because I would enjoy them. Many hugs have come my way too. I’m delighted to say I have received them all with open arms. Because I have finally grasped something fundamental to gifts and giving. There has to be a balance.

Just as I like to give so do the people around me. Including my Guides. Yet if I keep on giving and never taking someone is denied the pleasure that giving gifts can bring. I love looking for that something special which will have meaning for the other person. Or being able to do what, to me, might be a small thing. But it will make a big difference to the person receiving it. It’s not about thank you either. Giving creates a warm, fuzzy feeling in me because I’m sharing the love. I hope that those giving back to me get that same warm, fuzzy feeling too. After all, the more the love goes around the brighter our world.

Receiving is the other half of an important equation. An equation that is all about balance. When we get it right in giving and receiving gifts everyone feels the benefit of more love. I’m looking for other gifts to give this week. And open to receiving in return. I hope you have a gift filled week too.

Day 809 of my blogging challenge

Jotting It Down: Catch The Inspiration Every Day

jottingI’m a great fan of jotting things down. So much so that I have lots of notebooks containing all sorts of scribbles, lists and mind maps. I have always tried to capture what pops into my mind as much as I can. Because I have learned these notes may be the inspiration for my next adventure.

Jotting something down serves as a reminder for me then. When I have a lot going through my mind keeping notes helps keep me on track. I find it easy to get distracted into the whys and wherefores of something and can end up loosing a lot of what comes in. So I love being able to go back a page or two to see what else was being processed by my mind. Sometimes I get a nice surprise. Something I have predicted has happened. Or there is a new creative idea all set out and ready to go. Going back months and even years I can trace how often an idea has come through. Long before the time is right for me to act on it.

I also find that my jotting contains inspirational words, hints and tips from the Energy Beings who work with me. When I am going about my human life they throw these into my notes for me to stumble across later. Like nuggets of encouragement to keep me going. Especially when I have stalled. Or I’m frustrated because I don’t understand something. Also, jotting in this way also helps me to reach the ideas I’m sitting back on. I often find that I doodle as I write. These are the subconscious threads still being woven together ready to be pushed across my conscious mind. It always amazes me when I look back and see doodles that now make perfect sense of what needed to come to the surface.

Of course I also enjoy jotting down ideas for my daily blog.

Not all the ideas get into the day they are noted. And a few are still sitting on my writing list because the idea isn’t ready to be expanded yet. But it’s surprising how, over several days, many of my inspirations fit together and quickly become a blog piece. If you haven’t adopted a pen and paper yet please do try taking notes as the ideas arrive. You never know – it may be your Guides letting you know what is about to happen to you next,

Day 808 of my blogging challenge

Surviving Dark Times: Finding The Light Of Hope

survivingI’ve seen a couple of films recently about dark times. Moments in peoples lives when the worst has happened and it has been a challenge to do the right things. Of course I read and hear about all sorts of things every day. But what I noticed with the stories was that surviving was matter of finding hope.

I’ve always been encouraged by the story of Pandora. The way that her curiosity led her to open a box which let out all the evils of the world. That could have been the end of the story. Instead, at the very bottom of the box, under all the darkness she found a ray of hope. I feel that we have all been given a way of surviving even the worst of our experiences. That the hope I feel can carry me through anything. Yet describing what I hope in or for can escape me. Because hope is difficult to pin down. Am I thinking that I am still alive? Do I remind myself that I am still standing? Or perhaps I’m telling myself that it can get better?

Sometimes I don’t know. I’m in the darkness but looking for the light. And my hope spurs me on to believe and trust that I am surviving. Of course, since I got to know my Guides, I also know I’m not alone. My hope is boosted by the recognition that I am surviving the challenges with their help. Yet I still have to be the one hoping. I know that if I loose hope things will only get darker for me. So I stick to the story of Pandora. Reminding myself that there is always an up side to everything. Encouraging myself to feel the fear that the darkness brings. But to push myself on through it. Until I can recognise the love and the light shining into my dark place. I also know that to experience hope I have to experience it’s absence.

I have to know desolation, despair and defeat. Then I can feel the power of hope. The expectation, anticipation and excitement of Light breaking through into my darkness. I wouldn’t wish my dark times on anyone else. That’s actually because I know we all have dark times. But I am sending anyone trying to survive the darkness a ray of hope. Surviving is the important outcome. Let hope light your way.

Day 807 of my blogging challenge