Heal With Energy Carried By ArchAngel Wings

healToday is the day I do my live broadcast on my Facebook page Letters From The Light Side. I’ve been doing these weekly broadcasts for more that twelve months now. Although I was initially reluctant to start. Even though my Guides told me that the videos would help people heal themselves.

Tonight my favourite healing ArchAngel came into the channelling. Parashiel works to spread his Balm to all of the healers on the planet. And that’s an awful lot of us at the moment. Our task is to heal Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. To share the power of love and compassion so that we deal with the fear that surrounds us. I know that the healing has to start with me first. I have to deal with all of the stuff that has warped me. Turned me away from my Spiritual self. Kept me from being kind to myself and others. As if I have forgotten my authentic self.

Some of this energy is being released through my dreams. But there are still some parts of me hidden from view. In the end I know I might have to work a little bit harder to find them. And to heal them may be a bit of a challenge. They will be hidden for all sorts of reasons. However I know I have help. I have the energy of Parashiel’s Balm. A constant flow of loving and empowering energy. It feels like a warm hug from the inside. Exactly what I need to deal with the stuff that is out of sight and out of mind. Because I am determined to move my life forward. There is a whole new me waiting to have adventures when I heal myself.

Finally, there is another important reason for me to heal myself. I know we are all connected in the flow of energy. If I am well and happy that positive energy contributes to a positive flow of energy towards others. I am surrounded by wonderful people, animals and a planet that gives me everything I require or desire. Therefore I want all of them to enjoy the healing energy carried to me by an ArchAngel’s wings.

Day 910 of my blogging challenge

Breaking The Rules To Learn By Experience

breakingWhen I first started to look for help to understand the contact I was getting from Spirits I found out there were rules. Lots of them. Rules that seemed designed to keep me out rather than invite me in. It was only when I began breaking the rules that I found out my experiences were more meaningful than anything else.

I’ve been to do a demonstration fo my Trance mediumship this evening. It was actually the first form of mediumship I ever did. And my first public mediumship too. Yet when I tried to find ways of having more of the trance mediumship experiences I ran into lots of rules. Some were apparently written down, Others seemed to be rather off the cuff. It meant that I found it hard to develop that particular ability. Except that my Guide Team were very keen to help me bend and, where necessary, set about breaking the rules. Left to my own devices I tried all sorts of things that seemed to be in the ‘not allowed’ or ‘not possible’ lists.

I even tried all the ways I could think of to get into an altered state of consciousness. My Guides kept bringing me more suggestions. And in the end I worked out my own set of rules. Steps I stick to so that I know I will be ok. Yet I am also aware that my Guides keep me breaking new ground too. They want to help me step even further out of my comfort zone. That also means taking a look at my internal rules. The things I have set in place that might actually end up being limitations. Rather than enablers. I’m open to looking at my own rules. And I am prepared to break them if necessary. Because discovering a new ability is always at the end of what I already know. In the borderland between what I know I can do.

And what I doubt I can do. I know that is the best reason for bending or breaking my rules.  Being able to try things. To experience many prototypes. So that I can learn what works best for me. With the aim of helping other people learn what works best for them. Because the rules one person worked out may never work for another person. Here’s to finding and breaking more mediumship rules!

Day 909 of my blogging challenge

Timeless Wisdom – Through A Child’s Eyes

TimelessI’ve been working with my daughter on her CV today. She had to imagine writing one some years into the future when her higher education had finished. It got us thinking about what skills she had when she was younger. I remembered a bit of timeless wisdom she shared at age nine.

It was a poem she wrote from the point of view of a tree. We love our forest walks. And always make a point of spending plenty of time tuning in to the trees. I love how the trees connect with each other. How their branches and berries give us shelter and food. I find that when I am standing with the trees I feel the timeless flow of the Earth’s energy. It’s such a grounding experience. I also know that without the trees we would struggle. Because they also provide the oxygen we breathe. At a young age my daughter also recognised the damage we are doing to our trees.

Yesterday I wrote about raising children with praise. I feel that’s another timeless wisdom that we have let slip out of sight. I loved her tree poem and shared it on my Facebook timeline. My daughter responded with pride that her work was going out to a wider world. It encouraged her to keep on writing. Now she has a whole series of books ready to publish when she wishes. And she also understands that each one of us has a voice. That it is ok to share our concerns with other people. To try to raise awareness and get people to act. Even if trees are still being mismanaged or destroyed. The point is to see the world as it is and to work at making it better.

I feel children really get that. They understand how much care is needed to make sure our planet can continue to sustain human life. Their view of our predicament is timeless. Because they reflect the worries of so many people throughout the last two hundred years as the Industrial Revolution has driven our desire for more material things.

I have included her poem here. I am still proud of her words. They make me think about caring for the planet. They remind me to focus my energy on Mother Earth as well as the people and animals. And they call on me to listen to the children. To pay attention to their voices. Through their eyes the world is a wondrous place full of everything we require. They understand it better than we let ourselves. I hope you enjoy the poem too. And start listening more to the children and young people around you. Make sure they have the space to voice their opinions. After all, they will be the ones dealing with whatever we leave behind for them.

The Tree
I remember when my branches were full of wildlife
The lazy jaguar sleeping in my big, strong arms
Colourful macaws soar around me like a rainbow scarf
The Emperor butterflies tickle me as they gently pollinate my flowers
That was a long time ago

Now as I look around I see nothing but desert
My friends are dead, chopped down
I am surrounded by a graveyard full of my dead friends
The soil is black and useless
Most of the wildlife has been captured for pets
Others captured their skin
The butterflies no longer pollinate my flowers

I have seen the mighty forest grow
I have seen the mighty forest begin to die
Unless people help to rebuild the forest now
It will be gone forever.

Erin B aged 9

Day 908 0f my blogging challenge

Like Minded And Open Minded: Groups Matter

like mindedI’ve had a really wonderful weekend. A retreat with like minded people who are also open minded. Then a day out at a Mind, Body & Spirit Fayre meeting up with lots more like minded and open minded people. Some whom I have the pleasure to have know for a long time. But seen only infrequently.

I’ve always know that one of my spiritual jobs was to bring together groups of people. Trying to introduce like minded people to each other. Not to sit agreeing with everything that each person said. But to have a debate. A wider discussion around the edges. The places where the views differ. Not for me to convert people. Or them to covert me. But for the sheer joy of finding out. Sharing knowledge. And valuing differences. I feel that this world really lacks that acceptance. The understanding that you can be like minded and open minded too. I met so many closed  minds when I first set off on my journey. Because I was a little bit closed minded too.

Now, after my years of learning, practice and teaching I know who will slot into a group. And who won’t. I always ask that those who I am unable to connect up find the best people to help them. Because the spiritual journey can be a long and lonely one when the positive vibe of a like minded group is missing. I know that from personal experience. We progress faster when we are bouncing ideas and energy around. I do believe that the whole group makes big strides forward more easily. And natural wobbles can be shared, supported and worked through together. My greatest wish is that we could connect more as a human race into like and open minded groups.

Being entrenched in a negative viewpoint that is constantly being reinforced spreads discord. Strife follows rigidly held views. If there is no space for questions and differences something beautiful is lost. Shared love, shared support, shared lives come from like minded, open minded groups where there is always room for love to grow.

Day 906 of my blogging challenge

Niggled, Stressed, Hectic: What A Week

NiggledWhat a week it’s been. Running out the door to my retreat weekend I knew I needed to escape. I’ve been niggled, stressed and hectic. Like time was a big pressure. There was too much to do and not enough time. Because I wanted to get on my retreat as soon as possible.

There are definitely times in my life when the niggles take over. I get irritated. Or as I prefer – niggled. It can be such a little thing but it becomes like the source of all of my discontent.  And I can’t seem to get back to my easy flow of energy. Like rocks in a stream the niggles block my way somehow. Then I get stressed with myself rushing around to no clear purpose. It often happens when an energy shift is coming. Then there is a morning I wake up calm again. Into clear, flowing emotions. And I wonder what being niggled was all about. It’s at these times I try my best to retreat from the world. As it happens I will be away this weekend so I’m planning to leave any stress behind.

However that is always easier said than done. Being niggled can spill into retreat time to. Because my brain stays focused on the stress in my outer world. When it’s like that I try my best to rest, meditate and put some distance between myself and the stress. I also have a diagnostic session. What is  surface niggle? Where is the stress coming from. And what feelings am I ignoring that need to get my attention in this way? When I ask these questions I can surprise myself. Sometimes I’m being shown how much less I feel about certain situations. Even that I have moved on so much that the old feelings are only a faint echo. Occasionally it’s all about me trying to be perfect again. Doing too much. Trying to prove myself as worthy to myself.

And now and again it’s because it just is a niggly week for everyone. Now I have some space to reflect I will work out what this last week has been about. And acknowledge my successes. There may be more of that niggled feeling ahead. Especially if I keep paying attention to my feelings. For now life is in a good moment. Long may those moments continue.

Day 904 of my blogging challenge

Older Post Brings Clarity: Medium or Psychic?

olderI was looking back today through some older posts I had shared on social media. It took me back in a wander down memory lane. And it also reminded me that some questions crop up time and again. So in my blog I would like to share one of those older posts. For anyone thinking about having a reading. To inform. For clarity.

There are always a lot of questions about what psychics, mediums and clairvoyants do. It’s one of the older answers I had to be ready with when I started out as a reader. Some people think that they can only get Spirit messages from clairvoyants, some that psychics can tune into Spirit and many who just get confused by all the names floating around. This is my explanation – you don’t have to accept it. We are ‘thinking beings’. I would be delighted if you use my explanation to think about what you understand or believe psychic & Spirit contact is. 

Put at it’s simplest: a Psychic has the ability to read the aura (or energy system) that we all have around us as a physical individual. Because we can’t see it or touch it most of us are unaware of it’s existence. But it is there. And someone who has opened up to the information coming to them through their psychic senses can ‘read’ the energy and tell you what is most probably going to happen. They can also tell you what has happened, what is happening at the moment and the things your energy is trying to draw in for you in the future. This is not fortune-telling.

Fortune telling is how it might have been described in older versions of books and articles. When people were unclear about energy and the aura.

In present times more and more people are beginning to understand about intuition. So they recognise that an experienced Psychic can also link through you to the energy of all those who are connected to you or around you e.g. lovers, family, friends, workmates, neighbours. By ‘reading’ the energy of the people around you the Psychic can also see where their interests can be the same or different to yours and so how ‘probable’ your wishes and hopes are since your life choices are directly affected by the people who are around you.

Psychic readings pick up on your agenda – what you would like to have happen in your life. The reader checks this against the agendas of the other people around you and then gives you the best ‘probable’ outcome. We all have free will so we can choose what we do. That is why no-one can tell you your future. If you don’t like the sound of what you have been told you will do something completely different. That’s why many people say their reading was incorrect. They have heard what is on the way in and decided to exercise a free will choice another way. The reading is still valid. But in prompting change rather than forecasting solid facts.

So what about a reading from a Medium? How is that different?

A Medium is someone who has opened up to the auras of the people physically present in this world. And to the auras of people who have died. People who have died are in the ‘Spirit World’ and can come into the aura of a Medium to communicate. Mediums get this communication by seeing (Clairvoyance), hearing (Clairaudience), sensing (Clairsentience), knowing (Claircognizance), tasting (Clairgustance) or smelling (Clairalience). So someone who is a Clairvoyant gets messages more strongly through seeing pictures/figures/words/symbols etc. But all forms of ‘Clair’ can be used by an experienced Medium at one time or another.

Spirit readings through a Medium pick up on Spirit’s agenda – what else may be happening in your life that you have ignored, failed to notice or have lost sight of. Spirit readings should always contain evidence that is personal to you about the Spirit who has come forward or about yourself. The Medium should be comfortable with you only giving Yes and No responses as Spirit should be able to explain in more detail anything you don’t understand. In my experience Spirit always want to give a message so that you can understand issues or aspects of your life better. They do not tell you to do anything in particular and they cannot make decisions for you.

Remember we have free will and therefore do exactly what we choose to do. That is why Spirit do not tell you your future. As I explained above if you don’t like what you have been told you will do something completely different. Our loved ones know that. They also know us. Enjoy the messages. Take what you can from them. Older heads are wiser than us. Mediums and Psychics are trying to help us move forward as best they can.

Day 902 of my blogging challenge

Counting Nine Hundred! Nine Tenths Of The Way There

countingI’ve been counting today. It’s my nine hundredth blog so it got me thinking about other milestones in my life. One of which is my daughter’s birthday. On a Monday afternoon seventeen years ago I gave birth to my very special Crystal child. The one who is responsible, at least in part, for these blogs and my book. When she fell to Earth she really shook my world!

Last week I also added up some of my life skills and how long I had been using them. Counting the different things I do made me feel very proud to have given so many things a go. I discovered that I had spent 40 years working with Past Lives, 30 years working with crystals, 26 years working with Tarot and 20 years working with counselling/mentoring. I’ve also spent 18 years doing Reiki, 12 years as a public medium, 10 years teaching mediumship & spirituality and 9 years channelling art on behalf of Energy Beings. Plus my years as a Mum, pet owner and running a business.

It all adds up. But I feel I often forget my achievements because I am so busy focusing on what what I can’t do. Or what I want to learn next. Watching my child grow up, checking her milestones, praising her achievements I found that I was counting on her behalf. Counting all of the successes. Praising her progress. Reminding her that there is so much she can do with her life. Somewhere along the way of my life I stopped doing that for me. Instead I got sidetracked into noticing the failures and mistakes. Telling myself off for not doing better or the best. Instead of recognising that I was building a solid list of achievements to be proud of.

That’s why this blog today matters. It is recognising, through counting, how far I have come. Reminding me that I have made a contribution to the world. No matter how small that may turn out to be. Or how big. I might never know which it is. But I’m going to keep on counting my good stuff!

Day 900 of my blogging challenge

Newest Skill: Ready For A New Adventure

newest skillIt’s interesting to be writing my last blog of the eight hundreds on the day I got my newest skill. Thanks to my lovely friend Fiona Dilston I am now an EFT practitioner. Completing the course today I was thinking such a lot about new beginnings. And new adventures.

Because today also marks the anniversary of the end of my solo responsibilities. Tomorrow is the anniversary of me becoming a mother. It has certainly been a big adventure as I’ve had to learn all sorts of new skills. As well as polish up a lot of old ones. Managing the responsibility of being a parent, the responsibility of looking after another, and still looking after myself. I know that at times the balance of caring tipped one way,. Then the other. The newest member of my family brought out the best and worst in me. Until I learned to stop judging myself. And started reminding myself how much this adventure was giving me.

Sitting with a group of powerful and supportive women this afternoon I was reminded of that shared experience of giving birth. I had support from my own mother, my friend and two midwives. We marked the passing of time between us. They helped me pace through the labour. And they were ready to lend me their strength during the worst of the pain. I was the newest mother in the room that birthing day. Today we shared and supported each other to become the new practitioners. Excitedly discussing the technique and how it might fit with our other skills. Open and ready for the new path we were stepping onto. Letting our personal development lead us into new experiences and unfamiliar places.

I love the start of any adventure. Even when I know there might be challenges and diversions, delays and dead ends. I know that each time I use my newest skill it settles me more into treading the new path that is in front of me. I have no idea where I am going. But that doesn’t matter. Discovering new things about me, taking on new abilities and sharing new opportunities make it all worth while.

Day 899 of my blogging challenge

Greeting The Loved Ones Who Stop By

greetingI’ve been out all day doing Spirit readings again ay Gallery 339. I really enjoy being able to make a connection for someone. And to represent their loved ones. Greeting each relative as they stopped by and stepped in closer I was overwhelmed with their patience and love.

These people have no connection to me. Yet, greeting me, they are delighted to share in the conversation. And to share honestly. They tell me their failings as well as their positive characteristics. They understand that if I can paint a complete picture of them the person sitting opposite me will be more reassured. As well as more trusting of the message. That’s the key thing I have to deliver. A message that the recipient will listen to. Perhaps even respond to. So that we are all working towards the most positive outcomes for everyone down here.

That’s why I find the greetings that the Spirit people give are very important. I have to speak the way they would. Using their own words to say hello or pass on the message that they are well. And I usually find the greeting starts the laughter. A loved on will announce themselves by making me giggle, or I have to say something silly or random. Because laughter puts the person sitting there at ease. Silliness reminds them of the light and loving times they spent with their loved one. As if the person was still in the room with us. Because, as I know, they actually are. But not everyone can sense them. So my greeting and that initial five minutes will make the message flow or be heavy.

So much can depend on that opening. My Guide Team work hard with me to make the connection happen. Because they know it’s worth it. Finally, they also understand, like me, that love can cross the barrier between life and death. Being greeted by the people you are missing lifts the weight and concern from shoulders bowed with grief. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that wonderful process!

Day 898 of my blogging challenge 

Questing Is Good For My Spirit Mission

questingI’ve been questing today. A long, arduous search for something. It stared over my first cup of coffee. And continued down on the beach as the wind whipped up the waves. All the way driving back home. Including in the service station. And finally in my home circle. I was looking. But not sure what for.

A couple of lines in a song by Al Stewart kept going through my mind. “The wind whips up the waves so loud, the ghost moon sails amongst the clouds, and turns the rifles into silver, telling us we’re all standing on the border”. Standing on the beach I watched the white foam fall over and back into the water. It, or other droplets, would be foam again soon as the wind continued to blow. I thought about the tide of emotions I’ve had this week. The way they churned and returned. And my need to power down before I could be powered back up. But for what? My Spirit is here on a mission. I’ve know that for a long time. I’ve also known that questing is a way of testing me. Finding out what stops me from completing the mission.

I have felt like I am on the border of knowing my mission more clearly for a long time. Waiting at the cliff edge ready to jump as soon as I know what to jump towards. But the questing has also been happening. Perhaps far too much for my liking. Each new quest has been a further test of my resolve. Can I keep going even if I have no idea where I am headed. Driving home I found myself reviewing the past few days. Getting a clear prompt to remove old thought patterns. And release feelings to the winds of change. Finally, in my home circle there was another piece to this puzzle. A song by Elton John with the lines “But these cuts I have they need love to help them heal. Oh, don’t let the sun go down on me, Although I search myself, it’s always someone else I see”. And it is true. I’m looking at me and seeing a partial, incomplete reflection of my Spirit. That is the part of me that holds the mission information.

Questing to know the Spirit Inside can be arduous. The Ego Mind gets in the way. Low vibration human emotions block the signal too. Yet it is always necessary to set the material world on one side if I want to understand my purpose. I do need to heal my past. Loving me as I am is vital. Only then can the full scope of my reason for being here come to the surface. And before my own personal Sun sets.

Day 897 of my blogging challenge