Clarity With Crystal: Healing Vibrations Under Our Feet

clarityI’ve had the perfect end to a busy week. A session with crystal singing bowls to bring me more clarity. How wonderful that Mother Earth provides such powerful healing vibrations!

I’ve worked with crystals for a long time, both for healing and personal reasons, because I have several past lives as a Crystal Singer. I love how their vibrations surround me and always make sure I have one or two in my purse or pocket. Tonight I had an opportunity to also play some crystal bowls. But only after their sounds had taken me on a journey in search of clarity. The crystal bowls helped me to release low vibrational energy. Then they connected me to powerful sources of just the right kind of energy to boost me. I always know when I’ve been bathed in wonderful energy. Because the world around me comes into sharper focus.

So do I. So I know that this year, with it’s many challenges and opportunities, has been exactly what I needed to get me exploring other parts of me. I’ve been finding out what other abilities I have and releasing myself from limitations. To me it’s been a process of healing. Healing from my own blockages. And from the patterns, both karmic and human made, that stopped me having the clarity I need. I’ve discovered that there is far more to me that I ever imagined. As each new skill or ability surfaced I found my lovely crystals helping me to balance the discoveries so I could embrace a new me. I really do understand why I have been out in nature so much. Because under my feet, somewhere down deep, are the crystal energies that ground me.

Whether a walk, a sound bowl session or some time with my own crystal I have found myself full of inspiration. Clarity of feeling and thought. A vision of where I’m going and what to do. If you are looking for help to get focused perhaps it’s time you held a crystal or two!

Day 752 of my blogging challenge

Blank Screen, Blank Mind: Pass The Inspiration Please!

blank screenSometimes when I sit down to write my blog my mind is blank. I can’t think of anything I want to write. My day may have too much in it. Or too little. So I stare at a blank screen.

Waiting for help and inspiration. Hoping that one of my Guides will switch on a light in my mind. Eventually my fingers get moving. Words start to peek out from the darkness and I find I’m off and away. Even then it can feel quite a relief to get to the minimum word count to make my blog respectable. And I give a sigh of relief when I write the closing sentence. Job done. I can return to being blank once again. Of course this also applies in my life. Moments when it seems I can’t find any inspiration. Or creativity. Once this used to panic me. I would search desperately for something to overcome the lack of thought. And end up feeling even more stressed by my blankness.

Nowadays I’m a lot more comfortable with my mind going blank on me. It happened when I meet people but can’t remember their names. Or I’m about to say something but can’t remember what. I laughingly call these my senior moments. But I’m getting better at recognising that I might have blanked out because there is too much in my mind. That’s why one of the things I had to learn, so I could communicate with the Spirit and Energy Beings, was to park my thoughts. Move them to a side corridor in my mind. Let them pass along without bothering me. Not to still my mind. Because I want to be able to get the information out of my mouth and that requires letting my brain work my voice. But to go into ‘the zone’.

When I work I want to be able to know which thoughts and feelings are mine. And which ones belong to another presence. Going blank, moving my own thoughts out of sight, is a way I can do that.

In this way I can pick up the inspiration and guidance that is being dropped into my mind. I can notice the sensations in my body that don’t belong to me. Or the words I can hear in my head that are in another voice. That puts me in ‘the zone’. The place where I can be a blank screen for the visitors to write their stories on. Doing this takes a lot of practice and a great deal of trust. I remember all the doubt that clouded my mind for quite a while. Is it my thoughts really? Am I imagining this information? Have I read about this and am simply recalling what I already know? It’s very tempting to dismiss the inspiration because of the doubt.

However, what I also learned was to receive the information and wait to see if it proved to be correct. I gave what I got. Surprisingly, or not really, what I shared from my blank mind was validated by the people who understood it. They confirmed the accuracy of what I said to them. After a while I stopped doubting what I got when I was in ‘the zone’. And my mediumship improved a lot. My trust was an extra boost of positive energy that made the connection even stronger. I carried that trust into my blogging. My Guides asked me to write a blog. A regular blog. So I started, hit the hurdle of a blank screen and blank mind and stopped. But they kept reminding me to trust myself and write. Eventually I did and now I’m more than two years into another zone.

If you find yourself going blank stop for a minute. Work out if your brain is too full of busy thoughts. Or too overloaded to organise itself to think clearly. Try putting all those thoughts in to a separate room in your mind. Then listen carefully. I am sure if you try it you will discover your own Guides waiting to inspire and support you.

Day 750 of my blogging challenge

Trust The Universe: A Skill To Master

TrustI know I’m always talking about trust. Trust me, trust them, trust it will be ok, trust the Universe. But it’s actually quite hard to master relying on myself, others, the Universe and to know it will be ok.

Yet it’s so important for me in the work I do. I have to trust my Guides and the Energy Beings to give me what I need to communicate to others. They have to work with me so that a positive, evidential message or communication comes out of my mouth. Certainly not an easy thing in the beginning because my Ego Mind worked very hard to build mistrust instead. In fact my Ego Mind seems to take every opportunity to get me mistrustful. It’s as if i’m Always looking for the catch. Of course I understand that life is unpredictable, risky and uneven. I have had my roller coaster rides plenty of times. But my Ego Mind makes a big show of pointing all that out at exactly the moment when I need to trust the most.

For a long time in my mediumship developement I remained mistrustful. Not only because of my Ego Mind but also because of the general level of distrust most people have towards Energy Beings. In the end I decided that I had to trust the experiences I was having. It made me realise that until you have tried to connect for yourself you are unlikely to get over the mistrust. Even if you are a believer. Because somewhere lurking in the back of my head is the Ego ready to bring up that feeling of mistrust again. Like an old, worn record playing again and again. Every time I gain trust in something a new reason to mistrust something else crops up. Some days I wonder if I will ever master complete, utter and unconditional trust. That’s what I am aiming for. Being able to let myself respond easily and openly to the energy flowing all around me.

I know that if I trust this Universal flow of energy everything will be ok. All that I require and desire will find it’s way to me at the moment I actually need it. I guess that little bit of mistrust is still there to give me something to aim for!

Day 732 of my blogging challenge 

Gratefully Thinking: The Way To Send Positive Vibrations

gratefullyI’m often asked how we can help the planet and the animal kingdom. Many people feel that they can only take limited action. That’s when I explain about gratefully thinking.

I know that so many of us want to be active in some way in honouring our planet. And the animal kingdom who share it with us. From an energy point of view everything has a consciousness of some sort. A kind of energy presence. Perhaps not what you or I would understand as a brain. But I would say humans are more than a brain too. I believe we are all Spirits in human bodies. So, for me, our consciousness is the Spirit, whilst the brain acts as a processor of tasks. I also believe this is true of the plant and animals. Even the tiniest one. And that’s why we should be practicing gratefully thinking about our whole system instead of one part.

For me animals do have feelings. So does the planet. At the moment humanity treats the planet and it’s animals as unfeeling, unthinking resources to be used and abused. We have successfully damaged this delicate ecosystem because we refuse to acknowledge it’s consciousness or the deep interconnections between it and us. That’s why one of the actions I know we can take is to begin gratefully thinking about all that the planet and animals contribute to our abundance. Of course, if we can approach our daily lives with conservation in mind then recycling, reducing energy use and the need for material goods will also play a part. I know that we can also assist in protecting and rescuing animals, especially by considering the chemicals we apply to the land, and creating ways to boost endangered species.

Yet there is a mind issue too. Gratefully thinking puts us in an attitude of gratitude where we are more willing to take less, protect more and plan properly for the future.

So what exactly do I mean when I talk about gratefully thinking? I try to sit quietly for a few minutes every day and think about the planet. I bring to mind the forests creating oxygen for me to breathe, the water flowing along bringing me a drink, the vegetables that grow so I can eat. Letting my mind wander I see the rocks and stones that give shelter, the grass for grazing, the nuts & berries there for me to pick. As I think about these things I am grateful. I know that I am blessed with everything I need by the gift of my planet. Then I think about the animal kingdom. Such a delicate system of species each interwoven with each other. The bees know that we need each species for the whole to work.

I think with gratitude about the bees, spiders, ants, mice, rabbits and so many others who live beside us in the world. They sustain us too. And they have become our companions. I have been fortunate to be surrounded all my life by dogs and cats. They have protected and soothed me in many moments. I am grateful that they decided to be a part of my life. As I feel the gratitude within me I send out positive thoughts for Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants to thrive and be abundant. Believing in the energy world as I do I know I am radiating both my gratitude and healing energy. It is contributing to the flow of positive around the planet.

I know that when as many of us as possible start gratefully thinking about our Mother Earth the boost of energy will make a great and positive difference for all of us. It’s not action as we usually define it. But I know gratefully thinking is an energy action as strong as any physical action I can take. Can you spare ten minutes a day to join me in boosting the planet?

Day 731 of my blogging challenge

Picking A Random Card: The Message For Today Is …

picking cardsI love my oracle and tarot cards. They can be so random. Yet really accurate in picking me a message out of thin air. A message that makes perfect sense.

I confess to having about forty packs of cards. It’s true that I used to have more but I have been releasing packs to new homes for a month or so now. I love the idea of picking from a randomly chosen set and seeing what comes out. Or even what falls out of the pack for me. My Guides often niggle me to get the cards out when I’m not listening to what they are saying. Or when the messages are getting scrambled. Sometimes it’s about wanting to get a quick and simple signal to me. And I always reach for the cards when I feel really stuck. Because I know that whatever comes out it will make me stop and think. That’s the best way to get me unstuck!

My first pack came to me from a friend. I loved them but was really unsure how to use them. Then I saw a second pack and really feel in love with their design and artwork. The explanations were a bit sketchy. I remember picking out another set because I liked the way the cards had been interpreted. My fourth set came when I was looking for a set that had everything. By the fifth set I knew I was hooked. With each set I remember the basic journey of the tarot and use the oracle cards in a similar way. They are all a journey of self-discovery. When I get a card I check where I am in the journey from being a fool into being wise. As the message will help me to find the wisdom of the moment I am in.

Then I can apply the guidance to my situation, picking a path through the events of my day, making sure that I avoid the pitfalls the card is hinting at. If you have never used oracle or tarot cards please give them a try. Your Guides might be picking you a pack so that you can make better choices. And free yourself from doubt and stuck energy.

Day 729 of my blogging challenge

Cheerful Thoughts: Setting An Intention For The Day

CheerfulCheerful thoughts! Yesterday in a blogging challenge I’m running I wrote about what I thought when I woke up every day. These are the way I like to start my day.

Until I put it down on paper I didn’t really recognis that I focused on cheerful thoughts. Yet now I know why it makes such good sense. My thoughts create my intentions. The things I decide to do, say, even think or feel affect how my day goes. And my intentions create my outer world. If I want to have a good day then I have to start from the moment I wake up. Noticing what I’m feeling like and what I’m thinking. Letting myself decide how I want my day to go. Then keeping that focus as I get up and move through my day. I often take a few minutes before I get up to bring to mind cheerful thoughts. Little memories that make me laugh. A positive affirmation or three. And a run through my to do list telling myself how easy it’s all going to be.

I keep cheerful thoughts at the front of my mind for the rest of the day too. Reminding myself of what made me chuckle the other day. Or today. Those little packets of positive help me to deal with anyone or anything that is a challenge to having a positive day. Because, of course, I’m like anyone else. Little bits of irritation, negativity or frustration can occur at any time. The cheerful thoughts help me to balance in low vibrational situations. And keep my intention to make my day positive. I have that choice. I can start my day with a different feeling and end up stuck with stress. Or I can keep upbeat as much as possible and get to the end of a positive day.

I love having cheerful thoughts. They lead to happy days. I know I prefer these to the stress filled ones. When you are ready to leave behind stress days start your day with cheerfulness!

Day 728 of my blogging challenge 

Psychic Vampire? People Who Pull Energy

vampireI had a conversation today about being a psychic vampire. This rather unfortunate name is given to people who drain others of their energy. Perhaps you know one?

So what is a psychic vampire and what do I do to deal with them? I know that everyone has natural psychic ability. An intuitive understanding of the energy world we live in. That gut instinct that has prompted me many times. And which I have successfully ignored on a number of occasions. To many times to mention actually. What I didn’t understand until I started to develop my mediumship was that my aura was wide open. I had no boundaries to my energy field so it was easy for other people to pull my positive energy into their aura instead. Leaving me with their low vibrational energy. I was also astounded to find that I was a psychic vampire too.

Because unless we learn about the energy world we continually trade energy without realising how we are impacting others. Or how they might be impacting us. I know that being able to ‘read’ the energy of someone’s aura is a way we were intended to communicate. When I read an aura I know if someone is being authentic or not. Their energy will signal to mine. By the way, that is also how communicating with non-physical energy beings works. All day, every day I can read the energy around me. Not so that that I can pull positive energy towards me. But because connecting with people is an energy exchange. Just like a conversation is about sharing words. An energy exchange shares thoughts and feelings.

Think about it. I know people who meet me and go away feeling much brighter and better. That’s because I make sure to give them a blast of positive energy. Yet until I understood energy I often felt drained.

Most of these people, unknowingly, are psychic vampires. Only because they want to feel better. So their aura energy looks for a positive top up. Once I understood this I worked with my Guides to make sure that I was channelling positive energy from the Universe instead of from me personally. Now I don’t feel drained any more. But I also had to work on my own issue – how I was pulling energy from other people. Some days I just need a hug. Or a kind word. Those days when I have slipped into low vibrational feelings and my mood is heavy. Or my fear is in charge of my ability to cope with life.

At those times I used to find people I could chat to for a while. Then I would go away feeling great. I’m not so sure I left them feeling great though. I had grabbed a load of energy from them. Once I realised that I started to notice how open my aura was. And how I let it get cluttered up with all sorts of energy. I began to deal with my thoughts and feelings on the spot so to speak. I learned to say what I was feeling and thinking then and there. Perhaps not in the best ways to begin with. Because it’s amazing how frightened we can all be about telling things like they really are. I also worked on healing myself in all sorts of ways so that I had less need for other peoples positive energy.

And I decided to tackle my vampire tendency by setting myself firm boundaries. By being clear when it was ok to seek a positive uplift and when not.

By balancing my own need for positive energy with the opportunity to connect with healing energy through my Reiki I am able to keep my own energy field mostly positive. Of course I have wobbles. That’s part of being human. But I resist the impulse to reach out for the energy of someone else to boost me. I ask my Guides for help. Or I sit and meditate. Sometimes I visualise a flow of beautiful orange energy pouring into me. And I love to share the flow of positive energy. So I welcome people who need a boost. They will get healing energy along with a listening ear.

I will also try to encourage them to deal with their own energy needs. By not talking any of their low vibrational energy away. I believe if I have created low energy for myself then it’s my responsibility to clean up my act. Perhaps they can benefit from meditation, or learning about their aura or having some mentoring support until the reasons for the low energies have been resolved. That’s the final thing I’ve learned about being a psychic vampire. Positive energy pulled from someone else is a bit like junk food. Satisfying in the moment but leaving me wanting more. The reason for the ‘hunger’ hasn’t been addressed through my quick fix.

So perhaps it’s time we all owned up to being psychic vampires. But I’m a vampire who has signed a pledge. I have committed to sharing as much positivity as I can without pulling it from other people. What’s your pledge?

Day 724 of my blogging challenge

Transforming A Negative Into A Positive

TransformingI had a chat today about transforming negative energy into positive energy. Something I need to do from time to time. But it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

Sometimes I wake up grouchy. Or I discover I’ve taken on someone else’s unhappy energy. I find I have low vibrational energy that I don’t want. Mainly because it’s not good energy for me to live in. But also because it’s not good energy for me to pass on to anyone else. Then I have to think about transforming the energy into kindness, or happiness or compassion. I have to find a way to balance and release the negative energy so that I’m back to my usual self. And I can start to send out the good energy again. One of the key things that does help is when I can identify that the energy isn’t mine. That allows me to release the feelings the energy is creating for me. They aren’t mine so I don’t have to have them.

Then I know I will be left with only my own low vibrational energy. So it’s much easier for me to deal with. Or it can be. Of course sometimes I make it harder for myself. If I drift into self pity, lack and nobody loves me mode it can take me a while to move myself out of those Ego thoughts. However I try to look for the reasons that my happy mood might be transforming into misery. Have I stepped out of my comfort zone? Am I tired? Or hungry? Have I taken something on board that someone said? Perhaps I’m being judgemental? I want to deal with whatever is causing me to feel low as quickly as possible. That’s when I find meditation can help. Sitting quietly for ten minutes asking myself to show me what the low energy comes from. And being prepared to recognise that I am creating the energy that is pulling me down.

Transforming energy is something anyone can learn to do again. I know I did it naturally as a child. It starts from recognising what is my energy and being willing to change it if it’s not my best energy. Then calling in all of the techniques I have learned to boost me back to a positive frame of mind. I’m not positive 24/7. But I’m willing to work towards that!

Day 714 of my blogging challenge 

Feeding The Medium: How Much To Say?

feeding the mediumI’ve been chatting today about my early days of developing mediumship. About the way in which feeding the medium information can easily overtake getting and giving a message.

From almost the first moment I started to go and watch mediums I remember wanting to have a message for myself. I was fascinated to see what the medium might say about my loved ones. And what they might want to say to me. Especially since I was experiencing my own kind of awakening. I was having to grapple with not quite believing that there was a Spirit World and information that came to me on a regular basis from a part of me that said it was a Spirit person. I wondered if I was feeding an unhealthy mental state that I could be developing. Rather than being someone who was actually developing mediumship. I was keen to discuss mediumship with just about everyone.

So when people talked about ‘feeding’ the medium I wanted to know more. Thankfully the ladies of the local churches were happy to explain. Since a lot of people believe mediumship is all about ‘cold reading’ – guesses and skilful extraction from the person of personal info – mediums are keen to avoid being given any information from the person they are reading for. If someone says more than yes, no or don’t know there is a temptation to go on explaining. And I know, once someone has explained, if what they have told me is the next thing I’m supposed to say then it will sound lame. Even false. It could mean the person rejects the whole message. That’s a real waste of everyone’s energy, including the Spirit person.

Hence the stress on not feeding the medium any facts during the time the Spirit person is speaking. Which I found hard at first. Simply because I wanted feedback that what I was saying was correct.

I found there was an urge in me to want to understand the message I was giving to someone. That led me into another side issue. The temptation to feed myself with information by ending up asking questions. That’s a trap all beginning mediums fall into. But of course the questions are a form of feeding that can end up making the message sound fake. With the help of these very knowledgable ladies I shut down on asking questions. I turned my information into statements. And I insisted on yes, no or don’t know. Even though I understood, having been on the receiving end of messages by then, that all someone wanted to do was be helpful.

The urge to explain is a form of politeness. I don’t like to see anyone struggle to get or build a link with my loved ones. I’m also keen to hear what they might have to say. So jumping in and feeding explanations to the medium is a genuine attempt to make sure the message comes through for me. Although I’m also opening the way for me to doubt what is said. Or for the message to develop into some sort of conversation between me and the medium instead. That’s why now I stay as quiet as possible. I keep myself to yes or no answers as much as I can. And I only say yes when I can really understand what the medium is giving me. That means when the medium is giving me clear evidence my yes is strong.

Feeding the medium, apart from giving me a cup of tea & a biscuit afterwards, is something I avoid at all costs. Both in my own mediumship and when I’m getting a message. Because it makes the mediumship stronger. I am getting a clear connection with my loved ones and, as they know me, the evidence they give will help me trust the message too.

PS. No mediums were harmed in the writing of this blog. There have been ample supplies of tea and biscuits available at the end of each paragraph!

PPS. I include the Wikipedia link about cold reading although I don’t agree with the way it lumps all sorts of intuitive practitioners in with scam artists. I have been able to demonstrate my mediumship when in a room away from the sitter, with no visual or verbal cues to prompt what I have been given by Spirit people.

Day 713 of my blogging challenge

Adding Bits & Bobs: It All Makes Sense

Trees adding upI’ve been adding things up today. All sorts of bits and bobs. Snippets of work. Ideas and inspirations. Trying to get a sense of the big picture.

Sometimes I know I can’t see the wood for the trees. I see each task or choice and lose sight of the overall plan. It’s the same with my spiritual world as it is in my material world. So I sat down at my desk today with a list of tasks I wanted to complete. Steps in my book project, information to share about the Centre, bills to check and pay. Plus the healing and tarot appointments that were booked in. By 2pm I was fighting a lost battle. I was finding it hard adding up all the remaining things I still had to do and fitting them into the time I had left. Perhaps it was as well that I had an exercise session booked in. Because part of my commitment to my wellbeing is to make sure I do enough physical exercise.

Whilst I was doing the exercises I had to change my focus. To concentrate only on the movements. That meant that I could shift away from all that adding up and step back. Because taking that step away let my subconscious mind work on the themes I am experiencing right now. The wood, so to speak. In the end I finished my session bursting with fresh insight. Understanding that what was adding up in front of me was a whole heap of fears. Fears that have been trying to distract me from moving forward. Therefore I had no chance of seeing the wood. I could only stare at the tree in front of me and wonder, helplessly, what I could do to shift past it.

As I listed the fears that had been working all morning I understood how powerful they can still be. Adding to them was pointless. So was ignoring them. Or denying that I felt any fear at all.

Of course I knew what to do. I’d done it many times before. I needed to speak them out loud. And ask myself ‘what’s the worst that can happen’. Taking each task, choice or idea, one by one, I worked through what if. That most powerful of thought experiments. Because it also allowed me to visualise success as well as failure. To see that some of my imaginings were much worse that the worst that could actually happen. And to allow myself the feeling of trust. Each fear was me saying I didn’t trust me. Adding to the confusion between heart and head. Nibbling away at my confidence in myself. Adding to a general feeling of being lost or stuck.

Speaking my fear gave me a chance to hear it outside my head. As a result I could challenge what I was thinking. I could remind myself of all the things that had already happened in my life that were much worse that these fears. In regaining my perspective the trees blended into a whole forest. I could see the way through and the many paths I could use. It’s sometimes surprising how things begin adding up once I face my fears. How the Universe answers in kind. If I am fearful it will send some more fear as it assumes that’s what I want. Because that is what my energy is living. Yet if I am hopeful the Universe will send things that bring hope. Once again, because I am living hopefully.

Tonight I’m back looking at the big picture. It’s made up of all sorts of bits and bobs that are adding up to a wonderful new beginning for me. I’m looking forward to my journey because I know, if ever I get lost in fear again, I will be able to find my way through anything.

Day 665 of my blogging challenge