Recognising Past Life Wisdom

Today’s topic seems to be recognising past life wisdom. It’s come up in several discussions. It even popped up in my Letter From The Light Side this evening.

I’ve been working with past lives for forty years so it’s one of my favourite topics to talk about. Whether I’m figuring out my own lives, doing past life readings or teaching how to access them the subject still fascinates me. Because I believe our past life patterns present us with the wisdom of those experiences. As well as creating the blocks in this life. It’s not necessarily about good or bad karma. It’s about how many of my previous life threads need to recognising now. What vows, consequences and lessons are still running in this life?

Often it’s about the threads that twine together to make a chord. How I have anchored this life in the energy of my past lives. And what I can do to cut that chord. Balance the energy I have created. Deal with the consequences. But recognising the patterns can be a bit of a challenge. Because the threads often act as limiting factors in my life it can be hard to see the pattern. After all, the first step is to understand that I am limiting myself at all. Perhaps I’m not quite as confident of my skills as I could be. Or I feel that my purpose is only about helping others. Even that the law of attraction doesn’t seem to work for me. All of these things can be the effect of past life choices.

Making an effort to recognise patterns and habits is a good first step. I have to ask myself what keeps repeating in my life.

Is it that I always seem to pick the same type of partner? Do I always get scared when someone says it’s my turn to lead the team? Am I living in a place that doesn’t seem to fit me? Or have an occupation that I’m not at all passionate about? Most of these things can be viewed as the normal things that happen in my lifetime. Yet perhaps the same sort of issues about these things keep cropping up. No matter how much I’m trying to change my patterns. It’s at that point that I reach for my past lives eyes. Can I see the events of my current life as if it was a story of another life?

Recognising that there might be another sub plot going on underneath the surface of the way I live is helpful. I can let myself imagine what that other life might be. What could have happened to make me live my life in certain ways? Did I take vows of poverty in some religious order? Or on more than one occasion? Do I have a belief in this life that I shouldn’t have too much? In this way I might be able to see that my other life vows are preventing me from accepting the abundance that is all around me. I might never be comfortably off until I release myself from that promise. Then I might see the threads of this life that began in a little terraced house with parents struggling to make ends meet.

Recognising what has also happened to me in this life I can start to see another pattern. That I shaped my choices about this life so I could use my past life wisdom.

Every life teaches me something. All lives are about evolution of my Spirit. Growing in my understanding of Unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude and service. Struggles in past lives need not be struggles in this life. If I recognise the threads of karmic energy I also start to be aware that I’ve met these experiences before. Perhaps I didn’t make the best choices then and that’s why the situations have come in with me again. But I can consider those past life stories and my limitations. I can help myself to understand that to get abundance I have to be open to receive it. If I make a vow not to then quite plainly I won’t. So instead of saying I never have enough I can choose to say I am open to receive everything I require.

A different choice brings a different outcome. When recognising that I also need to trust in a different outcome. So many times I have released vows but forgotten to trust that it can be different. My choice gets cancelled out because I don’t believe it will happen for me anyway. That’s why I love the puzzle of past lives. Wisdom is only effective when I choose to use it fully and trust myself to know what is best. Not easy to do if a karmic thread is throwing up doubt for my abilities. Or the life I have led has made it hard to let the Universe take control. Yet I still want to embrace the wisdom of my past lives. No matter what consequences I have to balance out my life can only get better.

Day 521 of my blogging challenge 

Wide Blue Yonder Dreams

Sometimes it’s good to do some blue sky thinking. Spending a little time daydreaming about what next.

I’ve been talking a bit today about the process of change. How I feel that restless urge somewhere inside of me as if life has somehow gone flat. When it seems my passion for everything I normally do has drained away. The moments when I don’t know who I am or what I want. These are all my signals that it’s time to drift into the wide blue yonder. To let myself dream about how my life might be in a few months or years. Even to try out several lives to see if I can find the one that makes me feel energised again. Giving my life a make over with the wave of a magic wand.

One of the things that comes with the energy to change is also feeling a bit blue. Down in the dumps my Mum used to say. No linger fitting the life I have but not really clear what life I want. Letting myself drift in my imagination so that I’m seeing my life with me being happy and positive. Checking out what activities I’d be doing. Who I would be with. Where I would be living. A delicious fantasy vision of a new me to get my ideas flowing. This is not just a pleasant form of escapisme. It’s me giving the inner me a chance to speak about my desires. The part of me I ignore when I’m doing the same old same old.

Out in the blue sky I can place myself anywhere. But it also helps me to notice what requires changing.

I’ve often found that it’s easier to admit what I have to do to change things when I have spent a little time imagining a new path. I’m really good at hanging on to old habits that are definitely past their best. I don’t like to let go. Or like change itself much. Yet when I picture myself in another life I can see really clearly, without excuse, what doesn’t fit in my present life. If I’m being honest with myself I can tackle what those changes are. But I also have to be aware of my Ego mind. It will try to spoil the dream. Usually by telling me that it’s impossible to achieve. Or that it’s much safer to stay muddled and miserable.

So back to the blue sky. To combat the fear of change I dream up all sorts of scenarios that put me in a happy and positive place. Using the ideas from these dreams I pick one thing I can do differently. Then I make that change. Often a little one. A step in the right direction. Because lots of little steps add up to big changes over time. A long time ago I dreamed of working for myself at things I was good at. I also imagined that these things would be exciting to do every day. I went off and enrolled on a counselling course becuase those dreams showed me the job I was in was killing me. It took a few years but I qualified and started my own business. It was big leap in the dark but I knew the blue sky was waiting for me.

I have been in that wide blue yonder for many years now. And I love it. Is it time for you to daydream too?

Day 520 of my blogging challenge 

Things Going Bump In The Night

One of the things I often get asked about is the noises people hear at night time. Like the sound of footsteps. Or a conversation going on in another room. Even bumps and bangs. Are they Spirits?

When I listen to someone talk about these things they also often refer to what they have seen on TV or in films. Even to things they have read. They can be quite scared or anxious.  Because noises in the night are often attributed to ghostly haunting. I always ask the person to think carefully about what they have been experiencing. Can the sounds be explained any other way? Like someone in the household actually walking about. Or a TV or radio left on in another room. Buildings and heating systems ‘settle’ due to changes of temperature so creaks, bangs and pings are not unusual. I prefer to rule out the normal, everyday reasons before I think about Spirit activity.

Once it seems that there might be unexplained noises I talk to the person about intuitive psychic senses. I know we can all sense the Spirits but we often choose to block out the information. I need to know if the person concerned is picking up these noises because their senses are awakening. Things can be done to close down our senses if we choose. Especially when that person prefers not to tune in to the Energy Beings. It may also be that I can give that person more information to help them understand what is happening and why. I can also connect with any Spirit who has been making the noises to see if they are trying to make contact for a particular reason.

Things are not always what they seem. The noises can be an attempt to get someone’s attention so a message can be passed on.

One of the reasons that the Spirit people try to get our attention is to let us know they are safe and well. Often when I make the connection I find that a loved one has been trying to pass that on. They don’t want us to worry about them. Because grief is hard enough without wondering if the person you have lost is ok. Making a noise to get someone noticing can be very effective. Much like what happens down here when we want to get the waiter’s attention. Once the message has been received the noises usually stop. I like being able to confirm what the Spirit person has been trying to do. And it’s lovely when things calm down.

I also have to acknowledge those Spirit people who pop back to the place they loved every now and again. Sometimes the noises are accidental. They haven’t realised that they can be heard. The Spirit people are not intending to create a disturbance. I find that when I ask them to be quieter that’s what happens. Often with some form of apology for being noisy in the first place. Occasionally the Spirit visitors get a bit mischievous. I know from my own experience that they like moving things around, opening drawers or even tickling my feet in bed. A strong word or two from me usually gets them to behave a bit better. I find that in the night are not about haunting but about staying connected with us. I love that but if you don’t then you can certainly tell them to go away. And they will.

Day 506 of my blogging challenge 

Predictive Dreaming Glimpses

One of the strangest things to understand has to be predictive dreams. It took me quite a while to get my head around why I had these episodes of knowing what was going to happen.

As I type that I know it sounds silly. After all psychics are supposed to predict. Aren’t I? People regularly ask me to tell them about their future. About what will happen to them next. Even if they will get what they want or hope for. The future. Predictive information. The need to know. I was the same. Wanting to know what is going happen next. I remember before I opened up to my own intuitive information I occasionally visited mediums and psychics in the search for knowing. As if I could control the outcome of my future if I knew about it enough in advance. And I feel that was the key. I wanted the information so I could be in charge of my destiny.

Quite early in my development as a medium, when I began to get predictive dreams, I agonised about knowing the future. Or trying to sense the future for others. What if I got it wrong? Or if I mistook what I was getting? Would there be a big mess becuase I might have misinterpreted information. It was another set of questions I took to my Guides. Especially when the dreams were coming three or four times a night. I could be sound asleep but shocked awake remembering a vivid sequence of events. The feel and sights of the dreams were so real. I had lots of information but never seemed to have anything vital. The what, where, who, how often escaped me. As did the exact time or date of the events I viewed. Sometimes I read about them or watched them on TV.

Usually at some much later date. Why was I getting predictive information that I couldn’t use? What was the point?

Working it out with my Guides I discovered that we all have predictive dreams. My Spirit doesn’t sleep. Every now and again I run ahead of the here and now to take a look at what is on this timeline. The Ego mind struggles to process information that is outside of the sequence of time we are all used to. Instead my mind jumbles up the information. The puzzle pieces get shaken about so I struggle to put them back together again. If there is a big enough energy event going to happen I pick up that wave when I’m ahead of myself. If it’s really big much more of the puzzle pieces will drop into my conscious mind. That means I will remember more. But not necessarily a lot of the detail.

I may recall a feeling or watching something happen. Perhaps a snippet of conversation. But as it is out of context it will seem like it makes no sense. I will know that something is going to happen but not necessarily all of what is involved. When I reached that point with my Guides I asked the next obvious question. If I don’t know enough detail to do anything then why do I bother going to look? The response was really interesting. They told me it was so that I could be prepared for the energy surge. A natural disaster, a plane crash, even an accident to myself, can create a big energy reaction. If I have a sense that something is coming I can remind myself to stay calm.

I have to say I thought at that point that predictive dreaming was a pointless exercise. Staying calm? How could I do that?

After all I was still arguing with them about why I got to know things I couldn’t possibly change. Because that was one of my issues too. Dreaming of a volcanic eruption seemed pointless if I couldn’t alert anyone. Or expect to be able to give a warning that would be listened to. The same with dreaming about car crashes. Or illnesses. It was rather a shock to be told that I wasn’t expected to do anything with the information. Except to be ready to balance the energy waves. Although sending healing was an option too. And if anyone had died in the events I could send energy to help them find their way into the Afterlife.

As this went round and round in my head I realised that all I could do was exactly what my Guides suggested. Take the dream information, wait for events to unfołd and do my best to send positive energy to the situation. Over the years I have done that in many occasions. I have learned to wake from the dream, record it and be ready to send energy. Positive intentions do help others. I have had plenty of personal proof of that. And there are many more than me who remember their predictive dreams. If all of us send positive and healing intentions to emergency or disaster situations then the aftermath may be a little bit less than it might have been. If we can’t change the future of these events perhaps in some way we are softening their impact.

That’s what I understand the predictive dreams come through for. So I welcome them as a small way for me to help from a distance.

Day 503 of my blogging challenge 

The Universe Delivers On Time

One of the most difficult things about the Universe is waiting for it to deliver what I have asked for. And even trusting that it will.

I’ve known about cosmic ordering, the secret and law of attraction for many years. But it’s only recently that I feel I’ve got good at manifesting what I require or desire. In the past the Universe has seemed slow in delivering what I’ve asked for. Of course it took me quite a while to work out the rules. Far too often I unknowingly ended up cancelling my order. Either because I was trying to leap several steps at once. Or I was still trying to control the what, when, how and where. Even doubt that I deserved to have what I required kept resurfacing. Sometimes I didn’t believe enough that I could have what I asked for so I kept my wishes small. Today I’ve had several reminders that the Universe will always deliver if I let it.

Because that’s the other issue. I know how often I got what I asked for and then refused to accept it. So for quite a while I have been saying yes to whatever has come my way. And being careful that those yeses were taking me towards my passions not away from them. In other words I’ve stopped feeling obliged to say yes when my intuition tells me a no is more appropriate. That has been a big step. I know I’m not the only one who feels an overdeveloped sense of obligation. Many of the people I come into contact with believe that they have to help others before themselves. So good fortune, or the Universe sending blessings, get diverted away from the person who it was intended for. Then the Universe stops sending. And we all end up wondering why we can’t have what we require.

Today the Universe sent me a car I can afford, a bunch of flowers, some precious time with friends and a peaceful space for myself.

All things I had ordered. I actually cosmically ordered a new car for April back in December 2017.  It’s here in perfect time for when I’m going to need it. Sitting with friends today I smiled to myself because I had asked for new people and those I already knew I could support to come and find me. Over the last few days new people have arrived. And friends have let me support them. It’s all part of a wonderful universal flow of energy. What I give out I get back. One way or another. So I’d like to keep giving positive energy as I know that in a perfect time that wave of energy will return to me. I love my bunch of flowers. It’s the second one I’ve had. Bright perky yellow to remind me of the kindness of others.

And I love the peaceful time I got today. So often people come to the Centre and enjoy it’s peaceful energy. I’m glad I created a space that way. The time to sit and be with the Earth’s ArchAngels later this afternoon was perfectly timed for the workshop I’m running tomorrow. I’m grateful that the Universe sent it to me. The best thing of all is that tomorrow I get to share more peace with the participants. And the whole cycle of giving and receiveing starts again. How wonderful to live in an intuitive energy world.

Day 502 of my blogging challenge 

Silent, Still, Paying Attention

Today has been about paying attention. To live an intuitive life it’s something I have had to learn to do. Being open to signs, symbols, messages of all sorts from everywhere.

As we grow up we have to learn to pay attention. My parents wanted me to do so. My school teachers also placed a lot of value on my paying attention. They all told me it was the way to learn. In work I had to pay attention too so that the right things would happen. I have spent my whole life paying attention. But to what? Mostly to duty, responsibility and all those things that others believe I should notice. Often at the expense of things that I wanted to take notice of. And certainly at the expense of the intuitive senses I have.

For instance, it took me a long time to start paying attention to my dreams. And to the coincidences that seemed to litter my life. Even to the thoughts pushed into the background by my focus on the day to dayness of living a material life. When I wanted to uncover my past lives I finally learned that I needed to observe the background thoughts. To look for the patterns that were present in my life. Because all sorts of intuitive information way trying to get into my attention. I began to notice much more. Considering my dreams, the books I read, the things people said to me and the experiences I was having I recognised themes. Especially in my dreams.

I practiced lucid dreaming. I wanted to let the inner me know I was once more paying attention. It was me giving permission for me to find out more.

Gradually I learned the meaning of my intuition. It became possible to use my intuitive senses. Through my first hesitant steps at interpreting dreams and symbols I started to see the messages all around me. Learning to meditate helped me to access the thoughts behind my thoughts. Then to create a still space where all of the intuitive information could be shown to me. So much so that the space remains even when I’m busy in my material life. All I have to do is step out for a moment or two and the guidance I need will be delivered there.

Sometimes I like to take a day to access this space. Usually in between doing my ordinary things. I encourage the silence of my busy, everyday thoughts by letting my conscious mind carry on with the doing. My intuitive, imaginative mind comes to the front. Either in meditation or with dreams it can tell me what I next need to pay attention to. Not from a duty or responsibility point of view. Or from the perspective of what others think is important. My attention can be directed to the inner journey. To my spiritual path and my sense of what will be right for me. I can receive the news of what is coming up next and how I can ride the next wave of energy to flow through my life.

In a way I’ve had a quiet day. I enjoy reading so have done so. I’ve also been daydreaming. Lots of intuitive help has presented itself through the absence of thinking. I have enjoyed a different kind of paying attention. Now I can resume my forward momentum once more.

Day 496 of my blogging challenge. 

Energy Beings: It’s Good to Talk

I’ve heard it said that it’s good to talk. I have to say it was for me. My journey into mediumship really became a possibility when I became a therapeutic counsellor. Talking became my trade.

The fascinating thing about being a counsellor is the way I had to deal with my own feelings and thoughts. How could I be present and authentic for the people who came to me if I was carrying baggage too? So I had to take time out to talk. To a counsellor to see what being a client felt like. And to a Supervisor to help me identify my stuff so it wouldn’t cross over into the client’s stuff. As I became more used to talking I also discovered the power of silence. Of listening to the other person. Paying attention to what was said so I could understand their world view.

Eventually I also found myself noticing something that clients found hard to talk about. Their beliefs about an Afterlife or a Divine or even about Spirits. Yer these themes came into the conversation in one way or another. Often for me to mirror back to that person so they could get a different viewpoint for a while. By picking up the threads of those subjects it seemed I could get people talking more. I also found my own thoughts being drawn to my beliefs. What did I believe? As I focussed on this more and more outside of the therapy room I felt as if someone or something wanted to make contact with me.

I have to say it took me some time to recognise their need to talk to me too. I was so busy deciding if I believed in an Afterlife.

Going backwards and forwards with myself meant listening to them was a bit side tracked. But eventually I did realise that I wanted to know more. And that the best way to find out was to talk to the Spirit people. At that point I found my way to connect better. I also found that my therapy work seemed to be drifting into more of a spiritual counsellor role than a therapeutic one. The emphasis was different. I was helping people who wanted to find meaning in their lives. Often through a connection to a sense of Divine life. Finally the pressure to talk to the Spirit people clearly and unambiguously led me to a development group.

That’s where the emphasis on talking took on a new aspect. It’s harder to communicate if you are speaking different languages. Harder still if you can’t see, hear or touch that person. Lots of ways of talking get ruled out. I had to learn to process what I was feeling, both in my physical body and through my emotions. It was a big relief when I could finally ‘talk’ in this new way. Better still the other ways improved too. With continued practice, regular sessions of talking, I am now happy to be fluent in Spirit communications. And it is good to talk with them. Because I can pass on the love and support they have for us. Who wouldn’t want to share in that!

Day 468 of my blogging challenge. 

Duality: Feminine and Masculine in Me

Duality. Two aspects of something. I really appreciate the support I get from my Guides when I’m trying to work things out and find my balance. I would like my energy to blend well so that I radiate peaceful positivity. But how do I achieve that?

I love that this world is created with so many challenges. But I’d also like to stop fighting myself. What is it about duality? Why is it necessary to have male and female? Night and day? Light and shadow. Us and them? I could go on endlessly about the way in which I bump into two aspects of something time and again in my day. It’s like all the positive and negative energy. I’ve come to understand that energy, of itself, can’t be bad or good. It’s me who chooses to use my energies in certain ways who create the consequences of my actions. And whether I experience those consequences as helpful or painful. Yet why have two of everything?

I was thinking about this today. I caught myself laughing at the story of Noah’s ark. The idea that  two of every animal kept the population of the world going. You see we even divide our reproduction into needing two halves to make a whole. Except that there are instances in nature where one will do. Where a cell is asexual and divides itself. Or a plant becomes both masculine and feminine to reproduce. So why all this focus on two you might wonder. Of course it came from one of my conversations. All about how to make a difference in the world. To work towards an inclusive, equal society. Which has to start first with the way we divide our understanding of our species into feminine and masculine.

Added into the mix was my Letters From The Light Side video broadcast. The Energy Beings are reminding us this week to find and live as our authentic selves. How do I live a truthful life as a female in an unequal world?

And so the conversation about duality. About being a woman or a man and what that might mean. Into a discussion about the energy that makes us a whole human. And finally, a meditation all about balance. The push from my Guides was all about my inner duality. I have to remember that I have the benefit of both feminine and masculine energy. Neither energy is better. Both are necessary. And important. My female energy is my creative force. The part of me that dreams up grand plans and schemes. My male energy makes my dream a reality. Without the dream or the skills to make it so I am reduced to living only a part of my life. It’s important for me to honour both sides of me.

It’s also important to use and balance both energies wisely. I have to pay attention to both in order to be my true self. If I do this I can blend the best of myself and send that energy back out into the world so that my dreams will come true. Not an easy task when there is so much conditioning around what it is to be female. And what it is to be male. I live in a time when the energy is out of balance in the outer world. Where people who contain duality within express only one form of themselves without. It’s as if we have lost the ability to recognise these deeply entrenched positions. I have heard lots of debate about feminism and equality where the speakers can’t seem to see how slanted their position has become.

I guess that sometimes the duality is too hard to live with. When you are coming from a position of having to reclaim equality addressing the double nature of the energy within can be a challenge.

Especially if, like me, you have spent most of your life on the receiving end of discrimination. For being born the gender I am. Yet wanting to do all of the things that the opposite gender take for granted. And wanting to have my views heard in room full of men. Duality, I could kick you sometimes. Or kick me for choosing to come into this path. Apparently for my spiritual growth. Or so my Guides keep cheerfully reminding me whenever I’m on the receiving end of some mansplaining or don’t get to finish my sentences because he wants to make his point very clear to me. Even with three brothers I love and admire it’s very hard to be a woman in what is, still, a mans world.

However, I can also recognise the masculine in me. I can embrace it. The gift of duality is that I can tap into both energies to help me navigate this uncertain world. It’s not about being poles apart in the outer world. It’s about being a whole, joined up person inside. Loving myself for all of the energies I contain. Giving myself permission to use both these flows of energy to manifest the best life for me. If I can balance both aspects of myself I can put that combined energy out for others. I can give them permission to share their feminine and masculine energy combination in a way that works best for both of us. I can remove from myself the judgemental ideas I have picked up from around me. What makes a woman a woman? What makes a man a man? Perhaps it’s finally time to change this into what makes me a me? And what makes us an us?

Day 465 of my blogging challenge. 

Cards: Reading the Energy Waves

Today I’ve sent out my latest batch of CD’s. I’m always excited when I send a recording of a reading out. I hope that the person will enjoy hearing the reading once more. That they will feel the same energy as when I was in the room with them.

Of course, I might be doing a reading at the other end of the phone, or online but the energy always flows. Whether it’s a Spirit person, a Guide or that I’m taking a peek at the next energy wave someone is going to feel. Sometimes I use Tarot or Oracle cards when I’m looking to the future. Not only because the Energy Beings use that way to bring things to my attention. But also because a psychic tool like cards is a great way to focus my mind. I learned early on with my connections that if my mind wandered I was pulled about by the currents. If I payed attention by using cards then I would get to where I wanted to be.

A reading is all about trying to get more specific information. I know it’s easy to say life has ups and downs. That some days will be great and some will be rubbish. But a reading is only useful if it can give more details. I tend to ask for Spirit or Guide readings when I’m dealing with big events in my life. They have sight of the bigger picture and can help me find my way through things. I know they can’t interfere with my free will choices. Which can sometimes be frustrating for both sides. So I don’t expect yes or no to my answers. But they can steer me to look at things in a different way. A bit like giving me clues so I can work the answer out myself.

If I want to see what’s in the energy coming towards me so I can plan I tend to use my cards for a reading.

That’s because I have a sense of where I’m going and might want to check in on my progress. Perhaps I also have a problem that I know the Energy Beings can’t give me a yes or no to. The cards might not either. But they will show me that if I carry on in the same way what the energy around me is likely to be like. And the cards often offer a different choice for me to consider. Perhaps by making some changes the outcome of my future will be different. I find Oracle cards are particularly good for tapping into a positive energy flow too. Some days I pick an Oracle card just to give me a boost. To remind me to set my energy for the day into a positive vibration.

I also look at my Tarot or Oracle cards when I’m stuck with a problem. Or I feel like I’ve slipped into negative energy. It can be quite a surprise sometimes what cards fall out of the deck as I’m shuffling. Information about the background energy, the situation, me and anyone else involved. Even the global energy flows that are influencing everyone at the moment. I find it reassuring that the card meanings give me a prompt. A boost to get me thinking. Because if I’m thinking it means I can find new options. I can deal with my issues in different ways. The cards help me identify new choices.

I know not everyone sees Tarot and Oracle cards as positive. Having a reading this way might be against some people’s principles. I continue to look forward with my cards because I enjoy the viewpoint it brings to my life. Anything that helps me make better choices is ok by me.

Day 428 of my blogging challenge.

Release the Past in a Waning Moon

Today is a good day to start releasing the past. As the full moon tips into a waning moon, shrinking away into darkness, I always consider what energy, situations, feelings and thoughts no longer fit me.

It’s important to think not only about the recent past but also about those long ago times that may still haunt me. Or shape me. Do I want to continue letting them influence me? A waning moon reminds me that I can let go of anything I wish and remake myself anew. Because the waning  moon brings us the next full moon. It’s an eternal cycle. A reminder that nothing ever dies. We leave and return once more. I’m sure that’s why our ancient ancestors worshiped the moon as the Goddess. With the sun as the leaving and returning balancing of Divine energies.

So I’ve been writing a list of what I want to leave behind me. All sorts of thoughts, feelings, situations and energy made it onto my list. Of course I want to make changes but perhaps doing it all at once would feel rather strange. If I woke up tomorrow morning with all of these things gone would I know myself at all? Would the change be so drastic that I rushed to get all those released things back again? I’d rather not rush it and find myself back where I started. The list needed to be prioritised. What to loose first?

Back to the waning moon again. What is the first slice of energy to go? What is holding me back right now?

Part of letting go is also making sure that I’ve got a clear understanding of what it is. That means asking myself how that energy makes me feel or think. So, for example, perhaps I have to release doubt. Where does that doubt come from? How is it being expressed in my life right now? Am I ready to let it go? Because if it’s the most important thing I have to be totally committed to releasing all my doubts. There has to be no doubt, lol. If it’s holding me back and I’m clear that it needs to go then I will be releasing it’s power over me. And knowing when and where I gave my power away to it helps.

That’s the way manifesting works. Bringing to my attention the ways in which I have stopped the flow of abundance into my life. Reminding me that I have to make room for the new by letting go of the old. As I experience life I make choices. What energy to take on board. I make jusdgements, or listen to the judgements of others, about the meaning of my actions. Sometimes I can’t find the root of my doubts. But it doesn’t matter if I’m really intent on letting this feeling go. Knowing some of the reasons I am full of doubt I can set my intention to realease all doubt.

Then I can begin the process of shrinking or waning the old energy. First by imagining the new me. And how I will feel.

I like to write down what I plan to let go of. It clears my mind. And I find I recognise lots more about the stuck energy when I do so. Then I spend a little time imagining what I would feel like if I got out of bed tomorrow with no more doubts. How would it make me feel? What would I do? How would my life be different? I sit quietly and call in the feelings of a life without doubt. The energy of those feelings helps to make my intention concrete. When I feel like I have soaked up those positive vibes I write myself an affirmation. Something that starts with ‘I release … and I feel …’ It can be as long or as short as I feel it needs to be.

The last step is to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. It’s a curious thing about being human, when we add action into intention we get a reaction. What we want manifests. I’ve got my affirmation, I’ve got the feeling, thought or thing I want to release so I’m ready to take action so the Universe will act too. Each night for the next three nights I will light a tea light. I will read my affirmation statement. Then I will burn a slip of paper with what I want to let go of written on it. I’ll let the candle burn out completely. When it has gone I’ll remind myself that I’m letting go.

Every morning when I wake up I will tell myself that I have no more doubt. That the Universe is aware that I have changed and is sending me exactly what I need. As the waning moon turns into the new moon I will look forward to lots of brand new, doubt free times.

Day 426 of my blogging challenge.