Times When My Mind Keeps Whirling

timesThere are times when my mind keeps whirling. Round and round like an endless, nagging voice that won’t stop. A voice full of doubt, worries and uncertainty. Actually it’s a voice full of fear.

I’ve become very good at recognising when this voice starts to nag at me. Usually at those times when I am trying to break free of old patterns. Wanting to start myself off on a new journey or adventure. Then the voice starts talking me down. It knows I am on the edge of the cliff about to jump off. It also fears that if I do I will go splat. So that voice pulls up all the objections it can find. Especially around three or four o’clock in the morning. I feel like my head has run away with itself. I get muddled about what is right for me. And sometimes I stop trying to break free and go back to doing what I have always done. Because that voice is not only mine.

It’s also the combination of so many other voices of the people who have been and are in my life.

At times like this it’s important to me to stop the voice as quickly as possible. Otherwise I know I will get into a downward spiral. Become depressed. And feel hopeless. My dreams disappearing rapidly into the distance. The hardest thing is to let people know what I am dealing with. Because that voice relies on me being alone and isolated in my own head. Yet if I can pull in support, or even just get stuff off my chest, I can find a way to turn my progress into an upward spiral. A wobbly one perhaps. But still one that is moving me forward through all of the noise created by the voice. There have been times when the people around me didn’t even know that they were helping. When they sat with me and let me pour out the words over a cup of coffee.

Now I recognise the times when I need to vent. And I have people who understand this and listen to me until I have got all that stuck energy out of me. Talking to them gets me positive and feeling like I can jump off the cliff at last. It’s such a precious gift from them that I try to return it. I put on my listening ears whenever I sense that someone is wobbly. And I let them vent. Are there times when you need to vent? Or let someone else do so? Why not share the wobble so you can get rid of it together?

Day 936 of my blogging challenge

Unicorns And Earth Magic For A Glimpse Of The Future

UnicornsI’ve been with the Unicorns today creating some Earth Magic. Getting a glimpse of the future for people who came for card readings at Gallery 339. Of course it’s not a hard and fast future. I know we can all change our path if we really wish to do so.

But peeking in I can see the most likely outcome of the energy that is all around. One of the ways I have a sneak preview is to look at Tarot or Oracle cards. They are a great psychic tool for opening up my intuition so I can notice the energy around the person I am reading for. Of course, it’s not the only way to read energy. However it’s one I find really enjoyable. Especially when I notice that some cards like to come out in more than one reading. I also love the energy of unicorns. They remind me of strength and magic. And to always dream of mythical things because I might find out that they really do exist in one dimension. Or another. That’s what the cards kept saying today. Keep dreaming. Hoping. Wishing.

The Unicorns were also offering support. Reminding all of us that it’s ok to be carried at times. When I am weary, confused or dragging my feet. Just as the Earth Magic cards reminded me of all that is on offer to me if only I look. Life is magical. Especially if I let it unfold around me. And if I honour my connections to the planet too. And if I consider the future energy and trust that everything I require and desire is on it’s way to me. That’s a lot of if’s and I sometimes forget to follow the steps. Yet the prompts will appear in the cards if I ask. I enjoy picking a random card now and again. The magic of the prediction works each time. I am uplifted and encouraged.

Unicorns and Earth Magic. A powerful combination of energy at my disposal when I am sending out my dreams. I will wait as patiently as possible for those dreams to come true. Grateful for the presence of supportive energy in my life.

Day 932 of my blogging challenge

Powering Blasts Of Energy: Playing My Part

poweringHere we go again. It’s a New Moon arriving with powering blasts of energy to blow my socks off! I’ve spent the day feeling very ‘spaced’ and determinedly working to ground in all of the vibrations intended to energise the Earth ready for it’s great changes.

It’s not the first time we have received these great blast of energy. It’s just that they are much more frequent now. I know it’s the time for powering up. Not only Mother Earth but all of us who live alongside her too. Whether we are aware of it or not. The Ascension process has been going on for along time but the last couple of hundred years have been the warm up to get us ready to shift the Earth, and ourselves, to a higher level of spiritual functioning. But it can still feel like a challenge. Because there is so much ‘heavy’ energy that is still circulating in and around us. That’s why I got the full on force of the energy in the middle of last night. It came into my dreams to remind me that it is time to let all my emotions flow freely.

Powering me up means that I can transmit that energy to everyone I am connected to. And if everyone on the planet is being powered up imagine how much positive energy is being shared around. That’s the issue though. We aren’t used to living at a higher vibration yet. I know I still have one foot in being human and one foot in being spirit. And that has to be balanced for a while yet. When I get that disconnected, out of phase feeling I know I have to release some of the energy into the Earth. As well as to the animals and other species that share the Earth with me. I have to share enough that I can bring myself gently back down to Earth. Powering up is going to keep happening to me.

It must so that we can all benefit when the big shift happens. I know that there will be several more major blasts of energy this year. I’m powering myself up in between to practice living at a higher vibration. And I am also practicing staying grounded too. So that I can help others to find a balance in all of these energy times. Together, if we all play our part, the future will become much lighter and brighter.

Day 930 of my blogging challenge

Building A Relationship With Spirit And Energy Beings

buildingBuilding a relationship can be exciting, heart warming, frustrating and slow. I know how impatient I was when I wanted to connect with my Guides and other Beings. I was impatient, irritable, demanding and ready to give up quite a few times.

Most of us find it a challenge to get to know another person really well. Unless they form part of the family structure we are born into. Even then the relationships have to grow and change as we grow and change. Relationships are all about emerging, shifting connections that keep us talking to one another. So building a relationship when the other ‘person’ is a non-physical being carries another level of complication. First of all I had to get over my disbelief. It took me quite a while to accept that they really were there and communicating with me. Then I had to curb my impatience as we slowly revealed information about ourselves. Or, I should say, they did. I’m certain now that they knew me better than I knew myself.

It also took me some time to build up my energy strength so I could keep an even flow of communication. Like having to learn to shout louder and louder from my mountain top to theirs. And building my skill at listening for or sensing their replies. I often smile when I look back at that process. I wonder if I could have made our emotional connections sooner had I not let my impatience get in the way. Because that is the final part of the relationship. Making an emotional connection between me and them. I knew they cared about me from the way they brought themselves forward. Not too fast to scare me. Or confuse me. And not to slow that I got bored or dismissive. But I had to learn, like in all relationships, to care about them and their issues.

To identify myself with their reasons for communicating in the first place. That took time. Building a way of working together involved me giving the relationship time to grow and open up. So that when they asked me to be of service to them, and pass on their messages, I could agree to do so without hesitation. Once I began to work with them publicly I understood the pressure on our relationship. And I very much appreciated why they took their time. I hope you can build a relationship with Energy Beings too.

Day 928 of my blogging challenge

Hallowed Space To Work At Connecting

hallowed spaceI’ve had a day filled with angelic energy. At Gallery 339 where I sometimes do readings and workshops. Stepping into a hallowed, or sacred space, to help the participants meet the Guardian Angel and the Earth’s Guardian ArchAngels. It reminded me that creating the right energy space is a vital part of my intuitive life.

Hallowed or sacred space has been at the heart of all my energy work all along. But sometimes I need a reminder of how precious it is. That’s because a hallowed space is one where the energy that flows is full of positive, uplifting and loving energy. A place where I can go and connect with the Spirits of the place. Or the Spirits and Energy Beings who want to communicate with me. When I ran my Centre it was a significant undertaking to make sure that the energy was clean for everyone who came along. It’s the same with my home. I want to be surrounded by a flow of sacred energy to boost me when I have been exposed to all of the low vibrational energy that flows around our world.

Creating a hallowed place starts with an intention. A desire that my space is of a good, higher vibration. To make it so and to keep it that way I am aware of the clutter. Moving things on when they have served their purpose or are too full of old, stuck energy. I also have a space where my crystals and energy objects can be kept clean and tidy. To my eyes anyway. Because that is the blessing of a sacred space. It is how you envision it. Not how anyone else might have it. I like to include welcoming items. Certainly a kettle and mugs alongside the biscuit tin. Cushions. Throws or blankets. I use a burner or candles to make sure that my space has a pleasant smell. And I like colours that are easy on the eye too.

Most of all, creating a hallowed space is all about my ability to be relaxed yet attentive to how my space ‘feels’. Moving furniture or objects until I feel they are placed in the best energy position. And recognising that I have to treat my space the way I would like to be treated. Finally, I love my sacred spaces and places. And am prepared to recreate them wherever I happen to be working. Have you made yourself a hallowed space yet?

Day 920 of my blogging challenge

Deeply Refreshing Sleep? Restless Nights!

DeeplyI know that after a few nights of restless sleep I’m running on empty. I look forward to a night of deeply refreshing sleep. But sometimes it’s as if that’s the last thing in the world I can get. Because I have Spirit visitors dropping in to chat.

It happens less often nowadays. Yet when I first opened up to my ability to connect with Energy Beings I used to get contact at all time s of the day and night. Even when I was deeply asleep. I needed that sleep. But my visitors didn’t. And they didn’t have much sense of time either. When I told them it was the middle of the night for me they were very apologetic. But still wanted to talk. Until I realised that I was leaving myself open. I had to be the one shutting the door and putting up the ‘closed’ sign. That’s not so easy when drifting off to sleep is a natural drift into an altered state of consciousness.

As I drifted down into unconsciousness I would ‘see’ lots of faces appearing in front of my mind’s eye. Then I would feel like there was someone in the room. Or sat on the bed. And a conversation would begin. Falling deeply asleep the conversation would continue. Until I was woken up so they could continue explaining something or other to me. Eventually I realised that I had to be more firm. I had to make my nighttime off limits to the Spirit people. Discussing this with my Guides I also realised that they had been waiting for me to ask for their help. If I put up with being woken when I was deeply asleep then they would let it happen.

Now I make sure that when I start to drift into sleep I have closed down my psychic senses. I shut out the Energy Beings just like I close my mind to everything else that has been active in my day. If, by chance, someone tries to wander in I ask them to come back when I am awake. And when I am awake I spend a little time asking for contact. That way the communication happens at a time of my choosing. And stops restless nights!

Day 912 of my blogging challenge

Animal Guides, Symbols and Messages

animalI’ve been surrounded by birdsong all day. Watching the rabbits scamper from thicket to thicket. My own cats fascinated by the flight of the birds. It reminded me that we share our planet with a whole host of other lives. Each animal makes a contribution too. As guides, symbols and messages.

I love working with my animal guides. Although it took me a little time to realise that’s what they were. When I began tuning into the energy of non-physical beings I was expecting to connect with guides who were people. And I suspect I was also expecting that I would know who they were. When I began to sense energy that didn’t feel human I was a bit thrown. It took me a while to open my mind enough to angels and elementals. Let alone any animal that chose to contact me. Until my wolves stepped in. I could see them clearly in my mind’s eye. I could smell them. And I could communicate with them.

That contact opened up another aspect of my mediumship. I found I could communicate with animals here on the Earth. As well as those animals that had passed to the Spirit world. They are all energy and have consciousness. So I often woke up with my deceased cats cuddled in on my bed. And my dogs sitting by my side when I needed loyalty. Because that was another aspect of an animal stepping in. They brought messages. They were symbolic of things I needed to pay attention to. And their presence, here on Earth or from the Spirit, also helped to guide me.

Now I pause when an animal makes itself clear to me. Or passes on information.

In the last couple of days my wolves have been around to protect the trance circle I sat in. They work as my guards when I am off wandering in an altered state of consciousness. Returning from a trip out I found a pheasant walking across the moor road I was on. It walked to the side, paused and let me take a good look at it. It was reminding me to get ready for new experiences taking me far and wide. I thanked it for it’s reminder that my gifts can bring me anything that I require or desire. On another drive I saw a deer deep in the trees beside the road. Another reminder that I can move through life’s obstacles with gentleness and grace.

Each animal had something to share about the experiences I have been having this week. Messages to me to deal with things from a position of my own personal power. Even my cats are a constant reminder that I should embrace the mystery of life as well as my independence. And I honour their message to me by remaining curious about why I am here. Or what life holds for us. Once I started to notice the animals I was delighted that so many of them chose to help me. That delight continues even now. Today it was the blackbird singing me a message from her tree. She is part of my Totem family and always draws me into the void of creation.

It’s time for me to create again. Setting aside what I have done before so that may mind can be clear. Making a journey into the source of all energy so that I can draw on new inspirations. The animal guides have encouraged me to get ready for new beginnings. And I honour their place in my life.

Day 911 of my blogging challenge

Raised In Praise: New Beginnings

raisedIt’s a red letter day! I finally jumped off another cliff. With much love and support from some special friends I raised my game and drew the face of an ArchAngel. Something I believed I couldn’t do. All because of art lessons where criticism was the background to everything I did.

I know that our Crystal children are different. As were the Indigo children. Here to help prepare the planet for a huge energy shift, both these sets of young people had a lot to deal with. Schools, where we placed them to be raised, were often places of repression. And energetically toxic. I still find it hard to understand why people think it is an excellent idea to corral fourteen hundred teenagers together. And expect everything to be plain sailing. Raising our children often becomes an everyday battle to shield them from negativity. I know that some teachers are amazing. But not the ones like my art teacher.

Her words have blocked me for most of my life. Instead of praising where I had got to she was critical. I soaked up that energy. Her cynicism and dismissive appraisal of my early efforts to engage with art. My English teacher worked on praise. Raising our esteem with kind words of encouragement. I’m not surprised that I got great exam grades in English and didn’t even take art. Today I thought about all of the wasted potential we create when we deny our children praise. When the positive words from home are ripped away by the cruelty of some people in our schools. And when we are raised to be limited. My Guide Team have persistently worked to raise my vibration. So that I can pass that on to other people.

Let’s make a promise to our children’s children’s children. I know we can start this straight away. Raise your standards. Root our the inner critic in you. Do all of those things you thought you couldn’t. Praise yourself. And finally, start raising your children with praise. Help them to see that they are able to try anything they want. Because they might find they have loads more ability than they expect.

Day 907 of my blogging challenge

Determination Pays Off: Letting The Archangels Join In

determinationI run a couple of home circles with people who have been working through the mediumship learning curve for a while. I enjoy their determination to discover all they can about their abilities. So it’s always great when they start to sense guiding Energy Beings who bring the bliss of unconditional love with them.

I remember when I was struggling through my learning curve trying to connect with the highest and brightest of Energy Beings. Sitting in meditation or circles. And discovering that those non-physical beings came in all shapes, sizes and origins. It took some determination on my part to keep going. Angels, elementals, dragons, unicorns, star people and the cat race made their connections to me. It was hard because, at this time, I was still more sceptical than not. But sorting out the different energy signals, getting confirmations and new contacts unfolded naturally and easily. It was hard to hold onto doubt in the face of the evidence I was given. And in the face of the wash of blissful energy that regulalry greeted me in our sessions.

I knew I wanted more of that unconditionally loving energy. I decided that if I had wandered off the path of sanity then I was happily insane. As I accepted the connections to all sorts of inspiring Energy Beings I found myself working with a group of Archangels too. They tested me in the same way as I tested them. Determination kept us working the connection to get it as strong as possible. Because I knew they had a service for me to perform on their behalf. Part of that service, my purpose, was to help other people connect to these Archangels. I knew the people I was trying to connect up would be tested. In the same way that I was. I also knew that they would face a steep learning curve. Just like me.

I also recognised that anyone who did make the connection would feel the bliss. It was worth it. In my home circles people are reporting the feeling. Without knowing or being told about the Archangels they share the evidence they are receiving. Evidence I can validate. Their determination to work for the best connection has been rewarded. I’m very proud of them. And I know that their service is about to begin. The Archangels are stepping into their lives!

Day 894 of my blogging challenge

Storming Over: Now For Performing

stormingYippee! I’m back on track. Driving home thought the lightening and rain tonight my new Guide, Rafe, and I had a heart to heart chat. My evening of readings was great fun and I enjoyed meeting new people. That’s why I love my work. But last night I was storming. Rafe had stood back all day. Exactly when I expected him to step forward more.

The changeover from one Guide to another has always been a bit of a challenge to me. I’ve got used to the person I’m working with. We have ironed out the lumpy bits, sorted the rules and worked together smoothly. When I get a new Guide I know I’m going to go through a series of negotiations. First we have to meet and let the relationship form. Then we have to agree on what we have in common that will let us work together. Building up trust can be slow. Sometimes forming and norming are like a speed dating even. Decide to be together or not with only the briefest of introductions. That’s where it heads off into storming. Really testing one another. To see if it will actually work in practice.

Of course lots of first dates end up with ‘no thanks’, ‘never ever’ or ‘get me out of here’. With Guides it’s a bit more complicated. That expect me to keep trying for a while before I decide. So Rafe and I have been working together for a little while. Checking that the connection is good. Waiting while all the upgrade energy settles and my new ‘software’ starts running properly. Usually the storming part isn’t very big. I have a little rant about small things. And the new Guide reminds me I’ve agreed to serve on behalf of the Spirit World. Yesterday I finally blew up. There were too many little things all rolled into one. What I expected from Rafe didn’t happen. Because he doesn’t work that way with me. And it’s his job to get me to work differently too. No wonder I was cross.

After all, when I feel competent the work is easy. And I feel competent when I have been doing something the same way for a while. Now I have to shake up the way I do things. He’s right. For us to be performing the services that are coming our way I have to be different. So I have to have a different Guide. And go through feeling incompetent once again if only for a brief period. The storm has passed and I’m looking forward to our future relationship.

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