Preparation – Getting Ready To Speak For Spirit

preparationIt’s been a snowy evening so I’ve been glad to sit and do my preparation for a Mind, Body and Spirit event tomorrow. My Guides tell me I will be able to get there. And I’m really glad because I am doing a talk on one of my passions. Past Lives.

I’m actually going because I want to show people my new book – Down 2 Earth: My Intuitive World. I’m very proud to have written it and am delighted that it’s getting good reviews. I have also taken the opportunity to do a talk about Past Lives. Because I am sure they will feature in a book soon. And, of course, they are the topic that first really challenged my understanding of my world. Although it took me many more years to learn to speak for Spirit. The preparation I got from learning about past lives helped me be open. Open to many ideas about the energy world and intuition. Even if I remind a sceptic for a long time.

It’s that preparation that made it much easier for me to accept that the Guides who stepped forward were actually there. And made it much less of a fight when the Energy Beings asked me to start telling people what they were saying to me. The work I had done, and the research about past lives, gave me a sense of connection to a greater whole. This connection became much clearer as I explored my own past lives. I began to think of time as fluid rather than static. When I also realised that the Guides could show me the past lives of other people I knew I had to give that information out. Eventually my Guides, with plenty of preparation, got me to run workshops so I could help others start their journey too.

Tomorrow is another chance to get people into preparation for accessing their past lives. Then clearing the energy the lives still push into this life. And, who knows, to help the people who come along to start their own speaking for Spirit. So, my CD’s of the meditation are ready, my books are packed and my car is outside gathering snow. It’s New Moon too so bring on the flow of wonderful energy!

Day 842 of my blogging challenge

Creating Space For Spirit Communication

creating spaceI’ve often talked and written about letting my Guides have time to speak to me. Or how to provide a moment to listen into what they want to say. One of the ways in which I work with them is by creating a space when we can talk to each other. I call it a Home Circle. First because it’s done in my home. And second because it’s with a circle of friends.

The term Home Circle isn’t unique to me though. Far from it. It goes back to the beginnings of the Spiritualist Movement and even before then. Home circles were used by religious groups to share, discuss and understand the teachings of their faith. And, I’m sure, before that in all sorts of communities where knowledge needed to be shared, talked through and agreed upon. Creating a home circle to include the Spirit and Energy Beings is therefore an entirely natural part of the way we human beings get ourselves organised. But because it can sound a bit secretive many people don’t even think about getting together with friends this way.

Yet I love creating this kind of space. Inviting people who I enjoy sharing time with. Having a cuppa and relaxing. Then all of us sitting quietly to see what we experience. And sharing during and after the connection with our Guides and the Spirit people. I enjoy hearing what other people have picked up. There is often a good discussion about what it all might mean. And an opportunity for me and everyone else to learn new ways of connecting with our Guides. I like to keep the time to one hour of sitting quietly. Not because we couldn’t do longer. But because it helps all of us focus enough on what is coming in without drifting into our Ego Minds or physical needs.

There are times when our circle is more active, less still and quiet, blasted by laughter too. I appreciate all of these moods. But it is the quiet that I appreciate the most. Because in the stillness even the most subtle or small of signals gets through. The stillness of a home circle and the creative ways in which the space is used by our Guides is wonderful to experience.

Day 831 of my blogging challenge

Kind Thoughts: Whatever The Energy Between Us

Kind thoughtsSometimes I wake up with word running around my head. Usually in the middle of the night. Often from the conversations I’ve been having with my Guides. One recent discussion was about kind thoughts. Because I have been working on forgiveness.

One of the hardest lessons I’ve had to take on board is to be kind to myself. I learned very early in life that I was expected to be kind to others. But I’m not sure that I ever balanced that out with the other half of the equation. That I also needed to give myself the same kindness. When I did start to recognise it was a balance I’m sure I got it wrong lots of times. Because I also needed to understand the nature of forgiveness. Being kind to people I liked was easy. As was me being kind to those who liked me. But what about all of the people I struggled to like? Or didn’t want to like? What about the people I though had done me wrong? How could I offer kindness to them?

When I started to talk to my Spirit Guides they were keen for me to understand how forgiveness, like love, had to be unconditional. If I wanted to be kind to myself and others I also had to be free to forgive myself for anything and everything. That way I would also be ready to forgive other people too. It brought up interesting ideas about guilt and blame. Two great inhibitors on any form of forgiveness. Working through these ideas and feelings was hard. Very hard. Until I started to send out kind thoughts to people. All sorts of people. Including myself. Recognising that we are all flawed. That sometimes we don’t do the best things for one another. Or to one another. Bit by bit I worked to send positive thoughts to people who were in my life. No matter what had passed between us. Or how I felt about that person.

The sending of kind thoughts allowed me to release myself from judgements. I could forgive myself for being less than perfect. And I could also forgive others for the same. Every time I get a negative reaction to someone, or myself, I remind myself to deal with it kindly. And to move on. There are more important things to learn about life. Especially about kindness and forgiveness.

Day 829 of my blogging challenge

Snow Hat : Protection, Warmth and Cover

snow hatThe wind was bitterly cold today. Big gusts of icy air impossible to avoid. Good job I was wearing my snow hat. I’ve had it a long time and I love how it keeps my head warm. It is also my cover and protection. It reminded me today of the way I shield myself from negative energy.

I believe that all of our thoughts and feelings are energy. This energy flows out, around, through and back to us. It’s one of the reasons why sending healing thoughts to someone can help. My positive energy thoughts can rebalance their negative energy. Because I also believe that dis-ease is low vibrational energy that we are stuck in. The energy that I sense around all of us can be warm and loving or cold and uncaring. It all depends on what the other person, and me, are sending to each other. And what everyone in the world is generating. That’s why we can get caught inhale force energy storms of negativity. And why I need a snow hat to keep it out of my head.

When I started opening up my intuition, recognising it was there and sensing Energy beings, I had no idea that there were low and high vibrational beings. I was so excited to be opening up that I didn’t take much care of who I was letting into my aura energy. I am very grateful for my Guides who quickly stepped forward and gave me the Spirit equivalent of a snow hat. They helped me to see that I had to keep my mind clear and positive. So having a hat, so to speak, became an issue of protecting my energy, keeping myself in the warmth of love energy and hiding me from the low vibrational Energy Beings. I guess you could say I have had many psychic hats. Each one designed to keep me safer. I use my imagination to dream up bigger and better protective hats.

The snow and cold over the last few days has been a challenge. I have had to look after myself. In the same way I have been reminded I have to look after my energy. It goes with the intuition side of my life. Perhaps my current hat needs a revamp. Maybe I haven’t checked on it for a while. So I’m off to dream of a brand new hat in the Full Moon energy. How exciting!

Day 827 of my blogging challenge

Debating What To Do For The Best

debatingI love debating all sorts of things. It’s something I’ve done all of my life. Probably part of the reason why I procrastinate too. Because I want to hear all sides of the debate. And seek out a clear understanding of the issues. Since my Guides stepped in I also want to hear their take on it too.

I suppose one of the biggest surprises that I got when I started to communicate with my Guides was that they can’t tell me what to do. I have to use my own free will. To the best of my ability. In order that I arrive at a course of action that comes from my heart and ethics. I have to say I debated that with them for a long time. Surely, I thought, they were there to help me get things right? But I soon came to understand that debating the best course of action for me was so that I would make the choice. And be responsible for the consequences of that choice. Even if I had to learn a lesson by making a choice with consequences that affected other people in a way I didn’t like.

What mattered, they explained, was that the debating should happen. That I should think very carefully about every thought, word and action. To check that it was the best I could do, in the circumstances as I understood them. If there were unexpected consequences, which there usually are, I would consider more carefully next time. And if there were consequences I could see but ignored, once again, I could make a better decision next time. I’ve stuck with this now for many years. In fact I know my Guides were trying to help my debating long before we had regular communication. They helped me to try to work out my ethics. My rules for living.

Debating is only useful if it encompasses feelings, thoughts and beliefs. There is no point me hiding myself from me. When I am trying to work out what to do for the best I also have to understand my motivations and the bias I am applying.

It’s very easy in a time of ‘me, me’ and Ego Mind to loose sight of other people. I know the temptations of making decisions coming only from my needs and not from what all of us need. If I drift off into that state I only have to look around at what people are mirroring back to me. Because they will be considering only themselves in any debate. My Guides say all Guides work with all of us to try to shift the ‘me, me’ as much as possible. They try to introduce empathy, authenticity and self-awareness. But, of course, not everyone is at the point of recognising themselves yet. I understand this. I know I didn’t want to look at my shadow side. Or acknowledge it’s power and influence on me.

Yet I am glad I did. I started a debate with myself once I looked inside. Because I wanted to act from a heart centred, unconditional love perspective. That’s hard. I know we are trained to limit our love for ourselves. And therefore for others. So I had a long, sometimes exhausting time debating with myself. But it was worth it. I know I work from the best bits of me. My choices may not suit others but I am in alignment with my principles. I do believe in authenticity, empathy and self-awareness. The actions I take are based on ‘First do no harm’ with the understanding that my definition of ‘harm’ may not fit someone else’s understanding.

It is their choice to join in debating a shared understanding between us. But if they don’t ask I don’t explain either.

I am very aware that I can’t please all of the people all of the time. I freely admit that I don’t try to please anyone. Except myself. Debating with my Guides I realised that trying to do the best thing as measured by other people was a thankless task. Everyone has a different view of what the best is. I don’t have to look far to see that acted out at local, national or global levels. There is so much debate about what is best. Yet no debate about the beliefs backing up the arguments. Or the self-awareness to admit a vested interest in one outcome or another. So people stay on the defensive. Or, worse still, launch into an attack as if that will gain more agreement.

This lack of authenticity in the debates we are having currently means we will still act from Ego. In other words, our actions will be driven by fear not kindness. Or a recognition of shared humanity. No wonder my Guides keep on at me to write and speak about unconditional love. That is the only way to navigate through all the debating. The only way for me and you to be sure that our actions do not create consequences we don’t want to have come back. That’s the secret the Guides know. When we send out fear responses all we get back is fear. I have had that return of energy. Now I work within myself to send out unconditional love.

My choices are grounded in tough love. Grown up love. Love that knows how we treat others will come back on us. I understand that people find it easier to say ‘with love’ than to actually follow through on doing with love. I let it be. The lesson being learned isn’t mine. It’s theirs. And I also remember that there are many, many strands to a debate. Many truths. Many opinions. I follow my heart on the spiritual path as that feels honest and  loving. I hope you can too.

Day 822 of my blogging challenge

Exercise Bike? Toning Up My Intuition

exercise bikeIt’s free at last! Today I have liberated my exercise bike from underneath a pile of clothing, a border of boxes and files and a wall of CDs. Yes, creating sacred space has been going on again. Uncovering my exercise bike got me thinking about the other exercises I do.

Freeing up my exercise bike means that I can use it again. Now I have to get myself back into a routine that, I confess, died a long while ago. I have to be disciplined, focused and determined. Fairly easy on a positive day but much harder when my world is out of sorts. The same thing can be said about my intuition. Developing my natural ability to tune into the energy around me was easy when I was trying to get the connections to my Guides. But how to keep it going when the communication is fairly clear and accurate? That’s when I have to get on my intuitive bike. Especially on those days when it feels like my Guides have stepped back completely.

I know they haven’t. But I do occasionally play a ‘tit for tat’ game with them when my childish streak gets to the surface. It’s as if I am challenging them to be the first to break the silence. The silence that actually drives me mad. Often I find that they have gone a little distant because they want me to make more effort. To get on my exercise bike, so to speak, and work harder to get the connection. My intuition is a group of muscles just like my physical body. Those intuitive muscles need a good work out on a regular basis to keep them doing their job. So my Guides set me a fitness schedule and I try to follow it. Because I know in the end it will make the communication even better.

So imagine me on my intuitive bike, if you will. Or if that thought is too scary imagine yourself in the intuition gym. Trying out each exercise to help you get better at reading energy.

Remember that it starts with a warm up. I like to do a short meditation so that I have stepped back from my everyday life. Then comes a bit of cardio to raise my energy vibration. Sometimes it’s saying a mantra. Other times I sing. Or visualise the pure white universal energy filling me up so that I am at the best energy level to make a connection. Once I feel the flow of higher energy I start to do some stretching, pushing gently with my intuitive psychic senses to find out if I can see, hear and sense more detail in the conversation being exchanged. I’m building on my natural senses – my core – and finding more balance in the flow of the energy.

My Guides are also helping me by switching vibrations around, using the senses I’m not as strong in and varying the amount of energy they feed into the connection. They encourage me to sense as much as possible whilst maintaining the connection through the ups and downs of the signals. When I’ve got the communication balanced and am picking up what they want me to they also switch into weight training. Sometimes I groan when I realise that they have added extra layers of information. They want me to ‘translate’ more of the energy. And then some more. Finally I get to warm down. Another meditative state to allow my human body and Spirit to come back into the three dimensional reality where we actually spend most of our lives.

Thank you exercise bike. I will be setting off on you again very soon. That means I’m also due another stint in the intuition gym working at my mediumship. That’s the excitement of developing an ability. You never know how far you can develop and I want to see how far I am able to get in this life. I hope you will join me int he intuition gym soon. It’s always an interesting work out!

Day 811 of my blogging challenge

Raising My Vibration: Getting In The Zone

raising vibrationOne of the things that really helps with Spirit communication is raising my vibration. Today, on my rest day, I have been feeling a bit flat. So I took my self off to the local cinema to watch a feel-good movie. And it worked!

I’m typing this with one of the songs from the film running round my head. I have been to see The Greatest Showman, a film full of energy, sound and movement that has lifted my energy too. That’s what I love about being human. We are so creative in the ways that we can shift our energy states – our emotions – from low to high in an instant. I didn’t understand the importance of my energy vibration until I started to develop my mediumship by raising my vibration. My teachers and Guides helped me to see how hard it was to communicate with Energy Beings on a different vibration if I was weighed down with lost of ‘heavy’ energy. In other words, when I got lost in sadness, fear, anger or hate I dropped out of the communication system.

Yet if I filled myself up with laughter, joy, happiness and love the discussions took place very easily. Raising my energy levels became a big discipline. Because I wanted to talk to these non-physical beings as much as I could. So I listened to music that made me feel happy. I shared the laugher with my friends. I went to places that felt positive. More importantly, I started to work on releasing any low vibrational energy that I was carrying. And I lined up lots of things to help me keep on track. Like positive affirmations, books that made me laugh, photos that reminded me of great memories. Eventually I became able to get into the zone – the communication vibration – at will. Stepping easily from here to there.

Tonight’s film was a reminder for me to make sure I am raising my vibration. But not only in my work communicating with the Energy Beings. When I am filled with positive energy I attract more of it to me. I also have a connection with the Universal flow of positive energy that will allow me to bring in and pass on even more positivity. How wonderful. And how exciting that there are such enjoyable ways of picking up positive boosts.

Day 781 of my blogging challenge

Tiredness? Time To Switch On Healing Energy!

tirednessSometimes I get so overwhelmed by tiredness that I can’t actually rest or sleep. It’s as if my body has clicked into a different way of functioning. So I find myself tired and getting more tired. Then I have to pause and remember that I can do something to help myself.

When I get focused on a goal I can plough on long after I should have taken a break. Or I can be so intent on doing as much as possible that I forget that rest is important too. And if I don’t pace my spiritual work my batteries can become depleted. Usually because I don’t ask for enough boosts of energy. I feel it’s a habit most of us suffer from. All that encouragement to set high personal standards, achieve everything to the highest level and the fear of letting oneself and/or others down. I find it easy to see the tiredness in other people as well in myself. And recognise that not everyone is aware there is help close at hand.

I know my body has a great deal of energy. But I have also learned that I can top it up any time I like. I can switch on my healing ability and draw in energy from all around me. A recharge of my batteries. Free and easy if I wish for it. Because that is how it is supposed to work. In an intuitive world energy flows freely from here to there, around and through us. It’s a matter of plugging in to the positive flow rather than resisting. When tiredness catches up with me, perhaps when I haven’t paid attention to the warning signs, I do two things. Firstly I slow down or stop what I am doing. I arrange some time for me to take a rest or a sleep. Then I ask for the healing energy to flow into me. Often I feel it switch on as my hands get hot.

In reality, it is the intention to deal with the tiredness that is the key. If I ask I will get. Being open to receive means I can let the energy boost me. I also trust my own ability to self-heal. It may have taken time to believe that it happens but I am certain that I will feel energised when I switch this energy on. My wellbeing is important. Is yours? Do you need to switch on your own healing too?

Day 778 of my blogging challenge

Spam Emails: Cutting Out The Static

spam emailsToday I switched my main computer back on. I admit I was dreading it. My email accounts have been ‘down’ for over two weeks. It was the thought of all those spam emails funnelling onto my screen once I reconnected.

Of course I have a very powerful junk mail filter to help me. So I knew quite a bit would end up in there. I never bother searching my junk mail either because it can take forever. Anyone who really wants me will try a different method. But there are still those spam emails that sneak through the best of defences. Messages that turn out to be phishing expeditions from banks I’ve never had an account with. Or messages from PayPal, Amazon, Apple and all sorts of other well known brands seemingly suspending my account or needing security verification. All tempting me to click the link they provide. Plus an endless supply of lottery winners, relatives of wealthy deceased people and other random chancers who are offering me a share of a massive fortune. If only I will sort out the bank transfer arrangements for them.

Email spam comes in all shapes and sizes. Some it is really, really convincing. But I have learned not to be tempted. I don’t follow the links they provide. And never get excited about sharing a whopping fortune. I understand that I can’t get something for nothing. So when I eventually turned on my machine I zipped through the emails as fast as I could. All the spam consigned to the trash as quickly as possible. The energy it generates is uncomfortable. Because it highlights the worst side of human behaviour. Greed, arrogance, bad choices and a hardness of heart. This type of spam is targeting the most vulnerable people. People who aren’t very savvy, who are trusting of what they are told and unthinking in responding. I could say they deserve all they get but it’s sad one of our greatest resources is being used to rob people.

This isn’t a blog only about spam emails though. It’s about the choices we make. Decisions to link to and follow connections that are going to be bad for us. It’s the same in all sorts of life issues.

When I started learning how to connect to Energy Beings I came across my fare share of those who had their own reasons for wanting the connection. Some Energy Beings are still operating from lower vibrational levels. So they aren’t exactly reliable or trustworthy. I find they can be interesting to talk to but I don’t follow up their suggestions. Instead I run things by the Guides I can really trust. The ones I know so well that it’s unmistakable that they have my best interests at heart. As I know how awful it is to lose someone I take great care in giving messages too. Bereaved people are vulnerable. It’s very important not to take advantage by encouraging them to become dependent on getting messages.

That’s why I work hard to cut out the static in the links. I expect evidence, confirmations and accurate information. Just like dealing with junk emails I want to sort out the ‘stray random’ visitors who are hoping for any kind of connection from their side of life. I feel the people on this side of life and their departed loved ones deserve that kind of care and attention. I will only use a connection when I am sure that I have a good, clear link. It was my decision to work this way. If it takes slightly longer for the connection to build, or the Spirit person to be able to give their message, I feel that it’s worth it. To make sure, as best I can, that the message will be ‘read and understood’ by the recipient. I want to avoid any chance of spam messages too. Otherwise I’m lost in low vibrations as well.

Now that I have cleared out all the wrong sorts of emails I can catch up on those I need to pay attention to. Exactly like making sure I pay attention to the messages my Guides send my way. Rather than all of the static from the other energy currents in this great ocean of energy we call  reality. Do you make sure a message is a good connection? Or are you buying into the spam?

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