Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Earth’s ArchAngel Parashiel

Still more leavings and joinings to go! Yesterday I wrote about the changes that have been happening. How I felt that letting things go was also bringing new things forward. Today it’s all been sunshine on a rainy day.

I woke up to the rain on my window. The clouds had arrived so the sky was gray. One of the changes in my Centre has been to stop renting out my healing room to other practitioners. I’ve been getting the signal from ArchAngel Parashiel, one of the Earth’s ArchAngels, that it’s time to offer his healing more widely. Today I got the push to get his room decorated. I’ve already had to order his new therapy bed. And reorganise what furniture is going to be in his room. As I stood looking at the colour charts in my local paint store he pointed to a bright, almost fluorescent green. What! Bright green, I thought. It’s a ray of sunshine he told me. Get it in silk not matt.

Enjoying a little chuckle to myself, these ArchAngels can be a bit insistent (make that bossy), I purchased the green paint. Yet when I started to paint the walls I understood at once. The colour has gone on a wall that catches the sunshine when it’s about. I saw immediately that the healing rays of the sun would bounce from the wall right onto the therapy bed. Clever ArchAngel! It might have been rainy outside but I could feel the warmth of the sun already and I’d only done a little bit of the painting. Now I have a peach and green room that reflects Parashiel’s warmth and healing love. No wonder he calls his healing a Balm.

I can’t wait for my first client on Monday to road test the sunshine for me. I’m sure there are going to be many happy people walking out of that room.

And Parashiel jumped in later this evening too. I’ve been getting some design work done for one of my new adventures. Chatting with Kirsten, my lovely graphic designer, I mentioned that I would need a logo for the Parashiel’s Balm healing. She started doodling as I mentioned the room colours and before we knew it there was Parashiel’s burst of sunshine captured on paper. How to design a logo on the back of a beer mat, so to speak. Of course it seemed obvious to both of us that he had already picked his colours. All I needed to give Kirsten was a little more information and it was done. Parashiel pushing me forward yet again.

I’ve grown used to being unsure until the relevant Energy Being speaks up. That’s because it happens such a lot. I love the way their beams of sunshine bounce around me. Bright inspirations drop in endlessly. All I have to do is ask. Then be listening for an answer. They don’t control me though. I have my own free will choice so I could have picked any colour of paint I wanted. It happens, however, that I agree with the choice that was made. I love my newly freshened room. It’s going to be a pleasure to work in there.

Only one little issue. ArchAngel Parashiel want some his energy painting hung on the wall. Currently the space is occupied by ArchAngel Arsheliel’s energy painting. Arsheliel doesn’t want to give way. We are in his month so he feels he should stay. I wonder who will be on the wall come Monday?

Day 440 of my blogging challenge.

Peacefully Painting Angels

img_4874Although I had some readings to do today I also managed to spend a little bit of time peacefully painting. Like my writing, painting is a way for me to find another voice.

In a busy world it’s all too easy to get swamped by responsibilities. Carrying out the things I feel I should, must or ought to do. Of course if I find any of those things are not really what I want to do I may be too polite to say no. Of even feel the pressure of guilt getting me to say yes. It’s almost as if being able to peacefully go about doing the things I get most pleasure from is wrong. When I began writing every day it took me a while to shake the feeling that I ought to be spending the time doing something else for my business. If I could find an hour to write surely it should be about the accounts. Or looking at bills. Perhaps doing next year’s business plan. You see, the writing gave me pleasure. I enjoyed it – mostly. It’s strange really. Why do we think work has to be hard?

That’s an interesting question. When I was growing up the pressure was on getting a job. Any job. It was good if it was a job I could enjoy. But really my enjoyment or otherwise didn’t matter. A job would mean I could ‘pay my way’. That was the underlying assumption. I would become a contributing member of society. How long that attitude has stuck with me! As if my writing voice can’t add any value at all. So how much bigger the resistance to painting. Paintings only have value if you are a famous artist. Yet paintings can move people emotionally whether they are considered good or bad. The artist uses the paint as a different kind of voice.

Of course I no longer believe that paintings only have value when you are well known. I have learned that beauty is in the eye of the beholder even if I am the only one to see my paintings.

At my art table today I continued a painting I started last week. Peacefully dotting the paint here and there, getting my fingers involved, I had time to relax. Whatever is emerging on the canvas will be interesting to me. When I paint I am always open to the connection with the Energy Beings around me. I let them guide my hands. Although I may have an idea of what is being painted it often turns out my idea was only a little bit right. There is an energy building on top of the background. It is represented by the colours I have picked up and the way they are blended. I enjoy the feel of the paint on my fingers. I try not to influence the way I move my hands. The picture is birthing it’s own ‘voice’.

Today was about reminding me that work can be enjoyable. In fact I feel that I want to only work at what I enjoy. There are business tasks that are necessary but that’s not my work. That’s me with my admin hat on. When I am working I am writing, painting, connecting with Energy Beings and supporting others. Siting peacefully in Heber Street Spiritualist church this afternoon, with a little bit of paint still under my fingernails, I knew I was working in the best of all ways. The way that I enjoy. Each day I get to do things that I love. Who can ask for more than that? Don’t let your work become the way you pay your bills. Find what you enjoy and trust yourself enough to know that you can do that. If you do the Universe is there to send you enough abundance to pay all of your bills!

Day 369 of my blogging challenge. 

Mission Earth’s ArchAngels

imageMission: a task or job that someone is given to do; self imposed objective or purpose. I’ve been thinking about my mission today whilst writing about one of the Earth’s ArchAngels.

On the 21st of this month several years of work come to an end when the Earth’s ArchAngels online course is launched. As I channelled in the info from ArchAngel Nushiel today – she’s the first one to go live in public – I thought about the journey from there to here. I never expected that I would be bringing twelve ancient Energy Beings back into the public view. But it seems that was the task I was given. Many times I’ve laughed at myself inside my head hearing the words ” Your mission, Annie, should you choose to accept it is …” Just like the opening lines in the Mission Impossible series from the 1970’s (or if you are too young for that, the movies that have been made in the noughties).

It actually goes back long before they started to connect with me. When I started to develop my mediumship I found that I was being drawn to work in a state of altered consciousness, often called Trance or Transfiguration mediumship. This was something very new to me. I had to do a lot of reading to understand what my Guides were asking of me. Yet I also accepted working this way. The finer points of how it works are for another blog. The main reason for mentioning it is that during my Trance sessions I found I was connecting to Archangel Michael. As I developed that connection other Archangels stepped in. The group sitting with me took careful note of what was happening. We found that we were on a mission to get me used to higher energy beings.

It seemed somewhere along the line I had accepted a mission. There was a purpose in what I was doing even if I couldn’t see it completely.

Moving forward several years I met Jan Booth of Ostrich Angels. Together it seemed we were presented with a mission. Once again I was asked to channel though high energy beings. When I accepted that mission, probably not fully aware of the shape or demands of the task,  we began to get all sorts of information and contacts. I have to say we had no idea what we were doing. Recalling the early prompts to do things I know we were going with the flow. It felt right to me. My experiences with the Archangels and Ascended Masters made it possible for me to recognise the energy vibrations of these new beings as being the same.

So we persevered in encouraging the connections. Though I know both of us had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for. It became our self imposed purpose to follow their lead. At times I wondered what we were doing. The Earth’s ArchAngels took up our time and energy with no apparent purpose. Yet the pull to follow this mission to it’s end was strong in me. I wanted to understand the why, what, where, how and when of these beings. It’s clear to me that although one phase has now ended there is another mission on it’s way in. I have only scratched the surface of their energy. They have only downloaded a small proportion of their Wysdom. There is much more to learn, discover and share with others.

My purpose in life has always been to teach. Not in the formal manner of an educator. Rather as someone who shares their experiences so others can try the same things too. The online course is a new way for me to do that. I’m looking forward to lots more channelled information and contact from the Earth’s ArchAngels. That way I can support those people who will be discovering the energy connections for the first time.

Day 305 of my blogging challenge.

An ArchAngel Always With Me

imageToday a long period of hard work came to an end. I was finally able to offer ArchAngel Parashiel Balm as a healing energy to some people at my Centre.

I’ve already sent out a wave of his energy as a Facebook video but the time wasn’t right to do individual treatments. As with everything the Earth’s ArchAngels do its all about providing a service at exactly the right time for it to be of most benefit. They are always perfect in their timing.

So along with my lovely friend and colleague, Jan Booth, we set out the ArchAngel products and waited to see who would pop in to explore the Angel energy. How great to share the day with some lovely visitors. And I was kept busy with the tasters of Parashiel’s Balm. This wonderful Angel of Inner Healing was full on with his loving energy. I feel that each person got exactly the support and boost they needed. No surprise really as Parashiel has been by my side for the last three years helping me with my inner work.

Finding that you need to do inner work might come as a surprise. For some people it always does. Yet I know from my development as a medium that the best connections only happen when you have dumped your own stuff.

That’s why working with the Earth’s ArchAngels has been a long journey to get to here. They look after the planet, and by extension, us too. So that we can all benefit from their vibrational energy they need to make strong connections. They can only work with me because they have taken a long time boosting me. I’ve also been expected to do the inner work to clear a path for these connections too.

In turn each Angel has spent time with me. We have worked to blend our energies together. Then I have spent time making the changes in me that this sharing brought to my attention. I know that I’ve become stronger. More focused on why I’m here and what I have to do in my lifetime. Finally I am ready to offer Parashiel’s Balm and much more. The Earth’s ArchAngels are the custodians and guardians of all of our Earthly knowledge and Wysdom. It is finally time for us to remember all of this shared information. Not in scraps. Or bits passed around in secret.

We have always had everything we need so that we can understand the world and the Universe. It has been carried in our transpersonal chakras. What we have forgotten is how to access this Wysdom.

To change the world we have to remember. I know I resisted remembering all about me. Actually I still resist some of the wysdom I hold. I am challenged by my own doubts. But the Angels are working on that too, lol. So I will be setting up the Earth’s ArchAngels Mystery School here in Hebden Bridge. We will have another campus at Nont Sarah’s with Jan. There is so much to discover. The best bit is that anyone who wishes to can also join our adventure and explore the wysdoms these Energy Beings are ready to share. I’m sure we are heading for exciting times!

Day 271 of my blogging challenge. 

Using the Energy Waves

TiphonielLast week I started sending out energy waves from the Earth’s ArchAngels. It was a big stride outside my comfort zone. These waves of energy have been channelled through me to help people repair and rebalance their aura energy.

Energy healing can be sent to all sorts of people, places and situations. I often send absent/distance healing all over the world because I know that my aura is part of a wider flow of energy that connects us all. However, although I have been working with Spirit healing energy and Reiki energy for some time I hadn’t expected to channel energy to a wider audience. Then I ended up sending out waves of energy not once but three times so far!

Now I’d like to take a day of blog time and explain how theses waves work. I’d like people to be able to tune into the energy whenever they need it. My passion for explaining how our aura energy works is backed by the belief that each of us can improve our lives if we manage our energy field better. That means being aware of the energy we are sending out as well as the energy we are receiving. Hence the guidance to me from the ArchAngels to get the energy waves out into the world.

For the last four years (at least) I have been tasked with improving my aura energy. The ArchAngels have pushed me through an inner journey full of challenge, revelation and exploration. I did most of it willingly, some of it reluctantly and turned away a few times from the journey itself.

As I followed the process of adjustment mapped out by the ArchAngels I have learned to look at my feelings honestly, without excuses. I have practiced giving out more and more positive energy. I have become more authentically myself. And I have learned to receive. Finding the balance to giving and receiving is hard. It continues to be a challenge for me but one that is getting easier as time passes.

It was when I started to receive and give with a truly open heart that the Earth’s ArchAngels decided I was ready to learn to channel Parashiel’s Balm. Working in his healing waves I built up such a strong connection. I knew I would be able to overcome any reluctance or resistance my ego mind threw in when it was time to send out his wave. Parashiel’s Balm is a healing Ray so deep that it can change aura energy in moments once the person is ready to receive with an open heart. I know from personal experience that being ready to receive with a heart open to the flow of unconditional self love is rare. I feel the fear, anger, mistrust, disappointment and depression energy circulating in the world right now.

So the ArchAngels have another way of bringing hope, healing, love and peace. They instructed me to send out waves from them on the World Wide Web so that people could prepare to receive bigger blasts of energy. Kind of a receiving practice run.

They did say that the waves wouldn’t be for everyone. As each Angel has a different set of responsibilities, energies and wysdoms people might respond to one but not another. But the first set of three had to go out at this time for the specific purpose of lifting our mood. So when you are feeling bruised and battered by life, when your body, mind or Spirit aches, when the drama is never ending, please play Parashiel’s Wave. He will bring you comfort. Sooth your pain. Refresh your energy.

When you find that your emotions are running high, when you are drowning in feelings or when all hope seems to have disappeared, please play Darashiel’s Wave. He will help you to step back from the ‘heat’ of any situation. Bring you detachment. Help your thoughts to become calm.

When you are feeling alone, abandoned, like life is lacking in love or finding it hard to love yourself, please play Tiphoniel’s Wave. She will wrap you in unconditional love. Dry your tears with her compassion. Support and encourage you in receiving the unconditional love from the Universal flow.

Be prepared to sit quietly for a short while to let the waves wash over you. Closing your eyes imagine the strength of the ArchAngels around you. Let the music into your heart. Feel the warmth of the energy like sunshine on a cloudy day. Listen carefully in case the Angels speak to you. Repeat the video treatment any time you need another boost until you find your natural positive energy is flowing again.

I am told to say it once again. This is a gift from the Earth’s ArchAngels. Please use the Waves. Please receive ???

Parashiel’s Wave

Darashiel’s Wave

Tiphoniel’s Wave

Day 240 of my blogging challenge

Serving Humanity

imageOne of the topics that popped up today was serving humanity. I had finished sending out a positive wave of energy on behalf of the Earth’s ArchAngels. Someone who was there asked what the purpose of the wave was. She also asked why I thought Angels were involved. Two interesting questions!

I wanted to talk about the Angels first. Understanding about those Energy Beings makes the issue of serving clearer. Setting aside a philosophical debate about the existence of Angels, I want to explain why I relate to the presences I work with as angelic. And that’s not because they told me so or I just accepted what I was told. I’m comfortable to call the Beings I’m channelling at the moment ArchAngels. That’s  because the amount of Light, also known as Love, they transmit is overwhelming to my human aura.

I have encountered many low vibrational Energy Beings in my mediumship. I have also encountered many different energy vibrations that have resolved themselves into groups of the same energy. Each group has a different energy ‘feel’. And each group has a different spiritual purpose. When the Earth’s ArchAngels started to move into connection with me I recognised an energy group I understood to be angelic. What became clear quite early on was that this group are serving humanity from our reality. A difference compared to the Angels we normally connect to. Those are still in their own reality beaming the energy connection to us. So the Earth’s ArchAngels are ‘up close and personal’.

Why do they work in this reality? Why be alongside us in energy that is significantly lower than their home energy?

As my connection to these Angels developed they helped me to understand their idea of service. Serving is all about bringing the Love vibration as close as possible to the place or people who need it. I found out that it is their challenge to work in an environment that is difficult for them. They share the waves of Love energy to lighten the whole energy we move in. As I worked more and more in service for them I experienced the Love and therefore the increase of Light vibration in my own aura. It is clear that if I become more open to connecting and serving I can pass on more Love too.

The big picture is to have as many of us as possible passing on more Love. The waves of energy I can release through my connections to other people will build up a network of positive energy. Other people can be added to that network so that the Love energy increases. It can bathe people, animals and the planet in more Light. The ArchAngels know this is the only way to keep us on track with our evolution and ascension.

An energy exchange is always happening. When we are serving others we are also serving ourselves. The trick is to get the balance right.

For the last two days I have been in such wonderful vibrational energy. I have been surrounded by Love and positivity. This powerful energy has helped me to release a lot of stuck strands of thought and feeling. Whilst in the energy I have been sending out waves of Love and positivity. The balance between giving and receiving has been almost perfect. I have served others and also remembered to serve myself. I have been able to do that because the ArchAngels have helped me to learn how. They have encouraged my faltering steps. I have turned the desire to be of service into an action. Not at my expense. I have been delighted to be receiving as well as giving.

Some people might wonder why I bother. Or why the ArchAngels bother. I remain, as do they, optimistic that humanity is a worthwhile effort. We can do better. It is possible to make better choices. I see the Love that we all feel and share as our greatest asset. We still have a lot to learn about unconditional Love. I’m willing to keep learning and I know many others who feel the same. Serving each other through Love is the way of growing closer to the Divine Spirit within each of us. I hope we can all be of service to each other one day.

Day 236 of my blogging challenge. 

Bits and pieces

imageI think I must be in free fall! Lots of little bits seem to have finally come together. Mostly because I feel like I’ve stepped off a big cliff. There are still some random loose ends to tie up but my vision is clear.

After my live streaming on Facebook yesterday I went off to do one of my bits of work – a service at Stockport SNU church. It was a lovely night and I got a message myself. The developing medium who gave me the information would not have know how significant it was. But I realised that the next part of my life’s work is already on the way in. All because I stepped out of my comfort zone.

The cliff and the comfort zone are one and the same. Many bits of my life have been just that. Incomplete pieces of a puzzle I couldn’t make sense of. Over the last five years I must have bored the pants off my Guides with my question ‘why am I here and doing this?’ They did their best to answer. However if I had known the whole picture I think I might have run away to hide. I realise that I am very good at making myself invisible. I prefer to do things from behind the scenes so a lot of my stuff goes unmentioned. To get me to demonstrate what I know or can do has been a challenge for my Guides. Because it involved me becoming visible.

Choosing to jump.

Usually I speak up when I’m passionate about something and am asked a question. Ten years ago getting me to deliver messages in public was the cliff. My Guides got me passionate about evidential mediumship. So much so that I was prepared to stand up and speak about the evidence I got from Energy Beings. This year the cliff has been speaking for and channelling the Earth’s ArchAngels. To a much wider audience than I could guess. I’ve been tasked with delivering waves of their energy into the world.

I could always have said no. It was my choice. But I know that they really wanted me to take that leap of faith and trust in them. So I did. There is a short blog I posted earlier with the video of my channelling. I’m amazed by the effect the energy had and is having on the people who do the short meditation. Now they are moving me on to transmit the next wave of energy. Once again it has to be me. It will help people piece together bits of what is happening to the energy of the world. It will also help everyone who watches the videos start to heal themselves. That is the key purpose. To help us all heal ourselves.

Their message is Hope, Heal, Love, Peace.

If I hope for a better life, planet, spiritual path I can heal myself and support others to do the same. If I live in, give and receive love I can find peace within and outside of myself. I would jump of any cliff they led me to in order to make the bits and pieces fit together for that purpose. How about you?

Day 233 of my blogging challenge. 

Parashiel’s Balm

imageBalm. Something comforting or soothing. Parashiel. One of the Earth’s ArchAngels here to remind us of our wisdom, love and community. Today I have been working in close connection with Parashiel’s own balm.

I have been working with spiritual healing energy and Reiki for some time. I know that some people are uncertain about energy healing. There are all sorts of issues around the idea that we can rebalance our own energy and promote our wellbeing in this way. I make no claims about what I do. I observe what people say the effects of my work with them produce. They appear to find benefits in having sessions where energy is transferred from me to them.

When I am doing Reiki that is what happens. I feel as if I am receiving additional energy and it is passing through me to the person I am working with. I feel like I have specific Energy Beings around me who connect me to the Universal flow. Almost like being dropped into a current of warm water. As that warmth fills me it ends up mostly in my hands. Then my hands radiate the warmth through to the aura and body of the person having Reiki. Each person experiences what I transfer differently. That is the nature of the energy. It goes where it is needed.

When I met Parashiel doing Reiki treatments I felt a difference at once. His energy was somehow more powerfully loving. I felt calm and comfortable.

Of course, at the time I was also busy discovering the other eleven Earth’s ArchAngels. Getting accustomed to all the different energy signals was a challenge for me. They sometimes appeared all together and sometimes in ones or twos. I had a lot to learn. As I learned about all of them I also began to experience a difference in my healing. Parashiel somehow gave things a bit more umph, a bit more power, an ‘added extra’. It’s actually hard for me to describe what exactly it is. But it comes from a fully open heart chakra.

Working with energy vibrations isn’t a hierarchy. The energy of an Angel isn’t better than the energy of an Elemental or a Spirit. They all bring in healing Rays of the one Universal energy. I believe there is only one Light. I believe it is the energy of Unconditional Love. Each Energy Being brings a flavour of how they experience the Universal flow. Somehow what I got from Parashiel was more deeply loving. I felt he cared very much how humanity needs to find a way to rebalance our love for ourselves. His balm was to bring this rebalancing as an experience for me.

I feel I am very blessed. Parashiel’s balm is part of my daily life. He stands alongside me when I am giving my Reiki treatments. He reminds me that healing energy is for everyone because it is really the transfer of Unconditional Love.

So I do my best to send out this energy in as many ways as I can. My blog, my art, my Centre – all are part of the energy of the Light. Theses are ways of providing comfort and soothing when life is turbulent. Not only for me but for anyone else I can help. I’m really excited as I end today. Tomorrow I’m doing a live broadcast on Facebook that will be a first for me. Parashiel wants me to transmit his energy through the channel of the Internet so that people can share in his balm. I have no idea how it will go but if even one person shares in the comfort this wonderful ArchAngel can bring I will have done what I know I came here for. Roll on 8am BST ?

Day 231 of my blogging challenge. 

Wondering about Wysdom

IMG_0105Apparently the older I get the more I’m supposed to be wise. I know my life experience have been very varied. I’ve certainly read and learned a lot of things. Sometimes I even surprise myself with unexpected bits of wisdom. Yet there is a search for one kind of wisdom I’ve been wondering about all my life.

Spirituality is a rather flexible concept. What it means to me might be very different than to someone else. In my wondering about why we are here and what it all means I’ve considered many religions. I’ve read what philosophers have to say about the meaning of life. I’ve asked my Guides. I’ve talked to many, many people. Yet I find myself still wondering. In discussions I’ve heard a lot of ‘wisdom’ and seen not a lot of action. I’ve been encouraged to be the one taking action whilst others have paid lip service to what they profess to believe.

I feel that is my first wisdom concerning spirituality. It’s easy to talk about but so hard to put into practice. That contrast became a reality for me when I began my work as an intuitive medium. Suddenly I had the words of others to pass on. Others who were not physically present on the Earth yet still very firmly around and interested in us. A number of years ago I started to work with Energy Beings who were most firmly of the ‘walk the talk’ kind.  I’ve talked about the Earth’s ArchAngels in my previous blogs. Their spiritual focus is very much on doing.

A Wysdom Odyssey

For the last two years I have been living the energy of these ArchAngels. They have been with me on a daily basis. I have been an observer of life through their eyes. It’s was very strange thing at first to see myself and my actions through the mindset of another Being. I’ve often found myself wondering ‘why am I doing this or that’. I’ve been encouraged to stand back and look at my actions against the bigger picture. This has been a big lesson in spirituality – my own spirituality. I have made lots of changes to myself as a result of sharing their wysdom. I actually wonder less and do more.

A few months ago in my meditation the ArchAngels asked me to share my wysdom – the understanding I have gained through my connection to them. It’s a big ask. I have to step outside several comfort zones all at once. I wondered for a brief moment if I could do it. My heart gave me the answer. If I believe in behaving better in the world, if I want to change the world for the better, if I want to help others change the world then I choose to step forward. Time to walk the talk once more.

Here is my latest ‘walking the talk’ 😀

Day 225 of my blogging challenge.