Big choice, Big Change. Are you getting ready?

There is so much to talk about today. All my conversations with others have had lightbulb moments for me. And it’s all about choice.

However, I really want to say something about the process we are all in at the moment. I’ve written about it a bit in other posts but as the energy gets clearer so does the overall message. I know that at the moment we are all undergoing a purification. The Spirit that is inside us is reaching out to wake us up to our upcoming change. That change is to live life with a new purpose. To become the Spirit acting more powerfully through our human body. Because it will soon be time for every one of us to make a choice. In fact all of the energy surrounding me and you is pushing us towards a decision.

Decide what? That’s the next step. When I step away from the illusions of life – the products of my ego – then I can see that I have a spiritual mission. I have unique abilities that can assist all of us to change the way the world is. However I have to exercise my choice and use those abilities. It is me saying that I am dedicated to serving the world the best way I can that moves me on. But my ego mind will certainly try to distract me. Or pull me back into an illusion. Back into a comfort zone that may appear to keep me safe. But really ends up stopping me from doing all I am capable of.

As I step through into my ‘initiation’ in September I will be joined by many other Lightworkers. All of us will be making a choice. A pledge, if you like.

That choice will be to live a spiritual life. No matter what challenges or issues. I know that we will agree to do whatever is asked of us. Willingly and for the greater good of our fellow Spirits. Stepping away from the ego mind. Letting go of anything that has no place in our journey forward. It’s going to be a simple choice really. But one with big consequences. Because I know we will have to give voice to a different set of values.

And then live to those values. This is the change many of us wish for. But perhaps don’t know how to bring about. In turning my mind to an Ascension Consciousness I am placing love at the centre of everything I do. As much unconditional love as I can muster. I have been on the journey of learning to love myself for a long time. But to love others I have to embrace myself first. And keep in my mind and heart the hope of unconditional forgiveness, gratitude and service that flows along with unconditional love.

I also know that some people will make a choice to follow the other path. The one laid out by the ego mind. The mind that says change is too hard.

This will be another choice I have to make. I know that the people around me may prefer to stick with being unloving towards themselves. To reject the love and compassion that is being offered. Maybe even to continue to struggle. Keeping a ‘life is hard’ attitude. I have to accept that there is nothing I can do. It’s a choice they have made. However, since I also know about the process we are in I can engage in open, honest and clear conversations with my loved ones down here.

There is still no guarantee that we will make the same choice. I’m going to make the effort though. Because I also know that the decision we make will keep us on our chosen path for the next nine years. If I end up on the service (Spirit) path some the people I care about may be on the illusion (ego) path. That will bring me more decisions. Perhaps to much to think about at the moment when I am still in the process of choosing. And working to love me enough to let everything of the ego mind go.

The best I can do is be aware. Notice myself. Recognise the energy shifts that are bringing about this choice. And talking to everyone I can to share my observations. Are you getting ready?

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Moon Gazing: The Next Energy Wave

imageI’ve had a day filled with wonderful synchronicity. So many of my requests being answered so very quickly. I feel the forward momentum pulling my energy into new adventures. So no surprise on the way home to spend a little time moon gazing.

It’s not lost on me either that the numbers in today’s blog add up to twelve. I know it’s time for the next wave of Earth ArchAngels energies to be launched. I’ve been waiting for the signal to tell everyone more about it. Tonight, as I looked at the moon, I got my green for go signal. Some years ago, before I had even connected with these ArchAngels I was busy channelling ArchAngels Michael, Melchizedek and Uriel along with several of the Ascended Masters. Most of the work was done in trance with a group of loyal friends. We generated amazing energy between us based on the number nine, completion, vibration.

I was still testing the Energy Beings out during this work. I guess I will always question them and myself. It seemes to lead me to more connections not less. One particular evening I went out into the garden to look at the beauty of the full moon. She was bright in a slightly cloudy sky. As I stood there acknowledging her influence on the Earth I saw a pure golden light surround the moon. It was as if another light was shining on her. I watched in amazement as the moon started to move in the golden shimmer. I was seeing the opposite side. The side we call the dark side. As she flipped backwards and forwards I started to see geometric shapes in the surface.

I knew the shapes represented sacred geometric forms. They were moving so fast I couldn’t capture them in my mind. But I was certain that these shapes were a communication. I felt that I was being given some extra instructions if only I could work it out.

I have no idea how long this wonderful light show lasted. But suddenly the moon was covered by clouds. Her light was hidden. She stayed in cloud for the rest of the time I was out in the garden. Some time after that the trance group disbanded. We were sent on our separate missions. It was the time to move on for all of us. I was working more and more on my mediumship. My personal life was going through upheavals. Things turned upside down. I sort of forgot about the moon dance I had seen.

It can’t have been too long after that when I met Jan. I was painting again. Guidance was coming in about new work and new challenges. It seemed the meeting with Jan was fated to open up this new work. The channelling of the Pearls of Wisdom intention sprays was quickly followed by the scents of the individual ArchAngels. How far we have come. Today we discussed our Earth ArchAngels Roadshow. I have known for quite a while that one of the key parts of this work would be energy healing. For individuals but also for a much wider audience.

We have debated how this would happen for two years. The ArchAngels have contributed their opinions. However the actual method of delivering the energy waves has always been a bit vague.

At the start of this month I was told to send out three energy waves. Not full blasts in the way I know these Angels can deliver. The opening vibrations are to get people started on paying attention to the energy they give and receive. To help them ‘clean up their act’ so to speak. Alongside this I knew would be the individual energy transfer that is Parashiel’s Balm. Only I didn’t know when I would be able to really start that work. It felt like it would be soon. And I’ve had an opportunity to deliver a one to one wave today over the web.

On the way home the clouds looked like an angel’s wing, a dove in flight and an Elemental Earth Sprite. Then the moon danced for me again. She changed shape in a golden haze. This time there were rays of light radiating from an oval shaped moon. The rays beamed down to the Earth and out towards the stars. I know it’s time to start the one to one energy clearing. My work of the last two years is ready to be shared. I am  ready to be the purest channel I can be.

That is the key. At this present time I’m the only person able to bring in ArchAngel Parashiel’s energy wave. He has been teaching me the process for the last two years. The other eleven ArchAngels have worked with me to make sure that I cleaned up my own energy first.

That is the only way anyone can understand the work that is involved for others. You have to experience it before you can bring the energy through you. There are specific treatments needed to deal with the deep energy cleanse we will all need from being humans on this planet. Giving them is only possible when you have cleared your own energy of these issues. The Wysdom Odyssey is the proces that people can use in order to become channels for Parashiel’s energy.

Of course the Earth’s ArchAngels are making their presence felt to other people. They have been slowly nudging people to begin the work of clearing their own energy. The ArchAngels have also been busy at the Centre and people have sensed them. However, they have been very firm with Jan and I. We are the Guardians of their energies until more people have followed the same path as us. We have been given the standards they are setting for future Seekers, Custodians and Guardians. They will not allow anyone else to channel any of their energy waves unless they have done the required work. As they explain, it’s all about energy exchanges. What you get you must give and what you give you must get.

I know that I will continue to ‘clean up’ my energy act. It’s a requirement of being a Guardian. At the same time I can now offer Parashiel’s Balm Energy Clearing treatments. I’m looking forward to August. The ArchAngel work begins in earnest from the 12th! Such lovely moon gazing!

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Deep trance or light channelling?

Earth's ArchAngel Etieliel

Earth’s ArchAngel Etieliel

I’m sitting writing my blog a lot earlier than usual today. I normally wait until the end of the day so that I can reflect on what has happened, write about whatever has caught my attention and clear the energy for the next day. Today though I’m feeling slightly spaced. This feeling is always a signal that I’m going to be doing some deep trance work. Working in a trance, a sort of deep medatative state, is different than channelling. When I’m channelling I still have a lot of awareness about myself even if the thoughts and feelings that I am experiencing belong to the person writing or speaking through me. When I move into a deep trance state I loose all sense of myself, my body disappears and I have no concious thought process going on. When I’m in that ‘zone’ the Energy Beings around me can step in very close to me and use my physical body as well as my aura to transmit information, healing or other high vibration energies like love & compassion.

The preparation for a trance session usually happens a few days before the actual event. From Wedsday evening I lost my appetite, started drinking more water and felt like I wanted nothing more than to go to sleep. Yesterday in the Minfdful Meditation group, that I usually channel, I found that I was working in a light trance state which allowed a Guide to come through and speak the meditation to the group. Earlier today in the Reiki Refresh, when I was channelling in the energy, I was very aware of going into and out of deeper trance states. There were many Energy Beings present, amongst them Guides, ArchAngels Etieliel, Arsheliel and Dareshiel, as well as the wonderful energy of the Morrigan. The healing energy was extremely strong as well as the creative energy that was being delivered too. It felt as if it was the right time for everyone in the group to find their creative spark so the energy was the to help inspire us.

Creation follows destruction and the Morrigan is one of my inspirers when I face letting things go. She always reminds me that I have the courage to rebuild, to create anew, to manifest something fresh. The ArchAngels are all very ‘can do’, ‘make it so’ types so it’s exciting to feel that something new is happening even if I don’t completely understand what it is yet. Perhaps that is what the trance work is about. I love when they connect with me on such a deep level that only my Spirit part is aware of what is happening. Yet out of that switch off of my human part my Higher Self & the Guide team can remind me of my purpose and how I am meant to deliver it. So will it be my Letters from the Light Side being discussed? Will it be more inspiration from the Earth’s ArchAngels? Or will it be something completely new? How exciting that I’m meeting up with my friend & colleague Jan Booth from Ostrich Angels tomorrow. It should be an interesting catch-up!

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Waiting is frustrating!

imageToday has been the end of a long waiting period. Slowly over the past few months, one by one, my requests to the Universe have been sent to me. There have been times when waiting has seemed like an endless impossibility. Yet all I have been able to do is wait. Never the most patient of people I used to expect my wish list to come flying in as soon as I asked for it. After all I was very clear about what I wanted! I love that my Guides have helped me to learn to wait. And I kick against it still too ?

They know I can feel when the leading edge of something exciting is around me. After all I read energy for a living. When I’ve asked ‘is it time?’ or ‘is it now? or ‘when will it happen’ they have stayed silent. Sometimes I’ve tried to pick a fight with them about when it’s going to happen. I’ve told them they are being smug because they know my timeline and I don’t yet. The remind me that my Spirit evolution isn’t served by remembering the plan I made when in the Spirit World. I have to navigate this life as mostly human. I’ve asked them what the point is of being able to read energy if I can’t get an accurate grip on my future possible. They smile and say I can use it to read for others and that way I will stay on plan. Sometimes to encourage me they have given me broad outlines with hazy detail. Sometimes they have resisted all my prompts and said nothing at all. And every once in a while, usually a few hours before something happens, they have given me the detail.

I have slowly been building my collection of channelled art. I have several painters who work with me on different collections. Of course, the Earth’s ArchAngels all wanted their energy vibrations painting so I could learn to recognise when they were around. I’ve had success with paintings of Dareshiel & two inspired by Shimea in our local Open Art competition. I also work with a Guide who paints crystal vibrations – again so people can have that vibrational energy around them even if they aren’t drawn to crystals – so there is the Crystal Gazing collection. And I have another called The Night Garden inspired by a keen gardener who loves to reconnect people with Mother Earth. I have wanted to share all of this work with people because I know the colour, shape and energy vibration will have meaning for someone.

I have had a couple of articles locally in newspapers and last December some of my ArchAngel paintings featured in Spirit & Destiny magazine. They reviewed one of my Earth ArchAngel workshops where we do some painting. That article took seven months to be produced in print. I found the process frustrating because I had assumed that magazines printed on a shorter timeframe. I was on the point of giving up when the magazine told me the print dates. My Guides had quite a laugh when I had to say sorry to them. You see I had assumed by then that the prompting my Guides had given me to do the piece in the first place had been wrong. In fact I had mostly convinced myself that  next time I should ignore my Guides and not bother. If I had given up the next piece of the jigsaw would have zoomed away from me.

Ages ago a lovely friend of mine asked if I would like to display some of my artwork in a cafe space. I said yes, sent off the info and forgot to put the dates in my 2016 diary. A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Kindred Spirit magazine (through my lovely friend Brenda at Blackwood Communications) as they were featuring my channelled art in the March/April issue. I was rather stunned because the piece Brenda had emailed them about me was at least 12 months ago. The main painting they wanted to use was ArchAngel Dareshiel of course. He’s already enjoyed being in the public eye. So I was amazed today to be contacted about my cafe display. It’s from next week and could I get my paintings over to them asap. Cue the ArchAngels, crystals and flowers all shouting in the energy that they wanted to go on display!

So the plan is really coming together. I wanted people to be able to enjoy and share the energy vibrations that end up in my paintings. Now they will, at a time that is right for them and me. Too soon and I would have been less confident about my artwork. In fact I might have turned these lovely experiences down altogether. Too late and I would have put my paint brushes away so that I could get on with other work. Now is the perfect timing. Not only for me. I know that the energy Dareshiel and the others bring is necessary and an encouragement to others. We need to find our individual Spirit Light so we can shine and make it active in the world. We are building a global community of Spirit so that we can change the world.

Changing the world will take mega patience. We will have to be prepared to wait, wait and wait some more. We will have to remember that each and every one of us has talents to share. We will need to be brave and bring our skills out into the public so that the Universe can deliver all of our wishes. Dreams do come true. Wishes are honoured. Not always in the way we expect or demand. If you develop a positive attitude to waiting, loose the frustration and remember your own efforts will deliver the dreams to your doorstep it can all,happen much, much sooner than you think.

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