Building A Relationship With Spirit And Energy Beings

buildingBuilding a relationship can be exciting, heart warming, frustrating and slow. I know how impatient I was when I wanted to connect with my Guides and other Beings. I was impatient, irritable, demanding and ready to give up quite a few times.

Most of us find it a challenge to get to know another person really well. Unless they form part of the family structure we are born into. Even then the relationships have to grow and change as we grow and change. Relationships are all about emerging, shifting connections that keep us talking to one another. So building a relationship when the other ‘person’ is a non-physical being carries another level of complication. First of all I had to get over my disbelief. It took me quite a while to accept that they really were there and communicating with me. Then I had to curb my impatience as we slowly revealed information about ourselves. Or, I should say, they did. I’m certain now that they knew me better than I knew myself.

It also took me some time to build up my energy strength so I could keep an even flow of communication. Like having to learn to shout louder and louder from my mountain top to theirs. And building my skill at listening for or sensing their replies. I often smile when I look back at that process. I wonder if I could have made our emotional connections sooner had I not let my impatience get in the way. Because that is the final part of the relationship. Making an emotional connection between me and them. I knew they cared about me from the way they brought themselves forward. Not too fast to scare me. Or confuse me. And not to slow that I got bored or dismissive. But I had to learn, like in all relationships, to care about them and their issues.

To identify myself with their reasons for communicating in the first place. That took time. Building a way of working together involved me giving the relationship time to grow and open up. So that when they asked me to be of service to them, and pass on their messages, I could agree to do so without hesitation. Once I began to work with them publicly I understood the pressure on our relationship. And I very much appreciated why they took their time. I hope you can build a relationship with Energy Beings too.

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