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When I was at school (it seems like only yesterday, lol) one of the things we got every holiday was a book list. The English Department would provide about fifteen book titles for all of us to read so we could enjoy an extra opportunity to learn. The titles were mainly fiction with the occasional reference book thrown it. Some people read one or two books, quite a few read at least half of the list. I, along with a few others, always read all of the list. Even the books I didn’t really like (My Family & Other Animals by Gerald Durrel stands out as I never really enjoyed reading about animals) somehow got digested too. I would go back to school full up of books and ready for more. I have always loved books and the list was a great opportunity to pester my mum to buy the list or borrow as many as possible from the local library. I guess that’s also where my reading pattern got set.

Book are a wonderful way to immerse yourself in another world, new ideas or getting a deeper understanding of something you are interested in. When I’m reading I can disappear for hours. I also enjoy having more than one book at a time to read. Books that fit my moods, my interests or to relax out of life for a while. I also enjoy that books challenge what you think you know or understand. They encourage you to open your mind to other points of view and provide new info. I also enjoy that they tell a story from the writer’s point of view. And that it may challenge me to reconsider my life and views in some way. So, as a book magpie, here is my current reading list!

imageI have just  finished this book by Lynn Picknett as part of my research into angels. My next book as part of the research is  From Gabriel to Lucifer: A Cultural History of Angels by Valery Rees. As someone who works with and channels Angels I love reading about the subject to understand how the Angels have worked with other people too. I also enjoy the discussion of good and bad Angels as I want to understand why we have classified them in this way. Often the argument is that we can’t understand the Light unless we have the Dark. So I’m also part way through an interesting debate by Matthew Fox and Rupert Sheldrake in The Physics of Angels. They are discussing three historical perspectives of Angels to bring oour understanding into the age of science.



imageAlongside Angels I’m rereading The Quantum Universe by Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw. Science is starting to identify concepts that I understand by different terms. The explanations of quantum ‘fit’ with a view of the world as energy rather than solid matter. I’m fascinated at how quantum resonates with my knowledge of intuitive psychic senses and experiences. Beside the quantum book I’m also rereading another favourite The Out of Body Experience by Anthony Peake. When we consider astral travel the quantum idea that a particle can be both fixed and a wave of energy makes a lot of sense. With astral travel the physical body remains foxed but the conciousness, contained in the etheric energy body, is the bit that does the travelling.




imageTwo other books that tie in with my interests and are on my reading pile are Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism by Steve Silberman and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. As someone who loves psychology and how our minds work I tend to read a lot about ways in which we process information. One of the things that happens when we are dealing with changes is that we have to ‘see’ ourself in new patterns so that we can take on board the changes. Adapting our thought process helps us to manage the natural anxiety and fear of change. Especially those changes where we can’t actually imagine how things are going to turn out. Understanding what makes changing our thoughts easier or harder is a great way to help other people when they are experiencing changes in their lives.



Finally, to switch off I have a Jodie Picoult book called Keeping the Faith. I enjoy her books and the puzzles or moral dilemmas they present. Everyone needs some down time. Loosing myself in the fictional dramas of novels is like a blast of fresh air because it is ‘me time’. I hope you have your own book list and enjoy flitting between the titles. Reading is a wonderful way to expand your mind, discover new treasure and think new thoughts. Make sure your book list is full of diversity, challenge and fun. Happy reading!

Day 181 of my blogging challenge. 

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