Automatic and Inspired Writing

One of the techniques often used to develop communications with Energy Beings is automatic writing. Today my daughter was busy practicing so that she could get messages from her Guides. It developed into an interesting discussion about what automatic writing is, how to do it and what might get in the way of clear communications. I love writing messages down. It’s a wonderful way of opening up to our psychic abilities and giving our intuition muscles a good workout.

The first question is of course, what is automatic writing? There are two ways of using writing to connect with both our own higher side and other Energy Beings. The first is what I call inspired writing. Using the hand you normally write with you allow yourself to write down whatever drops into your mind. You can ask specific questions by writing them down too. Then you allow yourself to write the answers you get. You can use two different coloured pens if you want to make the question & answer stand out more. The more you practice the more you are able to remove the doubting thoughts that naturally pop in whilst you are writing. You can find that the writing flows along, especially if you don’t try to read and digest what you are writing. I always recommend reading what you have written only when you feel like the information has stopped coming in. However, this type of writing is still largely under the control of your concious mind. It is using the patterns you have formed by writing with your dominant hand – the one that has been trained to write for your thoughts. It’s harder for an Energy Being to take gentle control over the movements of this hand for that reason.

If you decide you are ready to try something more outside your comfort zone then it’s time to move on to automatic writing. Automatic writing happens when the level of influence the Energy Being has over the writing is much greater. So automatic writing is usually practiced by using your non dominant hand. Most of us have the ability to write with both hands when we are children but as we develop cognitive abilities we start to prefer one hand over the other to grip or manipulate objects. The least used hand is often unable to produce the well recognised writing of our dominant hand so putting the pen or pencil in the non dominant hand can feel very odd. And what first appears as the pen moves around can look like random scribbles, dots and lines. The best way to allow the experiment to happen is to put the point of the pen on the paper and then look at something else. Allow your attention to be focused on whatever else may be going on in the room. For instance, I often do automatic writing while I’m watching the tv. It really is best if you can ignore what is happening to your hand and the paper. With patience and repetition you might find that words are starting to appear. Even sentences.

When we allow our control over the least used hand to drift away the Guides around you are able to blend their energy with your aura energy in a way that means they can influence what you are writing. You may even loose the feeling slightly in your hand as they direct the pen and write their messages to you. These messages are always a surprise as there is no concious thought process. As you get better at giving the control of your hand to your Guides you may also notice that different types of handwriting appear. It’s at this point that it’s worth saying what can get in the way of automatic writing happening. Working with a positive mindset is always best. Look forward to what may be written and hold the intention that the messages will be helpful. Trying to write when you are stressed, too interested in what is being written or when you feel frustrated that you might not be getting anywhere disturbs the energy connection. If you feel unsure about practicing either inspired or automatic writing that will also disrupt the energy of your connection. Being in a hurry for results you may find that you have inadvertently blocked yourself too. I also find that writing in a positive energy place is  helpful in clearing the line of connection. My daughter decided to try hers during the church service I was doing today as the Spirit energy was strong.

Finally, who might be writing the messages to you? When you start inspired or automatic writing it’s most likely to be your Guides who want to talk to you. I always ask my Guides to be around me when I’m writing and to keep any low level Energy Beings away. I’d rather find out about interesting and positive things than have a conversation with someone who may only want the equivalent of gossip. As with meeting any new person I want to build up trust with the writer so always ask for evidence of who is talking to me. That includes asking for confirmations from my Guides and Inspirers to be given outside of the writing activity. I enjoy this way of developing my intuition and strengthening my ability to make connections. So if you can spare a little time why not try inspired or automatic writing?

Day 128 of my blogging challenge.

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