Preparation – Getting Ready To Speak For Spirit

preparationIt’s been a snowy evening so I’ve been glad to sit and do my preparation for a Mind, Body and Spirit event tomorrow. My Guides tell me I will be able to get there. And I’m really glad because I am doing a talk on one of my passions. Past Lives.

I’m actually going because I want to show people my new book – Down 2 Earth: My Intuitive World. I’m very proud to have written it and am delighted that it’s getting good reviews. I have also taken the opportunity to do a talk about Past Lives. Because I am sure they will feature in a book soon. And, of course, they are the topic that first really challenged my understanding of my world. Although it took me many more years to learn to speak for Spirit. The preparation I got from learning about past lives helped me be open. Open to many ideas about the energy world and intuition. Even if I remind a sceptic for a long time.

It’s that preparation that made it much easier for me to accept that the Guides who stepped forward were actually there. And made it much less of a fight when the Energy Beings asked me to start telling people what they were saying to me. The work I had done, and the research about past lives, gave me a sense of connection to a greater whole. This connection became much clearer as I explored my own past lives. I began to think of time as fluid rather than static. When I also realised that the Guides could show me the past lives of other people I knew I had to give that information out. Eventually my Guides, with plenty of preparation, got me to run workshops so I could help others start their journey too.

Tomorrow is another chance to get people into preparation for accessing their past lives. Then clearing the energy the lives still push into this life. And, who knows, to help the people who come along to start their own speaking for Spirit. So, my CD’s of the meditation are ready, my books are packed and my car is outside gathering snow. It’s New Moon too so bring on the flow of wonderful energy!

Day 842 of my blogging challenge

Crisis Of Faith: Trust Spiritual Wobbles

wobble crisisBeing human includes the ability to question why I am here. And the nature of life itself. Along with curiosity about what is ‘out there’. This has led me to the things I believe in, my understanding of the world and my part in it. Yet the understanding has only evolved when I have been in a crisis of faith.

I was brought up in a religion. A set of beliefs and ideas that explained my place in the world and why I was alive in the first place. That religion explained everything through the involvement of a Divine Being. So I had to live my life according to what that Divine Being had told others. Yet from an early age the rules confused me. I followed them but they lacked logic. And they often didn’t deliver the kind of life experiences I expected. As I got older I went into my first crisis of faith. I wobbled. And rejected the beliefs I had been told to follow. This left me in another sort of crisis. The one of me deciding what I did believe.

I engaged with many religions for a lot of years. I was trying to find one that restored my faith in being human. And also explained why I was here. because I was sure I had things to do. Eventually I got to a point where my spiritual wobbles drew me away from the belief in a Divine Being. When I started to accept that I was the one responsible for my life and my choices. Funnily enough, shortly after that I stepped into the connections with Energy Beings. Which made me have another crisis about what I believed. Because it seemed there was something ‘out there’ after all. Some sort of guiding presence supporting me in the choices I made.

I was fascinated that I had come full circle. But also that each spiritual crisis had brought me a new level of understanding about myself. Each wobble ended up helping me to keep my faith rather than loose it altogether. And now I write on behalf of the Energy beings most days so that they can guide others through the wobbles of faith and trust. If you wobble remember that you have help close at hand. All you have to do is ask.

Day 841 of my blogging challenge

Assisting Each Other: Setting Aside Ego

assistingOne of the best things about meeting up with my friend and colleague Diane is that we can chat about anything. And we do chat about everything. But best of all I find it brilliant that we are assisting each other to understand our lives and our work better.

Like me Diane is also a teacher of mediumship. We have both been working with people for a long time to help them access and use their intuition. So I know we both enjoy sharing and bouncing ideas off one another. What I also like is that we always meet as equals. Neither of us has any concern that one or other is superior or inferior. We come to our work from different backgrounds, with different life experiences and through different training. Yet we both recognise we are assisting each other when we start to talk. And that also opens the door to both of our Guide Teams. It’s really refreshing to have a wider debate because both of our teams have helped us to step past the Ego Mind mine field.

I know how easy it is to drop into comparisons. To judge myself by comparing myself to others. My Guide team have been assisting me for a long time in making sure that I take myself into my Intuitive Mind as much as possible. And that I allow my own abilities to present themselves without me deciding whether they are good or not. They work on the ‘good enough’ basis. And remind me that I’m often too close in the experience to decide if I am ‘good enough’ or not. So also having someone to discuss things with is like another back up to keep me in the intuitive flow. It’s also really refreshing for me to recognise that we have both had very similar experiences of mediumship. That there seem to be some ‘givens’ to intuitive work.

Working together, assisting one another, talking it all through, we reach conclusions that are fresh inspirations. I always come away with a head full of ideas. Refreshed and ready to get back to my work. Inspired. Who do you talk to? Can you both have a conversation together from an inner intuitive place? And if you aren’t yet talking to anyone, is it time to find that person who will share, discuss and work with you equally as much as you work with them?

Day 840 of my blogging challenge

Share Experiences – Share The Learning

car shareI’ve been out and about today meeting up with a great friend and colleague. We try to catch up as often as possible although we both live at opposite ends of the country. We share the travel by splitting the difference over where to meet. It means I get an awayday. And a great chance to share our experiences.

One of the things I really love is talking to people about what they have been doing. Finding out what is new in their lives. Or recapping things that have happened since we last met. I’m not asking out of idle curiosity or being nosey. Or to pass the time. I’m asking because everyone has something new to offer in the way they see their world. I can learn so much from what other people are prepared to share. The experiences my friends have can also help me to deal with things I am experiencing. I often find myself wondering what such and such a person would do. Or remembering what they said they had done. It can keep me positive about my life experiences.

And it can also keep me looking for better ways to handle what is happening to me. When someone takes the time to share the events of their life I can apply their wisdom to my issues. It’s like getting a great gift. One that never wears out. Because I can go back to that conversation time and again. I can let myself reflect on it more than once. And I can compared the shared experience with others that people have been able to share with me. After all there are many things in life that we all go through the same. I think of birth, death, taxes, work, relationships, money, fear and threat etc. If I can benefit from the knowledge of these that people have shared with me I can face my own personal experiences knowing it will be ok in the end.

So do you share your experiences? Or do you tell yourself that no one will want to know what has happened to you? Or how you coped? And got through it? I encourage you to share. You have learned life’s wisdom the hard way. Try to let others have a slightly easier path – if they choose to take it – by letting them know what you have learned along the way. Remeber that sharing is good for all of us.

Day 839 of my blogging challenge

Turbulent Times: Looking After My Energy

turbulentTurbulent times! Those periods when the energy around me is tricky. Like a choppy, storm blasted ocean. When my peaceful flow is interrupted by constant gales of more challenging energy. And somehow I have to keep myself on an even keel.

If all of that sounds vaguely nautical its because in my intuitive world I see everything as waves of energy. Thoughts, feelings, experiences and events are the exchange of different kinds of energy. Mine. And the energy of others. We create waves of energy within us that push out towards others. Returning back as they push their energy back to us. It can make for turbulent moments. Even for much longer periods of turbulence. Especially if most of the people on the planet are reacting very strongly to the events going on globally. Of course I also have to factor in the energy of Mother Earth. She contributes a whole load of extra energy for all of us to balance out.

So in turbulent times I really have to pay attention to my own energy. I have to take the time, and make the effort, to recognise my inner feelings and thoughts. It’s important for me to ground away any energy that I don’t need to live in. So I make sure that I am loving and forgiving towards myself. And that I’m not holding on to any lower vibration emotions. Feel, reveal and release is what counts. I also try to recognise if the feelings are actually the energy from someone else. Like sea spray from their waves I can get caught by their reactions too. Again I try to send loving, forgiving energy to them. Rather than get pulled into swimming alongside them. Of course, the best thing is to put on my wet suit and surf the waves, protecting myself from the worst of the turbulent storms.

We have had a turbulent start to the year. It’s not quite over yet. I’m making sure that I look after my energy. Are you? Remember to be kind to yourself, rest as much as possible and wait out this current storm. There will be waves of clear, fresh energy following on once the upheaval has passed.

Day 838 of my blogging challenge

Chocolate: I’m Sure It Was In My Contract!

chocolateIt’s been a mentoring and Reiki attunement day. Lots of lovely energy flowing through to get all of us self-healing. I really enjoy energy healing and took the opportunity to think about the way I tumbled into doing it. It brought to mind my contract for this life. And chocolate!

I had no ambitions to be a medium, psychic or energy healer. When the opportunities came in I had no idea why I’d been nominated. I often wondered if I had somehow been volunteered because everyone else had said no. I asked my Guides lots of questions about how I got picked for the Spirit Team. And they had many moments of laughter at my expense when I learned I picked this for myself. Apparently I signed up to exploring my spirituality. And to getting into it so much that my intuition woke up. It seems in my plans I agreed to be human again because I could have chocolate.

Now, I love chocolate. No doubt about that. But love it enough to go through a long, complex process of waking myself up? Especially when I suspect it might have been easier all round to carry on sleeping. Apparently so. I forgot to read all of the small print. I just saw the word chocolate and jumped at the chance to be reincarnated. So having got myself here it’s a bit of a laugh that sugar has become one of the substances that my body really doesn’t like. However I have found I adore having the contact with my Spirit Team. Doing so has made my life a lot simpler and clearer. I wouldn’t change that for all of the chocolate in the world.

I believe we all sorted out contracts. That each of us is working on having a simple, clear and loving life. Our reward is whatever we put into that contract to keep us going through the difficult bits. Is it time you had a chat with your Spirit Team to ask them what your contract says? And to check that you remember what you asked for as a reward. Don’t miss out!

Day 837 of my blogging challenge

Memories Of Mother: Earth, Birth, Life

memoriesToday in the UK it’s Mother’s Day and people are out in force celebrating with their families. However I started to think about the way in which, in the end, I have had to learn to mother myself. I don’t know if my own mother expected to have to do that. Because I have no memories of her discussing it with me.

I first recognised that I had to find the mother in me when I gave birth to my own child. And how to mother myself when my own mother passed away. But I believe there was an even earlier search for the mother in me. When I moved away from home and took up my adult life I had to take responsibility for myself. When I think about my memories as a young adult I can see that I was busy reminding myself that I was capable of looking after myself. Even to the point of deciding not to have children. I wanted to put my energy into more creative things.

Yet the mother in me finally brought me to the day when I became the mother of my own child. My memories of my pregnancy are tied in with a wonderful tree I used to sit under. Whenever I got stressed or anxious I would head for that tree to clear my head. I sat there in all weathers trying to make sense of this new phase. Becoming a mother to someone else. A someone I didn’t know at all. What would this person I had created and grown be like? How would I respond to the relationship we were going to have? Would I be able to mother this person as well as myself? So many questions going around in my mind.

The mother in me, looking after me, was taking on a new charge. It felt daunting. Overwhelming. Memories of my own mother wrapped around my debates. Because what other example of motherhood was closer to me? Did I want to be the same or different? Through it all the tree stayed strong.

I sit at your feet
At the place where root meets trunk
A safe hollow
Sheltering me from the rain

You reach your branches
Over my weary head
Letting the sound of your leaves
In the warm breeze
Sooth my heart

I have carried my burden
For nearly nine months
As the life force grew inside me
You have been my comfort

Now you ease my aching back
I feel your bark
A living massage
For the weight I carry

You stand tall and rooted
Strong, supportive, steady
in this timeless afternoon
While I wait for my time

For the first pangs of birth
To bring me a new life
One that I hope to grow
On the outside now

In your shadow
I carried my seed
In your hollows
I saw my destiny
Rising before me like my belly

Now the fullness of time
Pulls me forward to
The moment of birth
We share in giving life

You and me
Tree and woman
Bringing life
To this Mother Earth

I realised today that I’ve been like that tree. I have grown in ways I never expected. Influenced by the seasons flowing past. By the light and shade. Sap rising and falling. I have become a different mother to myself. And to my daughter. Because that is what all mothers i.e all women learn. Growth is inevitable. Embracing the change is hard. But the reward is immense.

Day 836 of my blogging challenge

Readiness To Change: It’s A Big Year

readinessAt the start of this year I asked myself if I was ready. Ready for what you might wonder. I knew that the energy building from 2012 was all about our readiness to change the way we live on the planet. But that can only start from those of us ready to change ourselves.

Today that question came up again in several of the readings I was doing. It got me thinking about my readiness again. I know I haven’t always been the fastest of responders when my Guides have called for change. Even if I also knew my resistance to the changes was rather futile. Life has a way of forcing me to change eventually. Because I can’t hold back the flow of evolution. I am in a constant state of change. Moment to moment. It’s how I deal with this reality that signifies my readiness or not. I often see this in my counselling and mentoring work. People start to look at themselves but draw back because they are not actually ready to change.

Unfortunately there is no quick answer. Or magic wand. Not even a special pill to take to make the change happen. I know that I have only changed through my own willingness to look at myself and my life. Readiness is also about feeling so uncomfortable or stuck with where I am that anything is better than where I am now. And the recognition that I will do anything to get through the changes. So I understand when my Guides tell me that this year I have to persevere with making yet more changes. Especially to make sure that I gain the best possible start to the next nine years of this energy cycle.

There comes a point when readiness tips over into action. I’m at that point. But I know many people aren’t there yet. Otherwise the messages I am giving would be different. Save yourself some time. Get ready. Start the action that lets you really look deep within yourself and make changes to the way you love yourself. That is, if you want the best of this year.

Day 835 of my blogging challenge

Weekend Approaching. Time To Relax?

weekendWhen I worked for an organisation I used to love getting to Friday night. The weekend was next. I knew I would get two days to myself when I could choose exactly what I wanted to do. Now I run my own spiritual business. And things have changed.

Of course anyone running their own business soon learns that you have to work when your customers are free to visit you. But I guess I didn’t really think about that when I moved into my mediumship. I think I had an idea that my work would be mainly in churches and centres. Those were the places I expected people to go for messages. So mostly nights of work, I thought. Until I started to be asked to do private readings. Then I found that most people were only really available at the weekend. If I wanted to do their readings for them I would have to shift my expectations of my own weekend.

Actually it was something that seemed to fit quite naturally for a lot of reasons. Especially since the weekend was the time I had the most childcare available to me. At the least cost because my family could do it. Getting any kind of business venture off the ground costs quite a bit in the early stages so not paying childcare was a big consideration. I also had to adjust my week. It was rather easy to find I had worked straight through seven or ten days because I wasn’t used to taking time off during the week. Eventually I started to carve out a space in the week that was a regular weekend. But I had to fight hard to keep the time free too.

Eventually I settled into a more fluid pattern. I work some weekends and not others. And I work Monday to Friday some weeks and not others. I identify enough days to be filled with work. And I look forward to the weekend I have built in for myself. Finally, on my days off I make sure I relax. Doing all of the stuff I normally would on my weekends. After all, I know a life-work balance is important for my wellbeing. And my work!

Day 834 of my blogging challenge

A Woman Day: Change Is Still Necessary

womanIt’s International Women’s Day and I’ve been thinking about my days. How I live my life. And how much has changed since my Mum was a young woman. Because I also have a young woman in my home. Someone waiting to step fully into her life. How different will it be for her?

My Mum won a scholarship to a grammar school. She was bright and loved maths. Her family couldn’t have afforded to send her to that school because my Nanna was a widow and there were other children to provide for. My Mum loved school. But she had to leave at the age of sixteen and get a job. She had to help support the family. I know she felt she was lucky. She was in the office at the mill where my Nanna was on the looms. A step up for a woman. However, my Mum’s ambition was restricted to the work women were considered able to do and the economics of women providing for their families. When she had her own children she gave up work. Society said my father was expected to provide for her.

Although I know she worked a way round that by taking over a shop so she could continue to use her brain. When the area they lived in was being redeveloped she lost the shop. Instead she became a stay at home Mum. And never really returned to the idea of a career. Even though I know she felt a career was important for a woman. So much so that she helped me to get a scholarship too. I went to the same grammar school that she had. I enjoyed my education because the school encouraged all of us to aim high. No one ever said women couldn’t achieve just as much as men. However I left school at 16 after my exams because I had met someone. We wanted to save for a house.  I got a job in an office and had a lot of ambition. Unfortunately most of the middle and senior managers were men.

As a woman it took me ages to progress even one step up the promotion ladder. Yet my male colleagues seemed to do so easily. And there were roles I wouldn’t even be considered for. In case I went off to have a baby.

It’s seems strange now, all these years later, to think how common that attitude was. My choices were restricted because of my reproductive equipment. Even if I never used it. What woman could counter that kind of attitude? I guess there were plenty of us because things started to change. The old dinosaurs left and women got, and took, their chances. Women have also shown that they are able to run their own successful businesses in order to get around restrictions and attitudes that are discriminatory. Yet in many industries even now there is that lingering attitude that these are not jobs women can do. My daughter is interested in just such an industry.

I’m delighted that she has decided to go into that industry. She doesn’t see herself as being limited by the beliefs that a women is less valuable, less capable or less worthy than a man. I can see that attitudes have moved on. Her options are wider than mine. Just as mine were wider than those my Mum had. I feel hopeful that every generation of women is finding an improved life open to them. Yet I also feel frustrated that change is so slow. I look at the last seventy years from my Mum thoughts my daughter and I wonder why it takes so long to become equal. What do women have to do to share the world on the same basis as men? I hope that all of our women’s voices, speaking day by day, will move things along much faster now.

There is still work to be done. I am sad that my sisters are still in poverty, fighting to bring up their children with the odds stacked against them. It is time to change quickly. I ask all of you to do what you can. Share your views. Make your voice heard. Most of all, please don’t look the other way. And don’t let your children be blind to inequality either.

Day 833 of my blogging challenge