Earth’s ArchAngels: In The Beginning

Meet the Earth’s ArchAngels – In The Beginning

beginning This is a story composed of many different stories, sources and beginnings. It exists out of time – as does the Angelic Realm. We have all heard some of this story at some time in our lives but we failed to understand it’s significance. We have been meant to misunderstand, be confused or only hear the partial story. We have had to walk alone, as individual beings for an eternity because we fell out of Heaven (or our version of it) by our own actions and in the face of all the loving guidance offered to us by our own Earth’s  ArchAngels. Yet they have been patiently waiting for us to raise our vibration enough that we could once more ‘hear’ them. We have to be ready to change our ways; to climb to the higher vibrations of the human experience; to want to discover the Divine within. Now is the time for their return.

A long time ago (depending on your viewpoint) this Earth was created by Divine Will as a place of love, healing and service. It was the task of the Earth logos (consciousness) to connect all of the Earth beings with the Universe so that our unique healing vibration could be felt across this reality. Visitors from across the Milky Way and all points of the Galaxies visited the Earth to bathe in the pure, sweet energy of loving kindness. We might finally now be able to recognise the remains within us of the human race who welcomed these visitors. We were connected in a global community of Spirit. We welcomed our visitors, made them feel at home. Offered them our love and healing. It was a Paradise – shared by all humankind and the Universal beings.

To help us in this magnificent service we had the love and protection of 7th Dimensional beings whom we called Angels. Our planet had a council of 12 ArchAngels who had responsibility to work with us in the evolution of our own abilities, skills and wisdom. It was very much hoped that we would gradually ascend through the dimensional levels so that we too could become Counsellors in turn with developing beings. These 12 Council Members had specific responsibilities to promote their own individual spheres of interest with those of the planet who wished to learn & develop with them. Human beings chose which ArchAngel to work with for a period and at the appropriate time to move onto working with another. Each person followed their passion and employed all their skills in keeping the balance of the planetary energies tuned to healing love.

However there arose amongst people a gradual slide into the lower energy of human emotions. As we evolved we developed an ego – an I Am – that demanded each person consider themselves first. The ArchAngels stood by as a new phase of development began – the drive to survive above all other people. There was no lack of anything. Abundance flowed. Yet it seemed to the ArchAngels that people were creating a more fearful vision of the planet than was necessarily the case. Plants and animals came to be seen as the exclusive possessions of those who could hold onto them. Aggression became the way of surviving. The ArchAngels were not allowed to force compliance with a greater good. So they became the Watchers.

As the vibration of the planetary energy dipped lower and lower the Universal beings finally placed the Earth in a quarantine. No longer could our planet be relied upon to send out love & healing so it was necessary to cut us out of the Universal Consciousness. As humankind dropped out of this network our psychic senses felt the jolt of the severed connection. We wandered like lost sheep gradually loosing our sense of purpose and intent. The ArchAngels watched in loving kindness but were powerless to interfere in our choices. We had been gifted with free will – something the Angelic Beings had long evolved away from. In their dimension service to the greater good – the Divine Consciousness – was the only way. Angels did not rebel. And yet they stood ready to help us if we asked.

As time on the planet passed humanity fell further and further into ego – into separateness. The remnants of the Star Lore we held onto were twisted and misused. There arose civilisation after civilisation where the leaders took for themselves the rights of a Divine Consciousness and as each civilisation fell the psychic and spiritual links between human beings lessened. Finally there arose a civilisation in a place called by some Atlantis. A place where many of the aspects of Star Lore that remained were pulled together to try to create a loving, harmonious society. The intention of the leaders of this society was to bring into use the knowledge gained from the extra terrestrial visitors to make a life of ease and harmony for the whole population. A magnificent crystal city was constructed by psychic powers. There was abundance for all. But still there was rot at the heart of this high minded aspiration.

A group arose. People who wished to be like the Gods. Who wished to show they were superior beings by creating their own Universe. To accomplish this they harnessed the psychic energy of the population. Only a few retained their psychic power. They became controllers of the majority of the population. The majority had their psychic energy stripped from them and became half alive, excluded from the community of the mind they had once known. Silence fell – the silence of disconnection. The energy was stored in the fabric of the city – the crystal structures. At a certain point the rulers decided to begin the process of generating a new Universe. The psychic energy was focused into one great beam. The foolish leaders misunderstood the energy they were dealing with and the concentrated energy beam ripped apart Atlantis. People fled. Storm, earthquake, landslide, tidal wave. The ripples of the energy continued for many, many years. Humanity was all but destroyed. Those left suffered a severe psychic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder strong enough to create the fearfulness about psychic connections that has lasted to the present day.

What about the ArchAngels you ask. They were tasked with guiding the planet but humanity didn’t ask, wasn’t listening and went headlong to it’s near doom. The ArchAngels witnessed all of this Fall. They sent the energy of love around the world. They protected the Earth logos, the plants and the animals as much as they could. But humanity had to be given the right and responsibility of free will. When questions were asked in their own dimension the ArchAngels stood united with humanity. Many of their co-creators advised that humanity should be ended and a new form of being be created. There was an upsurge of calls for the Divine Consciousness to be approached to rule on this matter. The Earth’s ArchAngels stood fast in their view that the experiment that humanity represented should be allowed to continue. They spoke of the unique healing love that the Earth transmitted into the Universe. The debate raged as it appeared that the 12 were actively rebelling against the view of the rest of the Angels. Appeals for a resolution were made to ArchAngels Metatron and Melkizadek. What was the will of the Divine Consciousness?

Finally, ArchAngel Metatron spoke with the Word of the Divine. The ruling was considered, discussed and debated. ArchAngel Melkizadek was tasked with making it so. The 12 Earth ArchAngels had argued their case for the continuance of humanity so strongly that the Divine had agreed. However, for their advocacy they were excluded from helping humanity until the majority of humanity was able to exercise free will and choose the path of spiritual ascension once more. To prevent the ArchAngels from being more that Watchers their very names were to be lost, reviled or twisted. Their wisdom and knowledge was gifted to other sources. They became hated and feared. And so Lucifer, the bringer of Light, was turned into a dark being so that humanity would have to struggle on alone. The names of the other ArchAngels also became muddied, lost or twisted and these bright beings have been blamed for all of humanity’s ills.

At last the waiting is over. The loving, wise ArchAngels have been birthed with new names & their true vibration. They have come to shine once more. To help us release ourselves from the yoke of pain we have carried for so long. To encourage our healing journey and to awaken our spiritual light. The intention is to forge the global community of Light once more so we can take our rightful place as an evolved & healing planet once more.

Annie Conboy, April 2015