Applying The Law – Doing What Is Right

applying the lawI once wanted to be a lawyer. Only because I thought of applying to be a judge. I came into this life with a big sense of fighting for the under dog. Of wanting the rules to be fair. But they aren’t always. So I thought the law would be the answer.

However when I took a closer look I realised that like all man made institutions and structures the law could sometimes be an ass. It relied on people doing the right thing. Also on personal responsibility. And laws that were fair too. That’s a lot of requirements. Most not all that easy to meet. Laws are framed to make the rules by which we all agree to live. But applying the law always comes down to how the facts are interpreted. And the facts can be very different depending on who is stating them. Rather disappointed, because I could see that the law might not be fair to all, I went on to do other things. Still with a burning desire to help the under dog. But rather less faith that those dogs could actually get justice.

Then I started encountering Spirits. And their teaching as channelled through others. My own Guides stepped in to help me understand that applying man made law was one thing. Yet there was also a Universal Law that we are all subject to. That of cause and effect. Or as I often refer to it, what you give out you get back. This really helped me. I realised that in some place and time the underdog would get justice. There was still a case to be made. An argument about the facts to put forward. And an effort to be made to see if justice could be done. I decided to apply myself to doing just that. From time to time I help an underdog. It may mean untangling paperwork. Writing a letter or two. Giving support in the background. Or preparing a case for a hearing.

In every action I load in positive energy. Then I let the outcome go. I ask for the matter to be resolved for the highest good of all. Applying myself to supporting the underdog until it’s all done and dusted. I know that there will eventually be a rebalancing. Justice will come through the karma that is created. And every dog usually does have it’s day.

Day 956 of my blogging challenge

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