Growth into Ascension

My business has been set up to help further the aims of my life counselling and  intuitive mediumship:

to acknowledge that every person wants to be the best in their life that they can be;

to provide support, mentoring and inspiration for personal development that brings about positive change;

raise awareness that there is intuitive psychic and mediumship ability in every person;

that we can choose to access, for ourselves, proof that life continues after physical death;

that we can choose to access, for ourselves, guidance & support from those who have left this physical world;

to teach the ways in which we can open to the other realms;

and, to promote spiritual and personal growth by helping people to developing to their fullest potential in life.

As well as workshops and courses I offer a range of other services to help you with your personal and spiritual development. If you would like more details or an appointment please email

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