A Guide or not?

guideA conversation today has stayed in my mind. I was discussing with someone the messages he had received from his Guides. Over several years as he worked with them it seems as if his progress in communicating with them  has been very challenging. From time to time he has approached me to ask if he is on the right track with his spiritual development. Each time he has asked me I have explained my experiences of getting to know and working with my Guides. Each time he has apparently listened and then gone away ignoring what I have said about Guides. Of course, that is his choice and what I have to say may only relate to my Guides. Yet I felt today, once again, that it was  important to state what Guides do. And more importantly what they don’t do.

It’s exciting, scary and confusing when you finally realise that you are being contacted by Energy Beings. You want to know why they picked you. If you are not someone who believes that there are energy beings you are skeptical. If you have been waiting for the communication breakthrough you might be disappointed, relieved, uncertain. Guides come in all shapes, sizes, religious & experience types. They are not what you might expect. They may test your open mindedness completely. It can be hard to work with Elementals when you don’t believe in fairies. So there is a big reveal occasionally. More often Guides approach you over a period of time. They go at a pace that suits them but with a real consideration for you & how far out of your comfort zone you have to move to communicate with them.

We tend to want to know our Guides name, appearance, any back story about who they were in life (if they were human at any time) and why they chose us. Then we want them to hurry up and communicate faster and clearer. Finally, we often want them to have a bit of kudos. We’d quite like our Guides to be well known, to have a bit of fame, or to be seen as powerful. We fall into the trap of ranking the Guides in a hierarchy, assuming Angels are better than Spirits who are easier to relate to than gnomes or elves. A true Guide will often withhold their name until you accept working with Ms Nobody from Nowhere. They also hold back on their appearance and story for the same reason. Guides will work very hard to get your attention. They will lead you to experiences & information about connecting with them so that you start to know when & how to work with them. They will be respectful about moving you along at a pace you can handle.

Eventually they will push you into saying no. They don’t need to have another sheep on their team, blindly following the orders given from ‘on high’. They want to communicate with people who are not afraid to set boundaries and stick to them. They prefer that after learning to switch on you also learn to switch off. In my experience as a teacher Guides tend to work best with reluctant mediums. Those people who challenge what their Guides suggest or ask them to do. When you finally rebel they celebrate. You have crossed over from being a passive ‘instrument’ into being an equal partner in an endeavour. Then the seriously fun work can start.

So what about the Guides who tell you they are supremely enlightened beings? Who ask you to do things that will actually cause you harm? Who suggest that pain is good for you and the world? Who ask you to use your skills to create negative energy? Who play on your ego fears? These Energy Beings aren’t Guides. They really aren’t. Their suggestions may look harmless at first. You may be led step by step along a path to limiting your own development without even realising what your thoughts, words and actions represent. I’m writing about this not to create fear. Communicating with Energy Beings is a wonderful experience. The point is not to let the fake Guides try to run your life. The point is to put their info & advice to the test. To be vigilant in passing on what they say or doing what they suggest.

I’ve always found that a certain level of detachment has helped me to build a good & strong relationship with my Guides. Not all of them have been my cup of tea. Some of them have been polar opposites to me. Yet we have worked to understand and know one another over time. My Guides give me loving kindness. They give me support. They make sure I use my free will to choose. And they accept that I have the choice in anything I think, feel, say or do. My Guides respect me – as I respect them. If you are working to communicate demand the same standard of contact knowing that, like any true relationship, both sides will give and take with respect, compassion and collaboration.

Day 63 of my blogging challenge.

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