Land: Exploring, Reading & Repairing Energy

LandNext weekend I’m off exploring the land again. I love visiting different places and tuning in to the energy I find. Sometimes I’m also the channel for sending healing energy into Mother Earth.

It’s a piece of work more of us could do if we wished. And there are many people who do want to. But where to start? I feel lucky that my claresentience, feeling the non-physical energy, is one of my strengths. Because it’s the way I sense and translate what is all around me. It’s also the first sense I used when I became aware that my Guides were trying to contact me. Exploring that sense got me into ‘reading’ the energy of buildings, land and many, many places. And that’s when I discovered I could call in healing energy to rebalance places that were in need of positive vibrations. Or to clear the stuck energy keeping a place heavy or weighed down.

What I have learned is that what mattters is what you intend. And if you pay attention to the energy around you you can decide to leave positive energy where you have been. I’ve certainly visited places where negative energy has collected. And plenty of places where my energy has been recharged by the positive feel of that building, place or land. Sorting out which is which is fairly easy. So long as I keep my attention on my intuitive senses. It’s like a gut reaction. And I’m certain most of us feel that reaction but ignore it. So when I go somewhere new I notice how I feel. Happy? Sad? Heavy? Energised? Flat? Or that I want to get away as quickly as possible. Sometimes the energy is mixed. Because many people might have been in that place. Each one leaving a different energy charge.

The land and everything on it soaks up the energy we transmit. If too much low vibrational energy has collected then it will feel like an uncomfortable place to be.

When I get that signal I know that I can help clear the stuck energy. I ask my Guides and all the other Energy Beings to help me. Then I try to find a quiet place where I can open up my healing energy. Preferably somewhere where I can place my hands on the affected land, building or structure. Although I have also asked for the energy to be sent through me and transmitted through my feet if need be. And if it’s very busy I can do my work walking around too. I focus on the desire to transfer loving, positive energy into the place. Then I move from spot to spot if necessary. Usually I get warm as the energy starts to flow through me and I know it’s going to do what’s necessary.

I love feeling the lighter energy of the land as the low vibratonal energy clears. When it feels like everything is back in balance the healing energy will switch off. What I like the best is that everyone visiting that place will find more positive energy. It feels like a good way to spread more light into the world. I also encourage people to think about the energy they are carrying around. I believe we are all connected so I can ‘share’ my energy, whatever I am feeling, just by being in that loop. Also in the loop is the place we happen to occupy at any moment. If I am blasting out anger, fear, sadness or any other low vibrational energy it’s going everywhere. Including the land. That’s why intention is so important. Helping myself to share positive energy keeps the land from collecting any negative energy from me.

Now all I need to do is remember I can help the land by helping myself stay in a state of wellbeing. And every time I visit somewhere new I can bring the loving energy with me to keep Mother Earth in balance.

Day 647 of my blogging challenge 

Vibrational Art: Opening Up Intuition

Vibrational art startThe sun shone. I had my paints out. In the warmth of the morning I tuned in to create more vibrational artwork. It’s a lovely way to open up to intuition.

I’ve been really fortunate with my Guides. They have helped me to explore lots of different ways to open up and use my psychic senses. I’ve learned that guidance can come in many different ways. And I’ve also learned that there are boundaries to be pushed within me so I can channel vibrational energy in differnt ways. That’s what I love about painting and drawing. It’s a completely different way to share a message from Ener Beings. Although when they drifted the idea across my mind the first few times I was really doubtful. I thought psychic art was all about the faces of loved ones in Spirit. But my Guides knew different.

I was put on the spot to draw the energy flowing through a group where messages were being given. I picked up the chalks reluctantly. Then I watched myself draw a pattern of colours that made perfect sense. To me and to everyone else. And I heard someone confirm that they had seen the same thing clarevoyantly. It was mind blowing. But it took me another year or so to get into painting. Yet when I did I found myself feeling the presence of other Beings. In fact a whole queue of Beings. All ready to share their vibrational energy with me so it could be transferred to the canvas or paper. Letting myself respond to the requests to paint I noticed that many pieces had faces hidden in them. And that the colours refelcted the personalities of the painters.

I also found that working in a range of vibrational energies made my intuitive connections stronger. After a short time I was able to sense better, get message information clearer and stay in the link for longer.

My clarevoyance also improved. It’s the weakest of my psychic senses but working with my creative, visual ability certainly helped it to expand. Now I encourage people to get into art in any way they can. I know it will help them work their intuitive psychic senses. It’s also fun. That’s the positive vibe that Energy Beings like as it makes connecting easier. The best way to start is to grab some coloured pencils and paper. Then play. I like to pick up whatever pencil I’m drawn to, put it on the paper and start to doodle. Keeping my mind as unfocused as possible I invite my Guides to make a connection for me. Because I want to draw on their behalf. So my thoughts need to stay out of the way.

I know that my Ego mind will want to direct me. Trying to make something recognisable. But I always remind myself that Energy Beings see our world in a different way. And what interests me is their viewpoint. Over the years I’ve become much better at occupying my mind and ignoring what my hands are doing. Because sometimes I work with my non dominant dominant hand. So it’s a lovely surprise to see what has been captured on the paper. From paper and pencils I moved into using encaustic wax, acrylic paint, watercolour Andy pastels. Certain communicators like paint, some want watercolour, or charcoal or whatever. I go with whatever I’m prompted to use. The vibrational energy is transferred whatever I create.

If you have been searching for a way to practice your intuitive psychic abilities vibrational art is a great thing to try. I know I had to stick with it past all of my inner critic’s comments. If you do I am sure you will discover a whole new way of connecting.

Day 646 of my blogging challenge 

Covering the Basics: Revisiting, Reminders, Refreshers

Covering the basicsI’ve been watching a few cookery programmes this week while I’m off. Some of them have been covering the basics of how to prepare food. Stuff that’s easy. Things I learned at school. But a useful reminder.

It got me thinking about the basics of connecting with Energy Beings. No matter how long I’ve been communicating with my Guides they have always used opportunities to take me back to the basics. Covering how it all works once again. Helping me to understand more so that I can expand my work more. This evening I saw a course advertised being run by someone I worked with in my early days. Paul helped me to uncover the basics of mediumship. Then we ended up working together to teach other people. And that launched me into my own teaching. Something that is changing in response to the needs of new students.

For many years I’ve worked with people to share the basics of intuitive abilities. Each course or workshop is a chance for me to revisit what I know about how psychic ability works. I’m reminded of my feelings and thoughts, as this experience I didn’t really believe in  kept happening. And I can also refresh my own understanding of connecting when people ask me their questions. Working with others, covering the process of developing, keeps me aware of my own development. Because it never ends. Each day I find a new aspect to what I’m doing with the Energy Beings. I discover a different level of ability I hadn’t been acknowledging.

That’s why I love covering the basics. Like a skilled chef I have to keep practicing the skills that got me started. And pushing myself to learn more. With the help of my Guides, my students and other colleagues I keep myself open to new ways of doing things. There is room for inspiration, opportunities and new skills. Have you been covering the basics recently? If not, is it worth revisiting them?

Day 645 of my blogging challenge 

Patient Progress: Passing Places, Giving Way

Patient passingI have to be patient approaching my retreat. It’s at the end of a quiet road only wide enough for two average sized vehicles to go past each other. There are passing places and often I have to give way to larger vehicles. It’s too tight to otherwise.

As I drove along the road today it seemed quieter than usual. When I arrived on Saturday a lot of cars were driving out and back. So I found myself waiting for people to pass. Although I was excited to get to my place of quiet I knew I had to be patient. So today’s drive was a nice change. And it gave me time to think about the way this new energy is starting to shape my life. The road I’m now on has a destination. Though I don’t know where I’m going. It’s quite a narrow track because it’s time for me to focus on the mission I came here to do. Even if I have no idea what the mission will be.

Every now and again there is a passing place. A space for me to give way to those travelling faster or in the opposite direction. Also a space for me to pause for a moment and check in with where I’m going. Becuase my road may be travelled by others. Yet I have to be patient with myself that I can travel it any way I wish. And let others travel it in their own way. Each time I stop I can check my progress. How far is left to go and where have I come from. Giving myself encouragement that I will get to my destination in the end.  Occasionally I meet the local wild life in the road. Another pause in my journey until my path is clear again.

It’s a relief to recognise that the purpose is the journey, not the destination. My progress is what matters. So I can let myself be patient with the stops and starts in my life. And give way to those who are driven by impatience to hurry ahead. Or move past those who are stuck in fear without letting them hold me back.

Day 644 of my blogging challenge 

Resisting The Impulse: Feeling Like I Have To Fill A Day

Resisting rest?Some days I find myself resisting the impulse to fill my time with activity. Part of it is about running my own business. Part of it is that Spirit people often drop by unannounced. Asking me to do something for them.

A common challenge with working for myself is to ensure I take enough time for myself. The flow of work is unpredictable. I can be very busy then on what seems like a go slow. So it’s tempting to say yes to everything I’m asked to do in case a quiet spell is on it’s way. But that isn’t good for me. It’s too easy for me to become exhausted by chasing all the work. Or feeling like I have to be there for people at all times. Since I am also someone who enjoys being busy it can be very seductive to follow that impulse to work as much as possible. But I have been resisting both of these drives for some time now. Because I know I’m not effective if I’m tired.

In the same way, my impulse when I get Spirit visitors is to give them my time and attention. It’s a natural reaction as I want to help anyone I can. Yet, again, I’ve had to understand that resisting the impulse to pass on messages at inappropriate times is important to my wellbeing. I know that in the beginning I was frightened that if I told the Spirit people to go away they would never come back. But I now know they always do. Because not too many of us are prepared to communicate with them. And they really want to get their messages through to us. Over time I have become much better at setting ‘working hours’ for the Energy Beings.

So it has been a strange experience to find that I couldn’t sleep last night. At all. Not because my mind was active. Or that there was work to do. But because I was resisting letting myself relax.

I realise I needed a little lesson. A reminder that work of any kind isn’t the be all and end of my life. There has to be down time. I have to give myself a break. Of course I ended up doing something during my wide away night. I read a novel. Finally stopping myself resisting my wide awareness. Using it instead. But understanding that I must take it very easy on myself during today. Which I have done. And I have had chance to consider where this busy, busy, busy side of me comes from. Because it is part of my personality to enjoy being active. But it’s also become over exaggerated by my desire to achieve.

Ambition is a great energy to use to get things done. However, we live in a world where ambition has become a major driver in people pushing themselves past their limits. I have done that in my work in the past. Trying to achieve what I thought would be good for me. Resisting the signals of my body and mind that ambition and achievement had pushed me passed my limits. I was clearly rejecting those signals because my balance was off. I had no ambition to relax properly. Over the years since I have become much better at being busy doing nothing. Yet there must be a little bit of push left. And my sleepless night gave me plenty of time to recognise it.

Resisting a balanced life is an experience many of us share. The energy waves of the moment are asking me and you to notice where we reject rest and relaxation. To understand how our mind tries to keep us busy and active. With no time for contemplation  or relaxation. I’ve enjoyed a day without ambition or achievement. Tonight I can sleep.

Day 643 of my blogging challenge 

Thank You For The Music In My Life

Hilda's MusicI’ve been driving for most of today to get to my retreat. The journey was made much lighter because of the music I was singing along to. I feel I have been given such a gift.

My life has been full of music. My Dad played in an Irish band, we all learned different instruments and I was always singing. I’ve had a couple of spells in a choir, been a roadie and had Spirit people singing through me when I’m channelling. I’m writing this watching a programme about Abba’s greatest hits. Their melodies and the songs of many others are the back drop to my life. It’s no surprise that my Guides each have a signature tune. Different songs that let me know who is around. And that the Spirit people who talk to me love to give me songs. Or get me singing. My Elvis ‘huh, huh, huh’ is getting quite good now. Because I’ve had to sing it more than once.

In fact, my Guides know I’m willing to give any song a go. Though I can’t be held responsible for how it sounds. Especially with those Spirit ladies who sound like Hilda Ogden. They know that I always feel lifted by music. Songs have got me through some grim times. Lyrics have inspired me. And tunes have got me dancing. I especially love hearing the open chords of a great piece and letting the memories flood in. Music connects me to so many moments in time. Today is no different. As I sang along I was in awe at the beauty of the Lake District. The songs were in perfect harmony with the towering peaks. I felt Energy of the Earth beneath me, the blue of the sky and the green of the fields.

Wherever you are when you read this I hope there is a song in your heart. That you, like me, feel the lift in energy from the music playing in you head. And find your feet tapping. Because songs link into our creative mind. Helping us to create joy.

Day 642 of my blogging challenge

Getting Away From It All: Time to Create

Away in OrkneyOne of the things I’m grateful for is that I can get away from my work whenever I feel the need. It’s a blessing that has come because I work for myself.

As I’ve got older I’ve recognised that need for time and space away from my everyday routine. When I worked in a full time, 9-5 job my holidays were dictated by the needs of the company, my colleagues and the amount of days I was granted. Stepping into self-employment has taken away the pressure of colleagues and holiday entitlements. But added in the responsibility of working as many hours as my business needs. Another difficult balancing act. I want to be available when people need me. But I also want to have time for me. There is also the recognition that too much time away may begin to affect my ‘bottom line’ of how much I earn.

So I have tended to get away only when I really feel like I need a break. However, I have been away much more this year. That’s because I have also learned to honour my need for the space to create. Being able to step out of my everyday world has made it easier to have time to reflect, space for new ideas to emerge and the opportunity to write or paint. I have also been able to look at my business from a distance. Especially to check if I am still enjoying all that I do. Enjoying work is very important to me. It’s a big part of why I work for myself. Checking in with myself every now and then has helped me be more creative with the direction I have taken. There is room when I am away to see things more clearly too.

Have you guessed yet? Yes. I’m going away again. Taking my paints this time. Occupying my time in a way I enjoy. And bringing a fresh perspective to my work. Is it time for you to take a break too?

Day 641 of my blogging challenge 

Believing, Trying, Achieving: Trust Yourself Not Doubt

It’s been a very special day. Along with thousands of other students my daughter got her GCSE exam results. The success of trying and of believing in herself has been rewarded by great achievements. It made me think about when we first start to doubt ourselves.

I enjoyed my high school days. Yes, there were ups and downs. After all teenage years are full of changes. As I worked out what it meant to be adult and how to behave there was one things I was always certain of. My teachers believed in me and encouraged me to keep trying. In anything I did they wanted me to be able to believe in myself. It worked. My life long passion for learning and trying came out of those positive voices I heard in that most important phase. I feel my doubts really began when I reached the world of work.

So it was interesting to me to see the reactions of the pupils this morning. There was a general admission that the courses were harder. Alongside a change to the grading system (over the years it’s been letters, numbers, letters and now both) which produced quite a bit of confusion. Amongst the delight was quite a bit of sadness or shock. I know that most students would have been trying their best in their studies. But some had clearly got results below their hopes or expectations. It occurred to me that the doubts caused by the change to a new marking system and a harder curriculum would stay with some students for a very long time. No matter how supportive the staff. Or whatever these pupils went on to do.

I guess it seems strange to me now to notice that we build in doubt. No matter how much trying and effort, some people end up at the bottom of the results table.

At the very time when those young people are trying to become the adults of our future there are tests that end up leaving someone doubting their abilities. Of course these methods of grading people were introduce by a system that requires workers who can be classed as skilled rather than unskilled. And the skills set is directly related to what industry wants. Not what those people can actually do. I listened to the careers officer talking to some of the young people. She was tying to encourage them that there were still ways they could get onto courses they wanted. But I wondered what these teenagers actually heard.

In my work I meet many people who discovered self doubt in school or at exam time. People who have so much to offer our world. I see how they hold back from believing in themselves because these early disappointments have stuck. There has to be a better way of organising our education system. A way that I and everyone else can encourage young people to believe, keep trying and have a sense of achievement. I do my best to present a positive picture of life long learning to my daughter. I’m working on my own self doubt. And I’m also determined to keep trying all sorts of things in life because I’ll never know what I can achieve otherwise.

Trying to rise above the self doubt matters. Please help the children you connect with to recognise that if they try they will find so many wonderful abilities with which to live a happy and full life. And if you doubt yourself take time to try things too.

Day 640 of my blogging challenge 

Steady Your Nerves: Making Changes Pays Off

NervesIt’s been another interesting day with a distinct theme. It’s time to steady my nerves because I’m almost at the point of success. And I don’t want to wobble my way into old habits.

I’ve enjoyed meeting up with two very courageous ladies who have overcome their nerves about the changes coming into their lives. Liz has made a move into a new area of work. Work I’m sure she will be perfect for because she is an amazing people person. Julie is moving out of the world of work and into the world of working for Spirit. Both ladies have inspired me when I’ve been stuck in my own process of change. So it was lovely to share their excitement now that their individual leaps off that cliff are over. Both are much happier than before. And I was delighted to hear all about the fresh challenges they are looking forward to meeting.

That’s the lovely thing about me steadying my nerves. I know that I’m not quite there yet. The time isn’t quite right for me to see the results of my, what seems like very many, leaps from that cliff. But it won’t be long now. As I sat quietly before my service tonight as St Anne’s Spiritualist Centre I felt my heart chakra open to the flow of warm, peaceful energy. The manifesting energy is here and I intend to wish for as much as I possibly can. For myself and everyone. Because the nerves I feel sometimes get in the way of the best requests. Leaving me with only the small stuff I’ve allowed myself to ask for. Now I know to think big. And love myself enough to receive big too.

It’s happening because I have changed my habits and patterns. Despite the nerves, wobbles and ‘I can’t’ moments things have shifted. I’m looking forward to my new challenges. If your nerves are getting the better of you find your courage and leap forward. I know you won’t regret it.

Day 639 of my blogging challenge 

Pressure: The Push To Bring In The Dreams

PressureToday has felt hampered by all of the Eclipse and Mercury retrograde energy. Yet underneath I have been feeling a pressure. Something reminding me that dream do happen.

My internet and mobile phone connections continue to play up. Letters I’m waiting for haven’t arrived. I felt like energy was draining out of me. All that stuck stuff I’ve been carrying finally disappearing. But it left me feeling tired. Because it takes energy sometimes to move energy. The final piece of frustration was trying to complete the upload of my book so it could be printed. Nothing was going anywhere. Certainly not the cover art or the file I’d formatted. I noticed I was starting to feel a pressure to get something, anything completed. But it ended up that I didn’t.

Instead I walked away from my desk and took a break. Yesterday was busy and lots happened. Then overnight, as well as dreaming I was in New York, I had some contacts with Energy Beings. They kept moving things around and wanting to channel information. In my barely aware state I let them get on with some of it but after about an hour I told them to come back later. I know they are helping me manifest all of the things I’ve asked for so I’m willing to give them space to work. But there are limits! No wonder today I felt a bit spaced and distracted. As well as low in energy. However, I also feel the excitement of new beginnings. A pressure on me to be ready, get clear minded and able to set off at a moment’s notice. I’ve no idea of when, where or how.

So what about those dreams? Have I built from a solid foundation? Have I asked for everything in the best possible way?

This afternoon, to take the pressure off, I sat down and listed out my requirements and desires. All of the things I want to have in my life. Even those things I don’t know about yet. Yes, I’ve put a sentence to allow me to receive all that is best for me even when I don’t know what it is. I believe in covering everything. Because I know I don’t know everything. My list is as complete as I can make it. I’ve asked my heart what I desire and pretty much left my head out of the debate. There is no time to let my Ego mind throw up lots of objections or distract me. I don’t want to have my abundance derailed by fearful thoughts. It’s important that I stay focused on recieveing all of the good things into my life.

After I had written my list I felt a lot better. The pressure had eased. I know the push that is coming will be really helpful to my life. But I also understand that I will get what I ask for. So picking the right things matters. No wonder that intutive part of me was kicking up a fuss. Working to get me to notice the shift in manifesting time we are all experiencing. Often what has frustrated me is that it seemed so long between asking and receiving. So long that I’d forgotten what I asked for in the first place. Now the things I ask for are popping up almost immediately. Sometimes no sooner thought than visible in my life. That’s fast. And I have to be quick to accept and be grateful for what I have received so that I keep that lovely flow of materialisation going.

Are you feeling the pressure? Do you need to sit down and write your list of dreams? Over the next few weeks there is a great opportunity to reconfigure your life. But you have to be clear about what you require and desire. Then it can be delivered to your doorstep straight away.

Day 638 of my blogging challenge