My Dad Sean – the Music Man

imageIt’s been a reflective day for me. It’s the ninth anniversary of my Dad, Sean, passing to the Spirit World. He really wanted to go. My Mum, Ellen, left three years before him and he missed her very much.

Yet he kept going. The gap in his heart was enormous but he stayed here for us as long as he could. They had a long time together so we knew he would find it hard to adjust. But some how he did. The last time I saw him we had a lovely conversation whilst my daughter was busy wrecking his precious garden. He seemed to have mellowed. I know we often fell out, then in, then out again. Perhaps we were too alike somehow. My daughter told him ‘I love you Grandad Sean’. As I left we hugged. I told him I loved him and would see him soon. I’m very grateful that that was my last memory of him.

Sean went to Ireland to visit his family and friends. When he came back he played with the band that was the second love of his life. Apparently he had a rare old time playing his accordion. I’m sure there was plenty of craic as well as beer. The lads thought he was on fine form. Two days later he died in the night. What a way to go. Swiftly, with all of his family and friends able to remember him at his best. It wasn’t easy for any of us to take in. He hadn’t been particularly ill. But Sean had passed the way I’m sure he had always wanted. Quickly and without fuss. He hated hospitals and dreaded the thought of being ill.

You might think I’m painting a rosy picture of a loving family man. My dad was no saint. There was a side to Sean that was hard to live with sometimes.

Yet I always knew he loved us. And he loved my mother more. He worked hard because he felt he had to provide for us. He was a man’s man in that Irish way of charming stubbornness that he inherited from his upbringing. We were orphaned when he passed. That’s how it felt to me. Both Mum and Dad provided the anchor to our family. The connection and the thread between us. There is nothing else quite like it. As a family we have survived the shock, disbelief and early grief at his passing. I know as I raise a glass to my Dad tonight the rest of my family will be thinking of him too.

That is the most precious gift of all. I have a family because of my Mum and Dad. My daughter has roots and connections because of my parents and our family. Just knowing that they are in the world keeps me grounded. And knowing that my Mum and Dad will be having a party in the Afterlife once again, with the music flowing, and dancing, is the icing on my particular cake. This is the day Sean was reborn into the Pink Perfect to a new life with all of his family and friends. Happy Birth Day Dad.

Day 310 of my blogging challenge.

Betty Shine – Never Ending Inspiration

imageAfter all of the clearing yesterday today has been a day of rest and healing. I love the fact that we can all self-heal. We just have to ask for it and it will flow in. Though sometimes we have to be inspired to ask.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been reading a book by a wonderful healer and medium, Betty Shine. It’s called My Life as a Medium and it was clear when I first started to read it how much she wanted to help and heal people. I also appreciate the journey she describes from healer to reluctant medium and channel. Betty Shine worked her own path through the connections with the Spirit World. I find that really encouraging as I have found my Guides tend to prefer me to figure things out for myself. So reading about another medium who did much the same is an inspiration.

That is the special legacy that other mediums have left. There are many biographies to help me consider anything that I am experiencing.  Understanding all the different ways that communication can happen makes me feel much more secure. I know from experience it is hard to work out what is my thought and what might be a thought from an Energy Being. So being able to read about how other mediums have worked through the doubt is really good. I also take a lot of encouragement from the fact that they are many ways to develop my abilities. That it’s ok to do it my way.

I’ve reached the part of the story where Betty Shine starts to write her first book. She wants to encourage people to seek the help and healing they need. She also wants to encourage an understanding of the Afterlife so people find hope.

I’ve taken a lot of support from this today. My book is well under way but it does take discipline to stick at it. And a desire to put into words some of the wonder that life becomes when you open up to the possibility that life continues after the body is gone. It is possible to heal my life if I wish. I can hope for better things in my future if I embrace my life full on. If you have never had a chance to read Betty Shine’s books why not try one now. Or let yourself be drawn to some of the other writers who are busy sharing their experiences of Spirit connections. No one person has the definitive voice. That’s why I find that inspiration is never ending. There is so much to listen to and learn.

Day 309 of my blogging challenge.

Nine by Nine by Nine – Triple Endings

imageI like to do my Oracle Cards most days. I feel that I am turning in to the general every of my day. Today I got a card about lightening.

In a traditional reading using playing cards the Jokers stay in the pack. If one comes out in your spread the interpretation is said to be a bolt of lightening. Depending on which way up the card is pulled suggested whether the lightening is on it’s way in or on it’s way out. The good thing about lightening is that it shakes things up. But not exactly in the way you might want. As I thought about the lightening card I’d pulled I wondered what my day would be like. Could I ride out the energy storm and embrace the lesson of the lightening? How could I use the energy of nine alongside the lightening?

I’m a nine person. In a nine year on a day that is a nine as well. Going through the ninth month. Would this lightening leave me feeling foolish or wise? Could the trickster energy of the Joker give me a way through whatever I needed to experience. Or was I just fooling myself? To guide myself I thought about the key energy of this number – the ending of cycles. I’ve certainly felt the energy of endings all year. Things in me and therefore outside of me have been changing rapidly. This is my third time off grid, so to speak, and I’m finding myself, once again,  reading interesting, soul searching books on my kindle. As with the previous times, I’m also with a companion who is kindly allowing me the space to be off grid too.

So what about 9 being divisible by 3. Three is the number of creation and my retreats are certainly turning out to be creative in one way or another.

As I moved through the day it was time to go out and eat. Yet in the restaurant the pain of neuralgia in my gum and jaw took over. I felt physically ill, emotionally vulnerable and all my efforts to retreat or release the pain failed. Stepping outside I went to a bench and sat down. Had I been struck by lightening? Colours flooded into my clairvoyant vision. The land felt like it was in pain. There was some sort of ancient energy calling for release. Within me I also felt surges of painful energy. It was hard to hold on to what they represented because the waves of pain were flooding over me.

Because I am used to working with challenging energy I let the pain increase and flow. My feet were glued to the ground as I asked for the energy to be released. I called on my Guides and the ArchAngels because I had become pure feeling. My mind had slipped into the pain too. It felt as if I was drowning in pain. I know that I was receiving encouragement to let this cycle of energies end. Yet I also felt like I needed to retreat. Which I did. Back at the apartment I lay on my bed repeating a positive mantra in my mind. I knew that I was in the grip of lightening and the only way to come through it was to ride out the storm.

I work a lot with colour. So I put my pink (unconditional love) scarf over my head and focused on my breathing. Relax and release I told myself. The pain will pass I repeated.

Gradually I sensed the three pains I was feeling. I realised that I had connected to a deep ancestral pain of the land burning from the volcanic eruptions. Death and destruction are powerful ways for rebirth and new growth. But they are not pain free, easy events to experience. I also realised that I had connected to the pain I felt in my mother’s womb. At the end of pregnancy, prior to birth, the baby is in a restricted space. The confined feel of the womb, whilst sometimes comforting, is also the energy push needed for the child to begin being born. It can be painful to leave a safe space for somewhere unknown. The third block of painful energy was connected to all that has been left unsaid in this current cycle.

I know that I have a tendency to let things pass. To stay quiet about my truth or even feel reluctant to give my view of emotional events. This has resulted in all sorts of fall out. And it seems that today I was collecting the physical pain associated with holding back the words. So I started to make sounds. Any kind of sounds. Letting noises emerge from my throat to move the stuck energy on. I also switched on my channel for the energy healing to flow through me. Letting the healing go out to the past and the present. Reminding myself that I could stay foolishly stuck in the pain or choose to use my wisdom and let it leave me. Tears finally came. Like a wash of rain after the electricity of the the lightening.

It’s never easy to end something. To release yourself for the next phase. The Earth, me, everyone else, the Universe. All going round and round in cycles that are, hopefully, spirals upward.

Waves of pain left me to be replaced by waves of calm. I fell asleep. It seems a hard way to do it. I know that the lightening shook me up. But I woke feeling at peace. There are some slight after-twinges still being released. However, those powerful, yet hidden, energies are gone. I have space to embrace my new challenges. I’m also sure the land breathes a bit easier underneath my feet. I know that we are encouraged to persevere. To push the feelings aside and keep going. Yet to move onto the next go round the circle of life we also have to embrace the emotions we have experienced. This is so that we can be cleared and refreshed ready for new adventures. Not to do so only stores up physical pain in the future. Then the letting go may be much tougher.

Today has helped me to remember that acknowledging feelings as they arise and releasing them as quickly as possible is the most positive cycle of energy. Holding on is like keeping karma at bay. It has to be experienced at some point, regardless of whether we want to or not. So why carry stuck energy with us endlessly. Is it time you released your stuck thoughts, feelings, situations and embraced change? Don’t wait for a nine times nine times nine moment. The lightening might not be so easy to handle!

Day 308 of my blogging challenge.

Catching Energy – Psychic Art

imageOne of the things I really enjoy doing is letting my psychic senses roam free so I can catch the waves of energy. I like to do this in positive energy places and record my ‘reading’ of the flow by drawing. It’s something I’ve done for a number of years.

I call this way of working Psychic Art. Many people expect that psychic art will be the faces of their loved ones drawn by a medium as a message. That is certainly one way of connecting people to energy, especially of their loved ones. I also like to encourage people to connect for themselves. It doesn’t require any art training on my or anyone else’s part. Only a willingness to be still for a moment and the desire to be catching the energy around us.

In fact, the first time I did this I was the observer of a group who were trying to make Spirit connections. I had been given the job of describing what was happening to the energy flow. My tools were to be the chalks & paper provided by the tutor. Little did she or I know that I would be able to sense the colours of the energy so accurately. I still have that drawing.

And I have been catching the energies again while I’m here in Tenerife. The drawing at the top of the page is from Playa San Marco where I visited this afternoon.

The waves were quite turbulent, nearly good enough for surfing perhaps, with a fierce pull. Standing in the volcanic sand I felt the roar of Mount Teide anchoring the land as the sea pulled in the opposite direction. Some very powerful forces at work! Strip away the houses and what remains is the timeless relationship between the fixed and the flowing. That’s a duality we all have to balance – standing firm or going with the flow. Of course my pastels seems like the right way to capture this tug of war. At the same time there was a harmony in the energy. The water will eventually wear away the rock. The volcanic sand was proof of that. What seems fixed must always give way to change.

imageMy second picture says this too. I’m staying in what was an old monetary. The religious people are long gone. Now it is a set of apartments with a roof terrace. I started the second picture on the roof terrace, inspired by the feeling that time had passed this place by. The hillsides still stood. The building was still there. In some ways people still used the rooms to discover. Perhaps not about themselves. They may be more interested in discovering the island. Yet the relationship between humans and the land we live on found me catching the energy of infinity.

I love this chance to catch the energy. It gives me a way of relating to my life as I feel each shift around me.

Tuning in to what I feel always prompts more thinking, questioning and wondering ‘what if’. Catching this on paper gives me a reminder of my experience too. I find there is a freedom in exploring creative ways to connect with energy, life, emotion. Especially if I find myself stuck with thoughts. Creative work can unstick circular thought patters by providing a space for the subconscious mind to push forward new ideas or options. So I draw and paint with no outcome in mind. No agenda. No judgement.

I’m forward to more creating over the coming days. If you find yourself stuck in your thoughts why not pick up a pencil, grab a piece of paper and doodle, scribble, sketch, draw. A shape and structure doesn’t matter. It doesn’t have to be recognisably anything. Add in some colour and let your energy express itself on the paper in front of you.

Day 307 of my blogging challenge.

Kindness: A Moon Wish

imageToday I’ve been channeling ArchAngel Nushiel. I know I’m on holiday but it was the right time to do so. Tonight I’ve watched the full moon and thought about one of the things she said. It was all about kindness.

Kindness is such a tricky thing to handle. I want to be helpful, kind, supportive. Yet what if being kind to others isn’t being kind to me? How do I make sure that I am kind to myself. Or is that me being selfish really. It’s interesting when I think of all the times on my life I’ve been told to be kind. Or someone has said letting people overstep my boundaries or treat me badly is really the way for me to be kind. I feel we all struggle to know how and when to be kind, not just to others but also to our selves as well.

So when ArchAngel Nushiel asked me to consider kindness from an energy perspective I decided it would be worth a look. After all I work with energy, deal with Energy Beings and believe that what you give out you get back energy wise. So what about the flow of kindness. How does it fit into our ocean of energy. I immediately think of kindness as a warm, embracing flow of energy. Random acts of kindness have the benefit of blessing both the giver and the receiver. Especially if the receiver also passes on the energy by generating another random act of kindness.

So kindness might be thought of as a warm, enfolding energy. An energy that uplifts all who feel it pass over them.

Yet, as with all energy, it’s important to balance that flow. Someone else’s judgement about what is kind or not when they are on the receiving end matters. But it shouldn’t get in the way of being able to send kindness as an energy form. They may say no thanks, I can do it for myself. Yet I can still send the kindness wishes to them. At the same time I can send the positive wishes to me too. I can accept any good wishes and kind acts that come my way and I can be kind to myself too. The heart of being kind is about wishing for yourself and others all of the choices that will bring about a good life. Then following this up with actions to bring it about.

I can certainly make kind wishes for myself and others. And that’s what I did when I was moon gazing tonight. If we all practices being kind to ourselves and others a little bit more the momentum from that energy wave would bring about amazing changes in our lives. Remembering that we all share the same ocean of energy, one warm, uplifting current can make a huge difference. As I’m touched by the warmth of kindness I can be inspired to create more kindness. Pretty soon being kind is on an upward spiral through this process. So my biggest wish tonight is for each one of us to find more reasons to be kind, to receive more kindness from ourselves and others and to float in the wave of kind energy that can push us along.

Day 306 of my blogging challenge.

Mission Earth’s ArchAngels

imageMission: a task or job that someone is given to do; self imposed objective or purpose. I’ve been thinking about my mission today whilst writing about one of the Earth’s ArchAngels.

On the 21st of this month several years of work come to an end when the Earth’s ArchAngels online course is launched. As I channelled in the info from ArchAngel Nushiel today – she’s the first one to go live in public – I thought about the journey from there to here. I never expected that I would be bringing twelve ancient Energy Beings back into the public view. But it seems that was the task I was given. Many times I’ve laughed at myself inside my head hearing the words ” Your mission, Annie, should you choose to accept it is …” Just like the opening lines in the Mission Impossible series from the 1970’s (or if you are too young for that, the movies that have been made in the noughties).

It actually goes back long before they started to connect with me. When I started to develop my mediumship I found that I was being drawn to work in a state of altered consciousness, often called Trance or Transfiguration mediumship. This was something very new to me. I had to do a lot of reading to understand what my Guides were asking of me. Yet I also accepted working this way. The finer points of how it works are for another blog. The main reason for mentioning it is that during my Trance sessions I found I was connecting to Archangel Michael. As I developed that connection other Archangels stepped in. The group sitting with me took careful note of what was happening. We found that we were on a mission to get me used to higher energy beings.

It seemed somewhere along the line I had accepted a mission. There was a purpose in what I was doing even if I couldn’t see it completely.

Moving forward several years I met Jan Booth of Ostrich Angels. Together it seemed we were presented with a mission. Once again I was asked to channel though high energy beings. When I accepted that mission, probably not fully aware of the shape or demands of the task,  we began to get all sorts of information and contacts. I have to say we had no idea what we were doing. Recalling the early prompts to do things I know we were going with the flow. It felt right to me. My experiences with the Archangels and Ascended Masters made it possible for me to recognise the energy vibrations of these new beings as being the same.

So we persevered in encouraging the connections. Though I know both of us had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for. It became our self imposed purpose to follow their lead. At times I wondered what we were doing. The Earth’s ArchAngels took up our time and energy with no apparent purpose. Yet the pull to follow this mission to it’s end was strong in me. I wanted to understand the why, what, where, how and when of these beings. It’s clear to me that although one phase has now ended there is another mission on it’s way in. I have only scratched the surface of their energy. They have only downloaded a small proportion of their Wysdom. There is much more to learn, discover and share with others.

My purpose in life has always been to teach. Not in the formal manner of an educator. Rather as someone who shares their experiences so others can try the same things too. The online course is a new way for me to do that. I’m looking forward to lots more channelled information and contact from the Earth’s ArchAngels. That way I can support those people who will be discovering the energy connections for the first time.

Day 305 of my blogging challenge.

Toothache? Collective sensitivity?

imageOne of the things I love about stepping out of the world is that I have time to notice the synchronicities more. Opening up my intuitive side, paying attention to my energy field and connecting with others was an eye opener. I found that lots of people seemed to experience what I was. Today the issue is toothache!

My Facebook newsfeed has been full of mentions of toothache. I have been battling with toothache too. So have my friends far and wide. My logical mind is very dismissive. It would tell me that I’m seeing all of these mentions of toothache because that is my focus at the moment. Certainly it’s true that when we focus on something we notice instances of it more often. Like the game kids play when travelling called car bingo. Looking for all the red cars there seem to be loads. That’s because we are looking. However, looking for all the cars that are red VW Beetles and seeing three in a row, might be a bit more special.

When I consider all the incidences of toothache they seem to be my sensitive, intuitive friends who are affected. And all of us seem to have been dealing with it over the last week or so. What has happened to bring this to the surface? Too much sweet stuff? A fear of visiting the dentist? I’m fascinated by the idea of Carl Jung that there is  collective unconscious. To me is suggests there is an ocean of energy underneath our everyday energy that sometimes sends a wave of shared energy up to the surface. Those of us who are sensitive enough ‘feel’ the wave and react. So a wave of toothache might represent some throat chakra issues being brought to our attention.

But why toothache? Why not a sore throat or chest infection?

When I started to get aches it was a couple of months ago. I got it checked. No reason for the toothache. Then I had a conversation with my Guides. I usually do this if I have aches and pains but there is no physical cause. Being clairesentient I find I can occasionally mistake the presence of a Spirit being for my own physical symptoms. So I asked. The answer I got was that the pain was related to the need to speak. Either I, or whoever was with me when my teeth, gums or jaw started aching needed to speak out about something. I wasn’t convinced. But I also found that most unusually the pain didn’t respond to Reiki.

Eventually I asked people if they had something they needed to get off their chest. Or I thought about what I needed to say. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when discussing something actually made the pain disappear. My Guides were spot on again. So I asked them about why this signal was being used right now. They explained that the energy waves being sent into our consciousness at the moment are about releasing very old, stuck stuff. Releasing is faster when we find our voice and speak out our issues. They told me to get ready for much more of this when Mercury went retrograde and the Earth’s throat chakra began it’s clearing too.

When you think about it, holding back words often involves clenching our jaw. Even grinding our teeth. No wonder the signal is aching teeth, gums or jaws.

So am I and all of the people in my newsfeed sharing in the stuck energy of the Earth’s chakra? What would Mother Earth want to say to us? Perhaps some not very kind things about the way we are treating her gift to us. And I also thought about all of the stuck words that human beings carry. I know I have a little voice inside my head that tells me to be polite, be kind, don’t upset anyone, say little. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has learned to keep back the angry, upset or sad words in case it upset anyone. What happened when we all start releasing that energy? Perhaps all us sensitive, intuitive and empathic people (those labels all boil down to the same thing in the end) are feeling the swell of that releasing wave of words.

And perhaps the words aren’t only from this lifetime. How many of past lives involved holding back on speaking out? I know I’ve had a few. So much so that finding my own voice in this life has been very challenging. As I think about all of these possibilities I understand that Reiki will clear the stuck energy once I give it the right intention. I don’t want to hold back on clearing my past lives or my present life. I’m sure I’ll feel so much lighter when that energy has gone. I also understand that being part of the collective unconscious I will also have to help release all the stuck energy generated by human beings. I was part of who created that energy in the first place in all my various incarnations.

And I do see the abundance that our Earth Mother provides us with. I know that I will have to help with releasing her pain too.

I have a feeling that my creative work whilst I’m off the grid will be about our home, the planet that we sometimes care so little for. It will be interesting to embrace, love and release these teeth, jaw and gum pains. If we all do our best to find our own true voices, if we speak up for ourselves, one another and the Earth, how wonderful that would be. I can turn an ache into a voice. A voice into a chorus of voices. We can speak with one voice and change the way we share our planet and it’s abundance.

Day 304 of my blogging challenge.

Travel As Far As You Can

What an interesting 13th it’s been. I’ve arrived in Tenerife for a bit of time for myself. I’m looking forward to writing, drawing and processing my year so far.

It’s much nicer to be able to do it away from my normal things. That’s why I’m going to travel as far as I can this week. Not just away from my daily routine but also into my inner world. I realised this when I was sitting on the bus going the long way round the island to my lodgings. There is a shorter route from the airport but I had been advised to take certain buses. So I did. Yet sometimes the longest way is the shortest in the end. As I toured around I got some fab views of Mount Teide both from the sunshine of the shore and the clouds of the mountains.

The last time I was in Tenerife was with my youngest brother many, many years ago. I had no idea then that I would tumble into a world of spirituality. That started me thinking about my year so far. My Guides must have been wondering why I was meandering around all over the place instead of getting on with what I’m here to do. The clouds kept attracting my attention even when I was trying my hardest to focus on the sunny side of the street. And it all depends on what place I’m standing in, looking at the events of this year. Do I want to focus on the issues that needed clearing – much like those clouds this evening? Or do I want to notice that up above the clouds the sun still shines. That was certainly true on the plane.

As I travel through my experiences over the next few days I want to look at the sunbeams. Those flecks of light will help me illuminate my inner wisdom and highlight where I have grown.

It will also be interesting to see where I have dawdled, how I have gone off track and where I have zoomed ahead. Using these insights will help me be ready for the next phase of travel when it pops up. We are all travelling through life. I believe that to go as far as we can it’s important to retreat and reflect. Once I have done that any mountains, long roads and short cuts will be easier to handle because I will know I can. Perhaps that’s the best thing to emerge when I spend time thinking about what has happened to me. I know that it shows me how, when and why I coped. It reminds me that I have to enjoy the journey, keep travelling and have an adventure.

Day 303 of my blogging challenge.

Courage Shines Through

imageAll day I’ve been trying to get myself organised so I can go away on my creative retreat tomorrow. I had all the little bits and pieces planned. Of course I had to throw that plan in the bin from the moment I woke up.

There were other priorities that bumped my stuff down the list. So I’m writing my blog rather later than expected with my bag still not packed. I’ll catch myself up eventually. And I can always sleep on the train or plane. What was more important today was to listen to the quiet courage of several people dealing with the bumps in life’s highway. As they spoke I could see their strength and that courage shining through. They were all determined to get through this troubled, turbulent time as well as they could. It made me think about what brings that courage out in us.

Is it pure survival instinct? I know that there have been times when I’ve had to dig deep to make sure I had the necessities in life. When I’ve felt myself wanting so much to give up and give in. I’ve been in that spot of deciding if I wanted to be alive at all. Did I step back from that choice because I was too full of life force? Was my survival because I don’t want to quit on anything? I’m not sure there is an easy answer. Because I’ve also been through experiences where I felt my emotions would overwhelm me. That if I started to cry I would never stop. Where I stretched myself thin and then thinner. Somehow I turned that around. Digging deep again I got through. Was that courage?

Some of those times were full of fear. Fearful thought flooded my mind over and over. It seemed impossible to still my mind.

Yet what I learned about myself was all the imagined outcomes that were never likely to happen to me. I learned all about the adrenalin rush of living with fear on a daily basis. There was a lot of work involved in getting my fear to manageable proportions. Stepping into the flow of my thoughts I had to start removing the fearful ones. But at the same time I had to love and embrace those fears. Fear happens to help us survive. It’s a normal reaction. Is it fear that sparks courage? Is it one emotion balancing out the other?

Listening to these lovely people talk about what they face at the moment I felt humbled. They are stepping through difficult times with love, laughter and a recognition that fear is a natural response. I’m sure they would tell me they aren’t being brave at all. All of them have learned to  face their challenges by loving themselves. I’m sure they will all do incredibly well. And I know that underneath all of my fear was something really special. I loved myself enough not to give up on myself. Just like these inspiring people who brought me rays of sunshine today.

Day 302 of my blogging challenge.

Moon Messages Of Love

imageDriving home from Blackburn Spiritualist Centre tonight after my service I couldn’t help but notice the Moon. Half full, bright and dark, she was lighting my way home.

I started to think about my year. I spend quite a bit of time giving messages, one way or another. This year has been no different in that respect. Yet quite a few of the people I have spoken to on behalf of their loved ones have been dealing with the shadow side of life. Death has taken their loved ones in what seem to be particularly cruel ways. How can that be, they ask. I do my best to get the strongest connections I can for these people. I know that their loved ones will want to bring reassurance, comfort and sometimes explanations to those of us left behind. Like the moon, sometimes the whole story is hidden. Yet, like the moon, I know the Spirit people want to bring light.

Grief brings with it many shadows. I know that from my own personal experiences. The nagging doubt that I could have, should have done more. The regret at the last quarrel or missed opportunity. All of the should’ves, would’ves and could’ves. The sense of it all being far too late. Many questions about did I forget something. And one that I think is the worst of all …if only. Yet there is no undoing the past. I know that. But I still wished it many times. So I welcome the messages I can pass on to loved ones. The contact that can lift the shadows away somewhat. The messages that can encourage us to live every day to the full.

The light of the Moon seems to me to be the perfect reminder that in the dark places there is still room for hope.

Even when the grief was at it’s deepest I knew that somehow there would be a time when the sadness and loss lifted a little. Our loved ones come to remind us that life goes on. That they want us to go on with our lives. I have heard them say love is eternal so many times. It makes perfect sense to me that I will be with them again. So I try to pass on as much as I can to the people who have joined my on the journey through grief. If I can share my experiences and my communications I might be able to bring a little light as well. Knowing that life has a shadow side I can go forward by finding as much light as possible.

Every day I count my blessings. I share as much laughter as I can. Each day is a precious gift of more time to spend with those I love. I hope that today has been a light day for you.

Day 301 of my blogging challenge.