Developing Intuition

imageOne of the first questions that gets asked when someone realises that they can sense things without knowing how they are doing it is ‘How do I develop it?’ Finding out that you have intuition, that you know stuff without being told, and that you are accurate about what you sense can be confusing. We are told that psychic, or intuitive, senses don’t exist, or they are a special gift, or that they are possible a mental health issue. So a good first step is always to be open minded about what is happening. Notice how often you ‘guess’ things right, how you are tuning in to other people’s feelings or seem to know their thoughts, or always seem to end up meeting the right people at the right time. Then take time developing your ability to sense without seeing, asking or knowing.

Paying attention to what is happening is a great step forward. We all work on an energy vibration (quantum theory is showing us the way in understanding energy better) so becoming mindful of what you feel or sense even if you don’t understand why really helps to bring the information you are getting 24/7 from your intuitive senses into your conscious mind. As the information you get is confirmed by the events and conversations that unfold around you giving yourself permission to trust your intuition will also boost the amount of new info you notice. Once you have decided to be more active in developing your intuition there are several really good starting points.

I love to write down weekly predictions, seal them in an envelope and then put them aside. At the end of the week I open the envelope and check off how many were accurate, how many were partly right and how many didn’t happen. You can also do this on a daily basis if you want to start with sensing a smaller time frame. How do I get the predications? I sit quietly for a few minutes with my pen & paper at the ready. Then I ask myself a series of questions: Who will I meet with, see or speak to this week and why? What will I be doing on Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Friday? How much will I earn this week? What challenges will I get this week and how will I solve them? You can ask one, some or all of these or others that you think of yourself. The lesson is to write down the first thing that comes into your mind (second thoughts are always your rational brain interfering) without comment, query or doubt. The next thing is to forget what you wrote. Put the envelope & its answers completely out of your mind until it’s time to look. Stressing on what the answers were has the potential to affect your energy and your choices to such an extent that you might make sure that the answers all come out wrong. Remember, our ego brain doesn’t like the intuitive brain. It thinks it’s too free because it can step out of time and space.

Another way I like to practice using my intuition is to predict what colour someone will be wearing. When I have appointments in my diary I like to jot down the colours I’ll be seeing them in. If you know someone well it’s a bit harder to do because, if they are anything like me, they probably wear the same general colours all of the time. We all have colour vibrations that fit with the colours of our aura so we have a tendency to dress in our aura colours too. This can be a bit distorted by the world of work. Uniforms & business dress standards mask our true colour wearing tendencies. There is so much black, deep gray and navy blue on offer along with corporate green, brown and lilac. So sometimes when I get someone in their the ‘work’ colours Visiting me I make an opportunity to ask what colours someone is drawn to. Mostly my predictions fit with their answers ?

Finally, I’d like to share another one of my techniques. If I’m standing in the queue at the supermarket I like to see if I can sense which till someone will head for, whether they will stick in that queue or move and, if I can see their till, how much their bill will be. You can tell I spend a lot of time in queues. It doesn’t have to be in the supermarket either. I’ve adapted this exercise to coffee queues, train ticket queues, the lunch queue. I like to do run throughs based on random chance. In other words I guess. Then I try doing it having told myself that the information is there in the energy if I want to find it. The more you try this sort of ‘game’ the better you will find that you are in getting correct answers.

You might also find that you are getting extra info from the energy too. This is where I would add a little note of caution. You develop intuition by tuning in to energy. If you open the flow too wide you can get swamped in the other person’s energy. So in your mind it’s important to hold an intention to ‘read’ the surface energy only related to the small thing you want to discover. Narrow your focus to paying attention only to what you need for your intuition experiment. It’s also important to respect the other person’s privacy. You wouldn’t like someone ‘reading’ your energy to find out all those things only you want to know about yourself. In the same way treating the energy of other people with respect will help you develop far faster because you are learning how to be ethical in using intuition. I hope you enjoy experimenting with your intuition ?

Day 105 of my blogging challenge.

Options are everywhere

imageOptions? Sometimes it’s so hard to see the wood for the trees. Our lives seem to be dominated by so many shouldn’t, musts, oughts and duties. If we are not careful the responsibility of fitting in with all of these can end up crushing us. At best we get stuck feeling like there is only one way forward. Sometimes we are so totally blocked that we feel like there is no way to move from the spot we find ourselves in. We can become so caught up in the web of our own creating that even the biggest pair of scissors seems unlikely to be able to cut us free. It’s been one of my life experiences to feel that stuck. To be in such a deep despair that I’ve felt there was nothing left to do but to opt out of life altogether. It’s a very hard place to find yourself when all you want to do it get on with living a peaceable life.

Is the answer to end that life? I believe we come back again in our next life having to balance off any karma and deal with what we left unexperienced. This unfinished business sets up the patterns of the new life (or possible lives). But I also understand that stuck in the despair it’s hard to believe that there are any other choices. My Guides are very clear about suicide – there is no judgment about the way our lives end. We return to the Spirit World to rest, reflect and regroup. We have the chance to consider what choices we made and what options we had to do things differently. We also have an opportunity to see and understand the bigger picture. To look at the other people involved in the ebb and flow of our life just lived. We can see where obligations and responsibilities hindered us. And those occasions when the expectations of others (family, friends, society) made us think or feel that our choices were limited.

We also have a chance to see where our choice to take our own life has impacted on the lives of those left behind. The grief and sense of puzzlement that is felt when a loved one commits suicide gives each person options too. What we make of that loss of a loved one can generate positive or stuck consequences. How we come to terms with that kind of ending will set our choices in a different frame of reference. The Spirit who has left can observe how we overcome the difficulties caused by an unexpected death – one that often still carries with it deep shame, blame and recriminations. We who stay Earth side have to navigate through difficult feelings & thoughts to find new options for our life without that loved one.

So how do we recognise when we have choices? My Guides have been a wonderful source of ideas for me. In our discussions they have brought forward suggestions I wouldn’t even have imagined. They have helped me to sound things out in my head, check out how I feel about different directions that my actions can take me in and supported me through the fear of trying something new. I am grateful for all of their support. But what if you haven’t yet found your Guides? I have also been supported by some wonderful,people. They may not have known what they were helping me with but they listened, made suggestions and encouraged me to be brave enough to live the real me. I’ve also recognised that the Universe never acts against my best interest. Things really do happen for a reason. It may take some time for the bigger picture to emerge but when it does all the choices make sense.

When you get stuck find someone to help you identify new options. Listen to your intuition and keep an open mind. Nothing kills a positive option quicker than telling yourself it won’t work. Try not to focus on where the choice might take you in six or twelve moths time. Look at where it will take you right now or in the next few weeks. Hold on to the idea that nothing is so stuck that it can’t be solved. Remind yourself that you didn’t get to this point in your life without having to survive being stuck before. You have done it more than once so tell yourself you can get unstuck again. Then tell others what is happening and why you feel stuck. Let them help you to get unstuck because, whether you realise it or not in that moment, they really do care. Sitting in the Spirit World and realising that you had other choices is an option you may never want to choose.

Day 104 of my blogging challenge.

Trance Tripping

imageToday I’ve been on a trance trip ? I’ve been back to my home town of Oldham to the Spiritualist church to teach trance mediumship. It was lovely to help people discover their ability to make a deeper blend with a Spirit. However, trance mediumship is often misunderstood or confused with possession. People are unaware of what exactly is happening when this kind of overshadowing happens. So it’s always good to bring the info & experiences to people so they get a better sense of this way of working.

So what is this type of mediumship? The spirit person places their energy into the medium’s aura and physical body so that they can produce a transfiguration – change the appearance of the medium. The spirit person can also, with the permission of the medium, use their physical body in order to speak or sign so that communication can take place. There is no ‘taking over’ of the medium in the way that is implied by the way the term possession is used. The medium is always in control and can return to her body at any time. People are often confused that to make a better blend of energy the medium usually works in an altered state of consciousness (trance) similar to a deep meditative state. Some transfiguration can take place in quite a light medative state especially if the medium is experienced with this type of work. However the deeper state is often required to produce ectoplasm for a detailed face mask.

Ectoplasm? The face that appears when a medium is transfiguring is usually produced by a fine layer of a substance called ectoplasm. It’s made from the medium’s body and can appear like a white smoke, a more fibrous or substantial material or similar in thickness to cotton wool. For most mediums a fine layer is substantial enough to imprint with the spirit’s features which then overlay the medium’s face. People see the shadows forming in the substance or over the medium’s face and then notice features changing shape, size or even ones that were not on the medium’s face e.g. mustach, beard. The medium isn’t usually aware of this process happening. It can be a little strange to see one face build up on top of the other. If the overshadowing is more intense it may also be possible for the spirit person to use the vocal chords of the medium to speak to the observers. The medium’s voice may or may not sound different so this has to be taken with any other effects, like changes of features, before it is possible to say that a transfiguration has happened.

Why do it? One of the key points in the contact between our and the Spirit World is the desire to show that they are there and exist alongside us. This type of mediumship is designed to give us in this world more experiential evidence for the reality of a Spirit World. The key point is that it is an experiment in contact that we can try for ourselves if we wish. It’s not necessary to be the medium doing the trance – watching it happen can be challenging enough. Being involved in a trance session can give you information that you have obtained with your own eyes. That information is presented to you to get you thinking. A lot of people are unsure what happens after we leave our physical body. Seeing a  trancefiguration we may find ourselves opening up to the idea of anothe kind of existence.

I love working in this way. It’s a deeper connection with loved ones, with positive Spirit energy and an interesting experiment every time I do it. If you get a chance to see a transfiguration medium why not go along and see what you see & sense?

Day 103 of my blogging challenge.

Divine Mother Love

34026_1148385487374_8302252_n-2Some Mothers are good, some Mothers are bad and some Mothers are mostly a mixture. We experience being the child of a mother whether she is in our life or not. And women experience being a Mother whether we are with our children or not. Some mothers loose their children & some children loose their mothers. Some children walk away from their mothers and some mothers walk away from their children. When someone hands you that small, vulnerable bundle and says this is your child it can be overwhelming. Mother love isn’t quite as instinctive as it’s made out to be. Some women choose not to be mothers at all. For lots of reasons, none  of them selfish or unnatural, some women use their creative energy in different way. And some women who choose not to have a child look after many, many children. Then there are those women who desperately want their own child and can’t have one. Mother is one of our fundamental concepts but it’s a far from straightforward one.

All of these ‘shades of motherhood’ exist because we are a species who reproduces with male & female participants. If we only had one way of being then whoever had a child would still face the same range of choices, dilemmas, fears and joys. And judgements. There are fads & fashions about how to be the best mother to a child. There are studies that try to determine which type of mother will meet the child’s needs best. Mothers are at the head of the queue when a child is looking for someone to blame. Mothers send their child out into the wild world eventually (or not!) and that is another reason for a child to turn into an adult who fails to appreciate the favour his mother did for him. Mothers soak up all the responsibility. They often take on much more when their own daughter has a child too. Yet we find it hard to praise mothers – except on Mothers Day. Perhaps it’s only the loss of a mother that brings home the real value that love and nurture from another person brings.

That’s another point. What we get from our ideal mother is unconditional love and nurturing. To nurture someone is to care for and protect another whilst they are growing. So many other people in our lives might step into our mother’s shoes – a favourite teacher, a grandmother, a father, a sister or brother, a partner or friend – the list can be endless. As children we often search out people who will care for us and nurture us like our birth mother did (if we knew her) or like the person who stepped into our birth mother’s shoes when she stepped out. In adulthood we repeat the patterns of that mother & child relationship. If we are the ‘mother’ we provide something that the ‘child’ wants. If we are the ‘child’ we receive whatever we have chosen that nurturer for. However, being the mother or child in this kind of way when you are both adults mostly leads to difficult, co-dependant relationships, unless both people are very clear about the underlying parent/child dynamic.

Today I was channelling for Earth’s ArchAngel Tiphoniel. She is the Guardian Angel of the Solar system who represents Divine Mother Love. She came around me because I’m a mother faced with decisions about how to do the best for my child. The decisions aren’t only mine. Others are involved in all the discussions. Yet I carried this the person, I fed her and I watched her first faltering steps in this world. I’m still watching as she steps further and further away from me. Some of the things that are happening are based on other people’s judgements of me as a mother. Because they are judging my child and I am the one who has nurtured her to be the way she is. Of course she has her own personality & nature. People are now finding that a challenge because she is old enough to speak for herself. So I certainly needed some guidance from somewhere this morning.

I shared Tiphoniel’s wonderful words on my Facebook page as she asked me to do. It’s amazing how many people have appreciated that post. It seems to strike a chord. When did we loose the connection to the Divine Mother?

We have all stepped into the waning Moon period and may be finding it hard to let go of what we once valued or dreamed about. ArchAngel Tiphoniel, resonating with the love of the Divine Mother, is stepping forward to enfold you in that love.
Let her wings carry you high above your worries and woes. Let her serene smile lift your Spirits and sooth your mind. She is here to remind you that everything is unfolding exactly as it should. Like a child when we push against the energy flow of life and are knocked back she is here like a mother to teach us another way.
She is sending you encouragement, strength and courage. Be brave. Explore the world without fear as once you did in childhood. It is the right time to look for the wonderful blessings that are flowing your way. 

She is with me now as I write this blog. She wants us to recognise something that is often overlooked in the West. We cannot have a God without a Goddess. We have assumed that the Divine is one gender (male) but we must make room for the other gender (female) too. In fact, the best way to understand the Divine from an angel’s point of view is as an energy with no gender at all. Since that wouldn’t resonate with our dualistic energy flows in our experience of the Divine we need to understand God and Goddess. Our connection to the Divine is felt when receiving the unconditional care and nurturing of both Goddess and God. To deny ourselves the experience of the Divine Feminine lessens our own understanding of motherhood. If we don’t understand motherhood in it’s fullest, Divine sense, whether we are actually mothers or not, then our childhood and our children will be warped, missing the compassion, protection, encouragement and creativity that flows with the feminine side of the Divine nature. Be kinder to yourself – the child and mother within you is an aspect of the Divine Goddess. Open up to the flow of her unconditional love. Help others to find the Divine Feminine within themselves – especially your children – so that we can all embrace her gifts to humanity.

Day 102 of my blogging challenge.

Glad to be alive

imageIt’s been a lovely sunny day here though cold. One of those Winter days when the bite of the fresh air mixes with the warmth of the sun and makes you feel glad to be alive. The daylight is increasing and that too brings a lift to my spirits. I cherish these moments. I want that feeling of gladness. I’m aware that the world can turn on its head any moment.  Being mindful of the ebb and flow of my feelings and thoughts I want to hold onto all the positive energy I can.

Working with energy every day it’s always possible that as people shift their negativity I might be the one they are shifting it too. One of the first things to learn when opening up to our psychic senses is that we have to filter the energy we are learning to ‘read’. This is often called protection as it can be a challenge handling all the less than positive energy and information that starts to flow through. And if your own energy is muddy or a low vibration you can easily end up swamped. When they first come to me many students tell me that they don’t know why they are feeling upset, angry, fearful. They know that they want to help people but when they do so they seem to come out of it feeling worse. When I scan their aura I can tell what energy is theirs and what energy actually belongs to someone else. At that point we have a long chat about protecting the aura.

One of the best things to do is to connect in to gratitude. Finding the positives in as many moments as possible. Stepping back from the feelings and thoughts that might be jingling around inside. Reminding yourself that you are a Spirit in a human body capable of unconditional love for yourself and others. The protection that flows from loving yourself enough not to give low energy house room within you is phenomenal. I find that I can do anything I set my mind to if I remind myself that my positivity will make it happen. The flow of energy from other people diverts around me – unless it is positive which I accept gratefully – and I’m able to keep that glad to be alive feeling going.

Another key thing, of course, is that I am spreading positivity back to others. At the service I did this evening I couldn’t help but smile all the way through. The Spirit World were taking the opportunity to boost my own positive energy so that I could pass it on to everyone else. It’s amazing how contagious a smile can be. There was a lovely message that I had to give from a gentleman. He wanted to say how much he was enjoying being in the Spirit World. He asked me to represent his positivity to his loved ones so that they could get a blast of his happy energy too. I was delighted to do so. We all shared in his loving kindness through the gift of his energy. He was glad to be alive in his Spirit World and wanted us to be glad to be alive in ours.

So when negativity threatens to overwhelm you find a little glimmer of positivity and grow it until it is bright light leading you forward.

Day 101 of my blogging challenge. 

Lighting the shadows

imageShadows. We all have to work with situations that we think are black and white but often turn out to be anything other than clear cut. There is a shadow area where we can get lost in a loop of  misunderstanding, half truths and little or no reliable information. Bringing a beam of light into the shadow areas, lighting up the issues and making a more informed decision pushes the shadow choices away. What do I mean?

I have a situation that I would like to respond to from a spiritual perspective. I want to offer all of the participants unconditional love myself included. I would like my thoughts, words and actions to bring the light of truth to the issues. I don’t want to cause hurt or harm but if I take no action then I will be the one hurt or harmed. So how do I turn this around? How do I move out of the grey areas by taking the spiritual way? It always helps me to remove situations from the personal to the objective as much as possible. That way the drama that is being enacted won’t necessarily suck me in. Of course I’m human so my feelings and thoughts are going to be an important part of how I am going to respond. However, when I get stuck in cloudy energy I always ask my Guides to help me. Their help can light up the situation for me. It can push back the shadows and lighten me too.

One of the ways my Guides work with me, through events that I might react to strongly, is to help me recognise when something is about to happen. They boost my intuition or give me more signs that I need to be mindful of my energy field. They also make sure that I get extra healing energy downloaded ready for me to be boosted through any troubles. When something happens – say someone attacks, disrespects or is trying to trick me – they also send me signals too. I call them my confirmations. If something is confirmed three times I stop trying to work out why & how and start trying to sort out what I want to do. It’s important for me to to meet negativity with positivity. I want to shine my light brighter to show that we can rise above our impulsive aggression. So my Guides are also there to encourage me to find a positive solution to any situation.

If I need a direct message they will make sure I get one. If I consult my oracle cards they will show me what strength I can use, an attitude to practice or remind me that a peaceful heart is worth more than any amount of gold. They will also make sure I am reminded of that truth – what you give out you get back. In the shadows it’s easy to forget that all the negatives you give out will return to you one by one, magnified and in unexpected ways. The light path is all about recognising that truth and being determined not to slide into the shadows again. It isn’t cowardice or fear or weak to turn the other cheek. Especially if you have a strong jaw. You are saving yourself untold future misery instead.

So if someone or something is casting a shadow over you don’t give them or the situation any of your light. Don’t dim yourself. Keep shining as brightly as possible. In the end your light will always chase the shadows further away.

Day 100 of my blogging challenge.

Stickability & me

imageI love the word stickability. I heard it several times today at my PartyLite meeting when we were talking about the qualities good business leaders have. Stickability is the skill of persevering. You might also know it as staying power. When we find it within ourselves to keep going even when it seems we are the most challenged. I’ve had to practice stickability in my life a lot. Yet it’s something I often forget to praise myself for enough.

When people come along to my workshops or events so that they can develop their mediumship I always ask them to decide if they are determined enough for what it takes to communicate with the Spirit World. Everyone usually answers yes. Then the real work of developing begins – practice, practice and more practice. Days & months of little or no progress (apparently), patchy connections and bity communications. A lot of people drift off looking for an easier route. Some people stick with it for a while, get to a certain level then feel like they have done enough. A few brave people keep going. They have stickability. I know they will get there in the end. And I know their efforts will have been worth it because their mediumship will be delivered from a place of true understanding.

We have become used to the quick fix. Most things are ‘on demand’ in one way or another. We don’t expect to really have to wait for anything. Our expectations are set so high that a life setback can seem like our whole world has been destroyed. We aren’t patient with ourselves, others or the world. I speak as someone who has had a karmic pattern of impatience to deal with all my life. However at the heart of excellent mediumship is time, energy and effort. We all start with the raw ability to connect with energy beings. It’s an unpolished skill so sometimes it works wonderfully and sometimes not. The level of control needed to be consistent isn’t there. That’s what we are learning when we say we are developing.  And there is no quick or easy way to get the control over our psychic senses – especially if we don’t even trust ourselves or our senses in the first place.

So stickability will definitely help. It’s at this point that I also want to say that we can develop stickability too. We can understand that staying power is up to us – how much, how long, when & where we will stick to persevering. Of course it’s also useful to know when to stop flogging a dead horse. But until the ‘horse’ has actually taken its last breath we too need to keep going. Thinking about my own stickability and how it has developed I feel that staying power comes through most strongly when you are passionate about what you do, when you believe in yourself and what you are doing and when you trust yourself enough to know you can turn any challenge into a positive outcome. So if I get a bit wobbly round the edges I go and mix with my stickability mates – those friends in my spiritual, PartyLite or artistic communities who will let me let off steam and then gently (or not, lol) get me pointing back in the right direction.

Where in your life do you need your stickability right now? Who is helping you to persevere? Can you trust yourself enough to know that you will get through this? Where has your passion disappeared to or how did you let it die? Find the people who inspire you and look at what they do to make sure they have enough staying power. Then rediscover your own power to persevere. You can get through this and anything to achieve what you dream of. Trust yourself enough to know that you will always succeed in the end.

Day 99 of my blogging challenge.

Things that go bump!

imageHave you heard noises in the night? A bump or bang that doesn’t belong? Footsteps when there’s no one there? Many people report unexplained noises at night when their home is quiet. A lot of people say these noises are being made by ghosts. Some people get quite frightened by these random noises and worry that they are being haunted. I’ve been called out to a lot of locations to investigate for people who have been told all sorts of scare stories about bad energies, nasty Spirits or evil spells. So how do you work out which bump or bang is a Spirit and which is the plumbing playing up?

The emergence of the TV coverage of the Paranormal Investigator (or team) has been a key part in raising awareness that homes & businesses can have unusual activity taking place that may be connected to non-physical beings. It’s not that this activity is something new on the Spirit scene (investigations of bumps & bangs are at the heart of the beginnings of Spiritualism in 1848) but acknowledging that the noises may be a form of Spirit communication interests people. Sometimes in a positive way but often this kind of contact is portrayed as spooky, scary and dangerous. So before deciding that there is anything to worry about its always best to approach things that go bump in the night from a practical point of view.

When I visit anywhere to see what is happening it’s obvious that talking to the people who occupy the place will help to rule out anyone playing jokes, noise transfer from other properties and the natural noises of a home or premises. The natural noises can include things like the radiators cooling down, wooden floors expanding or contracting due to changes in temperature, loose or rattling fixtures and fittings. Sometimes people have become used to some noises but react to others. Again, talking to all of the occupants can give a better picture of what each person hears & therefore focuses on. I also like to check how psychically open each occupant is. Sometimes one person or more will hear the noise but others don’t. This can be because the person(s) hearing the noise are receiving info on a clairaudient channel – they have clear hearing for psychic noise. As with all psychic senses the ‘hearing’ can seem as if it’s outside of the person (objective) or as if it’s inside their head (subjective). I may need to give info about how clairaudience works and ask the person to monitor the noises they hear for a few days.

If everyone is hearing the noises I next have a look around the property, especially at any place where the noise is reported to be coming from. And I want to be clear what is being heard – footsteps, music, banging as if with something on the floor, rattling of a door handle or as if there is a muffled conversation going on in another room. In the area where the noise appears to be located I will ‘read’ the aura energy to see if there are traces of Spirit energy. I will also ask my Guides to link me in with any Spirit people in the property so I can ask them for more info. Or, if I feel it might be a loved one trying to make contact, I ask to be connected to anyone who wishes me to pass on a message from the Spirit World.

What I often find is that a loved one has been trying to get a message through and will happily tell me what it is. Once I have passed it on they will withdraw and the noises usually stop. Sometimes I find that the Spirit I am talking to is paying a visit to their old home. If we loved somewhere when we were alive why wouldn’t we want to pop back now and again for a memory lane visit? They usually haven’t realised that the current occupants can sense or hear them and are rather embarrassed to have created a fuss.  Occasionally there is an aura recording of events that took place in the property – like a CD – that keeps getting switched on by one of the occupants. This isn’t a Spirit causing the noises at all. Triggering an aura recording usually happens when someone is very psychically open (something I will already have checked on) and I can help by giving them the info about how to shut their psychic senses down. Very rarely there is an energy portal – a way into and out of the Spirit World – that acts a bit like a train station. The boundary between our world and theirs is thin in the portal area so Spirits pop in and out when visiting us. They also don’t know they can be heard so I will sort out a ‘Quiet Please’ sign for the portal or close it if absolutely necessary. Finally, even more rarely, I will make contact with a grounded Spirit who hasn’t yet crossed over to the Spirit World. If they need my help I will make sure they can cross over.

So when things go bump in the night it’s not ghosts out to haunt you – it’s a real phenomenon arising out of one of several reasons. There is no reason to be afraid. Taking the right action can return your home or premises to a peaceful, quiet place. And you may decide that you like having the Spirit people around enough to learn how to chat with them too.

Day 98 of my blogging challenge.

Fly free – Letting Loved ones go

imagePart of my work is about letting go. Helping people to send their loved ones on a new journey down a road that we can’t travel with them. Encouraging someone to fly free in one way or another. In my last post I shared some of my poetry, written to help me to release feelings that challenged me in some way. Poems about my Mum, Dad and daughter. I miss my Mum & Dad being here on the Earth with me. I’m sure they could offer me support about being a parent and having to push my child out of the nest. Each day of her life from babyhood she is moving a step closer to independence, to her own life choices, to making her life what she wishes for herself. She has to fly for herself. She has to be free. In the same way that my parents had to ensure I found my own freedom I have to let her go bit by bit.

There have been times when I wanted so much to pick up the phone to my Mum and ask what do I do now. Or see my Dad who always made me feel like I was still his little girl. The have both joined the rest of the family in the Spirit World and others have followed them since. We have to let our loved ones pass away. In fact we have no choice. It just happens, often when we feel least prepared for it to do so. We wish we had time to say one more thing, ask one more question or do something to show our love once more. We want to hold them close to us for as long as possible. We sometimes cling to our last conversation, last sighting, last moments. As if we can hold back the realisation that our world has changed forever.

Life does change though. In our beginning is written our ending. The door to the Spirit World is one we must all pass through. I talk about the Spirit World, bring messages from that world and give evidence from the Spirits who speak to me so that people can understand that there is another life, a new journey and a return to all of our loved ones. On this side of life we are setting our loved ones free not to an empty, cold place or to non-exisitance but to a vibrant and loving new life. And we will be joining them when it’s our turn to walk through that door. I love the quote by Paulo Coehlo

If you love someone, you must be prepared to set them free.

Sending our loved ones off with our blessing that they step joyfully into their new lives is a wonderful gift we can give them. We may be overwhelmed by our own grief at their passing but we can wish them a good journey.

Releasing them to the Spirit World can have surprising results. It is wonderful to talk to people who have been able to sense the presence of their loved ones, or get a sign or even a message. In my case I found that my Mum was working with me as a Guide. So I still have the loving connection with her that means I know when each person I care about is safe home in the Spirit World. I get the ‘gossip’ about what they are doing now as if they are still here on Earth. Our loving connections continue. When I was writing my poetry one of the things I focused on was what I loved about my Mum & Dad, as well as the good memories of precious moments, the laughter and the encouragement they gave me. I’m not a perfect person – neither were they – but some of my good bits come directly from the freedom they gave me. They got me out of the nest, flying free and making my life for myself.

So let yourself fly free, let your loved ones do so to. Remember the wonderful times you shared. The love isn’t over. You will meet up again but for now it’s time to journey on different paths.
Day 97 of my blogging challenge.

Poetry brings peace

imageOne of the things that I do is write poetry. It’s something I’ve done for as long as I can remember. I love words (I get to use them a lot, lol) and, before my writers block, enjoyed filling notebooks with poems, song lyrics, stories and reflections. Writing things down has also been my way of moving stuck feelings out of my system. There is something freeing in letting the words describe how I feel then letting the written page go. I’m not surprised that my Guides work with me through writing as well as speaking. Or that they keep encouraging me to write, write, write.

I don’t often share my poetry. I’m not sure why. So for my blog today I want to post some of the pieces that brought me peace when I wrote them. They helped me to express feelings I needed to acknowledge and they inspired me to keep moving forward. I have no idea if the poetry is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and really don’t care. They are here to encourage you to write too. Whatever you are feeling help yourself to get it out of your system by writing it down. If you find you can’t express what you want to say find a piece of poetry that says it for you. Keep that poem with you, read it out loud as many times as it takes and let your feelings flow. Find the peace that comes from knowing how you feel, being OK to express it and moving on when that feeling has passed.

Written in August 2008 this is a piece about my Mum that was written as I headed towards the first anniversary of my Dad’s death. He had loved her so much & couldn’t wait to go to her in the Spirit World.

At times with Mum I was so cross

Not realising the scale of loss

Of one who’s love was ever clear

Though having me cost her dear.

Now I myself become a mother

I realise something about the other,

Who held me close and dried my tears

was there to deal with all my fears.

She wasn’t perfect, far from it,

But never faltered, not a bit,

In giving me the best of care

And always trying to be there.

Niw she rests in a higher place

And how I miss her dear face.

But I am strong and I can see

Because of what she gave to me

She made her kiss something I can bear

Until at last I join her there.

This is one I wrote about my daughter in March 2007 when I was learning about our past lives together.

A smile. A giggle.

A laughing eye.

How the world looks when a child is nigh.

A tear. A frown.

A moment feeling down.

Little Miss Sunshine. Little Miss Showers.

These are the ways we pass the hours.

A part of me but Spirit transcending

Our time on Earth is always ending.

Joy, delight, a choice made

A soul returning, a debt repaid.

A shining light to guide the way,

A warm cuddle on a rainy day.

Before life began

We chose each other

And I am blessed to be your mother.

If I have inspired you to write something – a poem, a few words or more – please share it in the comments. I would be delighted to read your reflections.
Day 96 of my blogging challenge.