Healing Hands For All: Getting Started

healing handsI was asked a very good question today. All about hands on healing and who can do it. And how to get started with doing healing.

I believe we all have the ability to heal. It starts with being open to healing ourself. Then it tends to go outward into healing others. Our healing ability often surfaces in a big way when we have a wellbeing challenge. If my body is out of step with my heart and mind then I might notice that my own self-healing is trying to get my attention. Usually I can find that my hands get hot at certain times when I am feeling unwell. Or when I am around someone else who is ill. I might also need to consider if I need to do some work for my spiritual wellbeing as when all four aspects of my being are in balance I can remove my dis-ease.

To get started all I have to do is be willing to receive the healing energy. Sitting quietly I ask for the healing energy to flow into me and through to my hands. I place my hands on my body, usually my legs, and let the energy flow in. I like to have some music to support the healing process Or I play my Parashiel’s Balm video which will boost the energy I’m getting. Sometimes I also use a meditation, a mantra or positive affirmation to be open to receiving the Universal healing energy. One of my favourites is “Let the healing flow through me to where it’s needed”. I keep my hands in place until I feel that the energy has stopped flowing. When I have finished I ask for the energy to be turned off until the next time I need it.

I am also able to ‘give’ the healing energy to anyone I wish. Or to the Earth or the Animal Kingdom. As with self-healing the energy flows through my hands and out to wherever it is being sent.

I do this by putting my hands on the person’s shoulders if they are present. Once again I ask for the energy to flow through me to where it is needed. Or I hold my hands up like I do in the video and imagine the healing transferring from me to them. This is great for sending positive energy over distances when the person or animal is somewhere else. If I’m transferring energy to the Earth I might notice it flowing down my body and out through my feet into the ground. Sometimes I like to touch a tree, a stone wall, a hedge or anything else that can represent the abundance of the Earth. It’s my way of making sure that the Universal energy knows where it is intended for.

When I work with my healing I notice that my hands get hot, tight or tingle. Depending on the way someone’s healing is meant to work my hands may also go icy cold or slightly numb. It means that the energy is coming through to them. And going where it is needed. Other things that happen when I’m healing include information about the cause of the dis-ease or feeling like someone is with me guiding me. And even knowing things about the person I am healing that I didn’t know before. This is all normal. It’s happening because I am connecting intuitively through the energy exchange. I keep that information private unless the person asks me about it. 

If you find that you are activating your own self healing you might want to look at training in healing techniques. I teach Reiki because it helps focus the healing energy but there are lots of other kinds of energy healing. I’m sure you will be guided if you start to use your healing ability!

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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

painting stepsSome days it feels like two steps forward and one step back. Although I have more energy and inspiration since the last energy upgrade, today I hit a snag. I didn’t feel particularly motivated about anything!

I had some plans. Especially as I know it’s time to take steps to get my book upload completed. But whatever I tried to do with it on my computer this afternoon seemed to hit a brick wall. I realised after an hour I was getting nowhere really fast. Stepping back I thought about the eclipse energy that’s on it’s way in. The Moon in between the Sun and the Earth. That event is growing closer. So the energy from the sun will be blocked temporarily. By the watery influence of the Moon. It reminded me of ArchAngel Rophea, the Earth’s Guardian Angel of Opposites, who reconciles fire and water. It’s the end of her month of influence and it’s ending with a big push to get us to be balanced.

As I thought about what needed to be balanced I realised I had slipped back a little. Steps I could have taken had been put on hold because a little bit of resistance energy was still floating around. I recognise that it’s hard to step forward when I still don’t quite believe I’m the right one for the job. So I’m not putting myself out into the world as confidently as I could. As I thought about the challenge of balancing feelings and action, I understood that I had to do something to boost my momentum. So I got out my paints. Because I love being creative. Then I opened up my Newsletter for the Centre. Because it was supposed to have been sent out Friday (in my mind anyway). And I painted, wrote, designed and did more painting.

These aren’t the steps I planned. But they felt like the right things to do to honour the pause in my plans. By the end of the afternoon I felt in balance again. I sent out the finished Newsletter with a smile. Reconciling opposite energies is easier than it sounds. So long as I stay in a creative zone. Happy Eclipse energy!

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Peeping Into The Past: All Lives Teach Something

Past livesI’ve been doing one of my favourite things today. Peeping into past lives with a group of people wanting to understand their present life patterns.

It’s been a fascination of mine now for forty years. And one I’ve blogged about before. Peeping into what I’ve been in my past lives has helped me to put my present life in some sort of context. I can understand many of my values and beliefs, my likes and dislikes, even my loves and hates. Because I have picked up the karmic threads of these other lives. In fact, I have been able to navigate some of my biggest challenges by recognising that the origins of the energy are rooted in my past lives. Sharing the ideas about reincarnation with others is a great way to encourage them to approach life choices in a different way.

Past lives also let me help them to cut ties in this life. Peeping into the past of this life too, students can become aware of habits and patterns. Even of new choices. I like to support people to recognise there are always more choices. Even if it feels like there aren’t. I recognise that feeling. It’s because I often get stuck too. Caught up in the cares of the present moment. Not realising that I’ve been in similar situations before. Peeping out from my hiding place and refusing to see that I have got myself stuck by the same short-sightedness I’ve applied before in my life. So recognising that the short-sightedness might belong even further back – in another life altogether – is important.

Peeping into past lives has taught me to think very carefully when I realise I’m stuck. I ask myself if I’ve been in this situation, or a similar one, before. And I’m open to that having been in a past life too. Then I remind myself not to try the same solutions. It’s my prompt to find a new way past, round, out of what is holding me back. And that means I can move forward again.

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Retrograde: Going Over Things Again With Mercury

MercuryI always know when Mercury is going backwards. Whatever I am trying to communicate is fraught with challenges. The last couple of days have been interesting!

I’ve been away for a couple of days to a place where the mobile phone and internet connections can be a bit patchy. Just in time for me to do a live broadcast on social media. Instead I recorded a video. But today I’ve tried to upload it at least three times. All to no avail. Mercury has kept me waiting! Testing out how determined I am to get the message from the Energy Beings out into the world. Well, I’m very determined. So I’ve delayed my blog in case the extra uploading conflicts with uploading the video to YouTube.

I’m not really surprised about this little energy hitch. It was sent to check out if I really wanted to let my voice be heard. Along with working to finalise my book the last few days have had me thinking about the best ways to share what I know about energy and intuition. Being more public on behalf of the Energy Beings does impact on my personal life. So I have to be sure about agreeing to stepping out of my comfort zone before I do so. When Mercury goes forward again I need to be ready to ride that energy wherever it is taking me. It’s a form of re-dedication to serving the spiritual purpose I came here to achieve. Which take many forms but always lead back to giving a voice to the non-physical world that surrounds us.

It’s certainly something to think carefully about in the time when Mercury is retrograde. Especially as Jupiter, the spiritual planet, is about to leave my sign and won’t be back for twelve years. So making the best possible spiritual choice I can has to be tested out. Again and again if necessary. Tonight I have persevered with something that I could easily have given up. I’m ready to move forward. Are you?

Day 634 of my blogging challenge

Distressing Events: Not In My Name

I’ve been watching the distressing events of the last few days across the world. Including the latest attack on the people out enjoying the streets of Barcelona. Whenever aggression and violence are used to justify breaking free of oppression it is a wake up call for me.

In my Letter From The Light Side this evening I reminded myself that I need to use my voice to explore how I can resist the fear, anger and aggression which is, it seems, part of our conditioned response to feeling powerless. And our almost instinctive response to say we are powerless because others have taken out power. I feel that is what divides us. The ability of my mind to push blame onto others. And to therefore give myself permission to attack those ‘others’. It’s distressing that I have taken this conditioning on board. But I also know it is there, deep within my shadow side, ready to rise again whenever I feel powerless.

Stepping back from the distressing news and images of racism, government sanctioned murder, child abuse and terrorism I ask myself what I can do to change any of this. I know there is an almost overwheleming sense of ‘I can’t do anything’ that is urging me to stay quiet. Yet I have to resist that first impulse. I can do something. I can use my voice, through my writing or my broadcast, to condemn the acts of violence and aggression. And I can speak about the oppression. To explain that I do not support the position of the oppressors. I can also examine myself. To seek out any values, beliefs or attitudes that feed the inner fears. I have to make sure that I deal with my own stuff so that I can approach every single person as an equal.

Distressing events are my wake-up call. A reminder that I have to use all my abilities to resist oppression, aggression and violence. And to make sure I empower myself and others.

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Writing Inspiration: Nearly Time For Another Challenge

WritingTime off always gives me time to think. My writing has been moving on this year because I have added in my Inspired 2 Write challenges on Facebook. Today I was reflecting on the four I’ve run.

I love supporting people to find their authentic voice. Running four of these writing challenges has be a part of that. Because it took me a long time to find my own voice through my written words. Even now I face a daily challenge of expressing what I want to say so that it makes sense to anyone who wants to read it. I’m determined to keep going. There are more words, thoughts and ideas I want to share about my intuitive life, about the intutive world and about spirituality. I also recognise that keeping going can be a challenge too. Especially when I’m not sure anyone is reading what I write. Yet watching the words flow out is a reminder that we are all creative. But perhaps haven’t discovered it yet.

I was listening to the rain. Watching the clouds shroud the mountain across from me. Then seeing the clouds clear away. And everything appeared fresh and clean. I believe that’s what writing does. Clears my mind. Helps me to focus on what is important. Each blast of ‘rain’ and ‘cloud’ can be cleared away when I put it down into words. Not only is my voice emerging but I’m also seeing my world with fresh eyes. I feel that is such a blessing. And I am growing in my confidence to express what I want to say about my world. In my own particular way. That’s why Inspired 2 Write 5 is on it’s way in. I want to encourage other people to gain more confidence through their writing.

In this short blog I hope I have shared with you my passion for writing. I would like to encourage you in joining me in a new challenge. Click the link to my I2W5 Facebook group. Join me in exploring your voice through your written work. Let’s take a fascinating, and life changing, journey together.

Day 632 of my blogging challenge 

Permission Given: Top Priority Rest!

Priority When everything is urgent, nothing is urgent. That’s what I used to say to give myself a sense of the priority in all the tasks I seemed to find to do. However, I rarely gave myself permission to be at the top of any list of priorities.

I’ve had another busy day. There are lots of things on my ‘To Do’ list. Some are necessary now for my book or my art. Some need to be done if I want to make sure that my business moves forward. And some are the first steps to making my new vision of the future become real. Then there are the everyday priorities of eating, sleeping, housework and looking after the cats. My daughter has to, reluctantly, look after herself! Which one is top priority? Or do I recognise that some are equally necessary right now? If so, how do I decide what to do first? It’s really easy for me to get in a spin about prioritising. Then I jump from one thing to another never quite finishing either. Or all,of them.

Yet I’m changing. I’ve slowly come to recognise the truth in ‘when everything is urgent, nothing is urgent’. I’m proud of myself for making some significant differences in the way I approach what is a priority and what isn’t. Through the kindness of friends, who have let me use their place in Scotland and who house sit, I have come back to my rest place. My focus at the start of today was to keep my mentoring appointments, send out readings CD’s, put out some advertising and tidy up my diary. I tackled these because I wanted to leave myself clear to head back to Scotland. Before I did I knew I was doing a service at Burnley Spiritualist church.

So I also made it a priority to have an hour of rest before I went there. At one time I would have worked through that hour to write my blog. Becuase my priorities would have been on anything but me.

Making that rest a priority was important. I knew I had a three hour drive afterwards. Pushing myself to do everything only makes my time away less active as I recover from exhaustion. I knew it would mean posting it past my daily deadline. But I also gave myself permission to do that too. And I feel like I’ve accomplished all of the priority tasks of my day. So the next few days can be restful me time. I do have plans. They are very flexible though. I’ve given myself permission to do the minimum I require and the maximum I desire. This is so far away from what I used to be like that when I notice it I sometimes feel startled. Of course my Ego mind tries it’s best to drag me back to my old pattern.

It doesn’t like change at all. Let alone change that means I am free of it’s interference. That’s what I’ve given myself permission for too. My focus is to have a happy life doing what I choose to do. I want to be able to suit myself. That’s why I work for myself. So why do I let all sorts of non-important tasks seem like they are urgent? Oh yes. It’s that Ego mind wanting to keep me small and safe in a box of my own making. It’s priority is to keep me safe and possibly really miserable. That’s why giving myself permission has become really important. I have permission to grow, to change, to make prototypes, to fail. Most of all I have permission to rest when I have done enough of what I want to do.

The priorities set by others will have to wait. So will the priorities set by my Ego mind. I love reminding myself that I can give myself permission. For anything. Staying small is not my choice. I’m so glad I am changing. What priority do you give yourself? Are you last on your own list? Or not even on it? Is it time to give yourself permission to be top priority in your own life?

Day 631 of my blogging challenge 

Talking Through Future Dreams: Clear the Clouds

Talking visionFor the last few weeks my energy flow has been tricky. I have felt becalmed. Yet today I found myself talking about my vision for the future. I realise now, inside me is certainty.

Anyone who knows me knows I love talking. I always have. Through it took me quite a while to realise that when I spoke I was giving myself, and sometimes other people, messages and guidance from the Energy Beings. Hearing myself give voice to things I wasn’t thinking only came to my attention when I started to work with my own intuitive connections. Because then I was focused on how the communications worked. Discovering that claircognisence existed really helped me to understand how I was getting light bulb moments of inspiration. Not that I lack inspiration. But put together with forecasting what was going to happen, I began to embrace my ability to predict events with a good degree of certainty.

I recognised that talking gave space for my Guides to drop in thoughts. Sometimes I knew my words were me speaking to me. And I also started to understand when my words were them speaking to me. Now I am used to letting my creative mind process the guidance at it’s own pace. Like a waiting game. To see what will emerge as the finished product. That usually happens when I sit down for a cuppa with someone and we chat. As the conversation weaves this way and that I pick up moments of clarity. Words that resonate more strongly than others. I find myself describing. Usually what is going to happen in my own future. I do challenge this occasionally. Am I only talking to hear what I want to hear? So my Guides send me confirmations.

These signals remind me to listen to myself when I’m talking. After all, I might be making my dreams known to the Universe. And to myself. Then I can start the actions to make those dreams concrete in my world. I’m now sure I’m ready to move forward again. Are you?

Day 630 of my blogging challenge 

Keeping on the Bright Side: Avoiding Negativity

Bright dayToday has been a bright, sunny August day. One to lift my spirits. I always feel better when the sun shines. So what do I do to keep that light around me?

One of the challenges of being intuitively aware is that I can be affected by the energy around me. I feel it much more strongly because I’m open to recieve that kind of information. My internal sat nav is set so that I can navigate the energy environment. So it’s like having a voice going off every so often telling me to avoid this or avoid that. My intuitive mind knows it’s better for me to be surrounded by the bright, positive energy of others so it’s trying to steer me away from anything negative or low vibrational. But I can’t always avoid low vibrations. Especially when other people are busy broadcasting them.

I have had to learn to let any waves of negativity flow over me. By keeping my aura energy as bright and clean as possible. Just like the clouds float across the sky but then clear I let any low vibrations float past. On a practical level that means I don’t respond. Or get drawn into any drama. And I recognise that if someone wants to be in a low mood, argumentative or fearful that is their choice. I’m not responsible and I don’t have to take on their feelings. I remind myself that I have boundaries. Giving myself permission to stay bright even when everyone else is in the clouds. I also recognise when I am in the clouds. Because that is part of being human. So being able to let those feelings happen. But without it dimming my inner light.

Above the clouds there will always be bright sunshine. Even in the most negative times I remind myself to remember the sunshine. And to wait for it to be visible once again.

Day 629 of my blogging challenge 

Perfect Timing: Engaging Transpersonal Chakras

perfect optionI alway enjoy running workshops. They happen at the perfect time for the people involved. And today, working with Transpersonal chakras, seemed the ideal response to the energy shifts of the last couple of weeks.

I really appreciate the people who come along to the workshops. They bring questions that I love to find the answers for. And they bring their Guide Teams to blend with mine so that we all get the best out of the day. That’s perfect. Because it’s the Guide Teams who are trying to reach us. I know that when I open the door to my Guides they fill me with fresh energy, information and support. So I also know that the workshop will do the same for the people who attend. Guides like to make things as clear as possible. Because they want me and everyone else to make the best choices for our next steps on the spiritual path. And that’s exactly what the energy has been all about since the end of July.

It’s time for me to stop limiting my choices. I have to embrace all that I am and can do so that I can manifest as many options as possible. In fact, working to boost my energy centres around my Transpersonal chakras. Those power stations that can energise more bands of aura vibration. Because my aura vibrating at a higher level enables me to communicate more clearly with all of the Light and Energy Beings who are waiting to help me complete my mission. Even when I have no idea what my mission is supposed to be. That is true of the energy at the moment too. I’m being asked to dedicate myself to serving my purpose. Without any idea what my purpose is!

That’s perfect too. Being willing to serve in any way I am able is the key. Removing my doubts, fears and judgements about what I can achieve. These only block my progress.

It’s perfect timing right now to face them head on and push myself past the restrictions. Using my knowledge of my Transpersonal chakras I can make that connection to a much bigger picture. I can understand that whatever I do now will bring me wisdom. Recognising that every step of my journey is what counts. Not really the destination. Because my plan is fluid and flexible enough to reshape itself as I chose this or that option. It’s the seeing of the opportunities that really matters. And that is what the bigger picture gives me. I know I am heading into an Ascension process. I will need as much energy as I can take on board to make the shift into serving myself and others with unconditional love.

That’s the kind of perfect I am aiming for. Not the perfect of being well thought of, or praised or applauded. But the recognition that I have been good enough in each moment of my current existence. Creating karma that brings a positive flow of energy into my life. And the lives of others. I know we have such untapped intuitive resources. The information about Transpersonal chakras has taken a long time to emerge into mainstream comment. And there is so much more to discover when we all start working with the higher energies. But first I know we have to clear the clutter of our old wisdom and beliefs out of the way. That’s perfect too.

I am constantly evolving. What I knew fifteen years ago about the higher chakras has been expanded over time. And expanded once again in my workshop today. Each level of knowledge has been a perfect fit for where I was at that time. I love the fluid way that wisdom wraps itself around my life. Now I can’t wait for the next workshop!

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